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Lindelof: When Trek 2 Production Will Wrap

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In a short interview at WonderCon, Star Trek 2‘s Damon Lindelof spoke about his recent projects, including Star Trek 2.

Lindelof was asked about a Star Trek 2 presence at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, to be held July 12-15, and while answering, he revealed when production on Star Trek 2 would wrap.

“I know that there’s a very strong desire to be there,” said Lindelof. “…we wrap production in May….Comic-Con this year I think is in early July. So obviously if there’s something worth showing, we will show it, and if there is nothing worth showing, hopefully we’ll at least be there to have people to throw fruits and vegetables, Tribbles at us.”

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15 thoughts on “Lindelof: When Trek 2 Production Will Wrap

  1. Please stop referring to this movie as ‘Star Trek 2’.
    We had ‘Star Trek 2’ 30 years ago, it was called ‘The Wrath of Kahn’.
    This is the TWELFTH movie in the Star Trek franchise. No-one seemed to have a problem referring to the last film as ‘Star Trek 11’, why the (unwarranted) change?

  2. No one seems to have a problem understanding what movie is under prodiction. Apart from you clearly.
    It’s #2 of the reboot and has little relation to the old movies.

  3. Everyone, can you help. Is Lindelof referring to production of the movie that he’s working on, the second movie of the reboot and the second one that he’s been working on, or Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan?

    I am totally unable understand which movie he’s working on right now, or understand that Star Trek 2 is a moniker until it gets an official name?

  4. It’s not Star Trek 12. It’s a sequel to a movie called Star Trek. Therefore it’s Star Trek 2 or II or Part II or whatever they’re going to call it.

  5. “I am totally unable understand which movie he’s working on right now, or understand that Star Trek 2 is a moniker until it gets an official name?”

    Seriously, you can’t tell is he’s working on a 30 YEAR OLD MOVIE? or if he’s working on a NEW ONE?

    Not the brightest bulb on the shelf are we?

  6. Wait-Sorry Hostile_17, I see now you were highlighting the absurd by being absurd, as you posted already earlier in response to another guy who’s clueless…

    My apologies to you… it’s the other guy doing his best Forrest Gump…

    : )

  7. I was about to say epic sarcasm understanding fail… but you got there in the end. 😉

  8. Yah… that’s why Star Trek: The Next Generation ended in season 1 part 7.

    Or maybe considering people are getting hysterical that they can’t delinate two separate Trek movie franchises we should just merge the TV shows together in the same way.

    So TNG was season 4 to 11. DS9 was seasons… oh hell, that run at the same time. So do we have TNG AND DS9 seasons 10? Hmmm.

  9. Ok i can’t remember which site I was at but jj abrams star trek movies are 11 n 12 but for some odd reason first contact was listed as number one and eight of course the site I was at had a proper way to watch then entire franchise so yes first contact would be number one from James cromwells charchters point of view the you watch enterprise then tos then tng then at some point watch tng/ds9 then a movie of tng then ds9/voyager

  10. For the sake of argument, the film is the twelfth in the series(technically number two in the altered timeline).

    If anybody needs any fruits, vegetables, and in this case shit thrown at them, it’s the Starship Farragut production. Being that those people couldn’t tell the truth to save their declining production, be dishonest in their dealings, and hijacking other fan productions sets, they would deserve it!

  11. It’s simply the 12th movie with the name “Star Trek” somewhere in there, so to me it’s “Star Trek 12”.

    Although it might also be “Star Trek AE/BOS/AN 2″…

    *AE/BOS/AN meaning “After Enterprise/Before Original Series/After Nemesis”

  12. You know how it sucks when the number of one of your favorite sports figures gets re-assigned to some journeyman who no one ever heard of? That’s what this feels like. However, TWOK fans gotta keep in mind that it’s the 20-somethings that are fueling the Trek revenue machine now, and they aren’t offended by the title re-use. Mostly because they are unaware of an original ST:2. It’s their money funding the films and potentially future TV franchises now. Anyone else want a repeat of ST V: TFF due to a lack of studio committment?

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