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Spiner: Fresh Hell Incident And TNG Thoughts

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The second season of Brent Spiner‘s Fresh Hell will begin on Friday, but will fans ever find out what “the incident” was that made his character in the “situation-tragedy” fall from grace?

According to, Spiner said fans can expect a diverse emotional response when watching this season’s Fresh Hell. “You’ll laugh; you’ll cry; you’ll be glad you aren’t me,” he said.

In Fresh Hell, Spiner plays a character who wants nothing more than to return to acting and to earn back respect, but both “The Incident” (an unmentioned faux pas that caused his fall from grace), and his most famous role as Data keep getting in the way of that goal.

Will fans ever know just what “The Incident” was? “It is likely you won’t [find out] but you very well might,” said Spiner. “We do know what the incident was and it would be a shame to never reveal it because it is pretty fun. We will see. Depends on how long we do it and when we feel is the right time to reveal it.”

This year is the twenty-fifth anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Spiner shared his thoughts on how he felt about the show and his time on it. “Patrick [Stewart] said – very early in the run of the show – if one word describes us at our very best and our very worst at the same time, that word is ‘worthy,'” said Spiner. “And I thought ‘you know what, you have got something there.’ It was wonderful because it was worthy, and its worthiness made it sometimes dull. But pride? I was happy that I was on it. I think it was a good thing and continues to be.

“I am pleased to be part of something that has been going for almost fifty. It is the biggest thing that has happened in American television. What has been longer-lasting and had more hours than Star Trek? Once it hit fifty years, it is hard making fun of it. It is a major phenomenon and that has been fun to be part of, I feel lucky to be part of it.”

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