May 23 2024


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Fox Cancels Terra Nova

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After only a single season, Terra Nova, executive produced by Star Trek‘s Brannon Braga, has been dropped by Fox.

In Terra Nova, humans from a futuristic world traveled back to prehistorical times to escape a polluted and overcrowded Earth.

Twentieth Century Fox hasn’t yet given up on Terra Nova, and plan to shop the series to other networks.

Plans had been made for a second season, according to Braga and fellow Executive Producer Rene Echevarria. “We promised ourselves and the audience that we’d tell a complete story this [first] season, and we do tell a complete story,” said Braga. “Having said that, there new are some new startling mysteries and aspects are uncovered about Terra Nova.”

“We don’t have it all mapped out but we have pitched a take on Season 2 to the network and that’s part of the decision making process for them,” said Echevarria in an earlier interview prior to the season finale. “It’s a creative conversation with them; it was an opening conversation, it went well, but they have some thoughts of their own and we’re eager to get in there and work it out and come up with a great Season 2.”

The show was a victim of low ratings and high costs. “It’s an expensive show for a first-year show,” said Braga. The season finale reached a series low, with a 2.1 rating among adults 18-49 and an audience of 7.2 million.

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17 thoughts on “Fox Cancels Terra Nova

  1. “We don’t have it all mapped out” ??? You’ve failed again Braga. I still blame him for ruining Star Trek on television.

  2. “I know! We’ll add in a really hot dinosaur chick in a catsuit!”

  3. “there new (sic) are some new startling mysteries” translates as: “We still think “Who killed Laura Palmer” is a cool plot gimmick”

    This is what happens when you generate TV shows using CGI & market research: expensive garbage. Braga & Echevarria used to be good writers. When did they forget the basic story-telling rules that:

    a) plots must ultimately make sense; &
    b) audiences have to give a Belgium about the characters

  4. Rick Berman is also to blame for nearly ruining Star Trek. Same goes for that ignorant shit Ronald D. Moore.

  5. Really, I’m surprised it took them this long. Fox is cancel-happy, and the couple episodes I saw were terrible.

  6. I didn’t know Braga was involved.

    But that show just had cancelled written all over it from the trailer – I never even went near it.

  7. I never watched the show, but when I saw Braga was attached to it, that was an immediate red flag. Look at the guy’s track record since he left the Star Trek fold (and even before he left). The one exception to the rule (i.e. he ruins everything he touches) is that I liked 24 Season 8. Otherwise, the guy puts out one crappy show after another.

  8. I personally enjoyed this show and am sad to see it cancelled. Perhaps we can get a novel ending to it?

  9. Watched the first four or five episodes. They appeared to bring the same old human vs. human crap to someplace that calls for more unknown adventures. Stopped watching. They should have been more forceful with some “mystery” to hook you. Just lost interest.

  10. Give me lens flares any day over any Trek project that has Berman or Braga working on it!

  11. If any of you can do better, get a job in the industry… otherwise shut yer traps, douchebags…

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