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Takei: Responses To Coming Out

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When George Takei came out in 2005, he received many emails; most were positive but some were not.

Although out to family, friends and select others, Takei came out publicly in 2005 in response to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s veto of a gay marriage bill.

“I watched it on TV with my blood boiling,” said Takei. “That’s when I decided to speak to the press, so I’ve been out since 2005. You’re not really out until the press says you are out, I guess.”

Soon, the emails began arriving. “It was overwhelmingly positive – my computer exploded with emails,” said Takei. “But ten percent were hate mails that were very ugly and ominously threatening. I’m talking about death threats.”

Takei has been married to Brad Altman since 2008.

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20 thoughts on “Takei: Responses To Coming Out

  1. George Takei continues to be an inspiration for everyone and especially for those who would come out and stand for what they believe in. Thank you George your awesome! 🙂

  2. He’s a better human being than Bill Shatner, Dennis Bailey, Vic Mignogna, John Broughton, and Michael Bednar can ever hope to be!

  3. Being a conservative, heterosexual male, I can only say this:
    I have wracked my brain trying to figure out how same-gender marriage diminishes my marriage to my wife. I finally found the answer – IT DOESN’T!
    A big thanks, and mega-kudos to George and others who speak out against the stupidity of the “no gay marriage” position. Let’s accept that people are different and go work on some real problems.

  4. Thank you, George! Also, thank you for being one of the primary reasons I check my Facebook regularly!

  5. Well THAT was unnecessary. Or do you just look for opportunities to bash people?

  6. Yes, he does. It’s a Farragut thing. He’s actually gotten quite good at working them in to an on-topic comment. Bill Shatner has nothing to do with Starship Farragut, I think he’s on the list just for being a prick.
    Although I should say, from what Bill and George have both said, the hatred between them is purely professional, and has nothing to do with homophobia.

  7. I met George once, and found him to be a very intelligent, charming and charismatic man. When he came out, I didn’t think, “ZOMG Sulu’s a fag!”, I thought, “Huh! Whaddaya know.” It didn’t change my impression of him a bit. After all, I was raised on Star Trek and science fiction. IDIC was part of my education.
    I’ve always been proud to see that the Trek community has been so strongly in support of George, and of Zach Quinto when he came out. I believe that it is because Trek is so much about diversity, tolerance and understanding, that it encourages tolerance and understanding in the fandom.

  8. Realizing it will make me unpopular, I have to be honost with myself and say while I’m sure Mr. Takei is a great guy in most areas, I can’t support him on this issue. Homosexuality is a sin, and despite what he or many other my feel or say, in the eyes of God, he is NOT married.

    In fact, I have the best possible answer to this whole issue of gay marriage: take the power to marry out of the hands of government and firmly into the hands of religion. Marriage is a religious act, period. I’m actually a little disgusted by conservative law makers that stand by traditional marriage for not having the guts to do the right thing. If government only issued domestic partnerships, marriage would be only granted by churches, and thus protected under the 1st Amendment. Instead, conservative law makers have allowed for chaos. It won’t be long before all 50 states “accept” gay marriage, and that is a future I’m really not looking forward to.

    I do have one question for gays and gay marriage supports. If it’s so natural and really doesn’t matter that guys like Takei and the like are guy, why is that fact brought up so often? Why even mention it past the initial story? It’s been five years since Mr. Takei has “come out” and I still see tons of new storys like this one just about acting like it’s breaking news. If it doesn’t matter that he is guy, why bring it up so often? Unless some one or some group is trying to cover something up?

    Let the traditional marriage ranting begin…

  9. Actually it does. It’s called standing up for the Laws of God. You might try it sometimes. They also include such things as don’t murder, don’t steal, and don’t lie. No man can pick or choose which laws he will keep and which ones he will break. It really is an all or nothing thing.

  10. I guess that means you follow the Bible’s dictates on slavery and executing non-virgin women who get married and all that? It really is an all or nothing thing.

  11. Do you speak to God often? Does he use you as his personal vehicle to relay his thoughts?

    No… no I don’t think he does. You are not God – you do not speak for him. And it is blasphemous to even claim you do.

  12. The marriage that George and Robert have, and the marriage that gay people across America want, is the legal one that allows them to share resources, speak for one another when one is ill or incapacitated, inherit property, among so many other things. You know, all those tedious little details that are handled by the state, and not by God.
    Marriage is a legal definition as well as a religious one. that legal definition is, despite DOMA, consistent for all citizens of the United States.
    Abolishing the civil, legally defined state of marriage and placing it in the hands of religion is not a solution. Would your church for instance recognize a marriage performed by a mosque, or a Hindu temple? And how would these churches then handle the court work of divorce and inheritance? Is your church prepared to step up and do that?
    Render unto Caesar, Milo. No one is asking you or your church to sanctify gay marriages. As long as you are a member of this society, you are party to a social contract which requires you to recognize and abide by this society’s laws, including the ones that you do not agree with. If they sin, let that be between them and God.

  13. This also regards marriage, Milo. Jesus did tell you to abide by the laws of society, and you cannot pick and choose among them either.

  14. Gays don’t have the right to be married everywhere. Until they do, it will remain news. This is very simple and I am sure you are only pretending not to understand it.

  15. The more surprising part back then was to find out there’s a relationship in that business that had worked out for more than 18 years.

  16. Which is good I’m an atheist, so I don’t have to give a damn what any religious laws say.

  17. Milo, for all your harping about following all the Laws of God, I highly doubt you’ve read the Book of Leviticus lately. It’s comments like yours that almost make me an atheist. However, I’ve my Bible handy, do you?

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