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Crosby And Trekkies

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After her time on Star Trek: The Next Generation as both Tasha Yar and Yar’s half-Romulan daughter Sela, Crosby wasn’t yet finished with Star Trek. She attended various Star Trek conventions which lead to the making of the documentaries Trekkies and Trekkies 2.

Attending those Trek conventions and talking to friends about some of the events at the conventions made Crosby curious about the fans, and what made them tick. “I was fascinated by the stories that I was hearing, going to different conventions,” she said.

The reactions of her friends when she shared stories about the conventions also made Crosby ponder Star Trek fandom and how and why it was different than fandoms for other shows. “…some people didn’t really get what this was all about,” she said. “They were kind of mystified by it all. I’d come back from a convention and friends of mine, who’d never seen an episode of Star Trek, would say, ‘What? They have conventions? People ask you questions? They dress up? What?’ I thought it was a phenomenon that had lasted all of this time, that was unique to this franchise. I thought, ‘Something is going on here. Why is that? Why this show? Why aren’t people having Cheers conventions? What is going on here?’

“I knew that there were a lot of layers to the conventions and I wanted to see what would come of it if I turned the cameras on and turned them around.”

Crosby found the fans to be approachable and eager to cooperate in the making of Trekkies. “The fans were willing to talk to me because I was a part of [TNG],” she said. “They were flattered that I was interested in talking to them, because it’s usually so one-sided. We’re hustled off by security and kept at a distance from the fans, and here I was, just breaking through that barrier. And I ran the gamut of feelings doing Trekkies. Sometimes I was very emotionally touched by stories. Sometimes I was creeped out. Sometimes I was laughing hysterically with the fans. And that was important; I wanted to be sure we weren’t making fun of the fans. The whole idea was to give fans the chance to kind of come out of the closet and be who they are. So, we had so much fun making Trekkies, and I think people genuinely enjoyed seeing it.”

Recently Crosby was seen in House of Gold, a play which was directed by a former The Next Generation co-star, Gates McFadden. “Gates did a phenomenal job,” said Crosby.

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