May 20 2024


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Kurtzman And Orci Sign New Deal

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Star Trek XI‘s Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci have signed a new production deal with Universal Pictures.

The deal is a two-year, “first-look” production deal.

“Alex and Roberto are extraordinarily talented writers and producers who know the value of a great story in building successful tentpole films,” said Universal Pictures’ Adam Fogelson and Donna Langley. “They have been a major part of some of Hollywood’s biggest movies and television shows in recent history, and we’re eager to have them build on that success at Universal.”

Amongst the projects to be developed by the duo will be a modern reimagining of The Mummy, and of Van Helsing.

“We’re thrilled to call Universal Pictures our home,” said Kurtzman and Orci. “From the moment we sat down with Adam, Donna, Peter, Jeff and the entire Uni team, there was an instant flow of inspired ideas. They really understand the importance of building a strong creative team and giving our shared projects their full support.”


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6 thoughts on “Kurtzman And Orci Sign New Deal

  1. The plague of tedious PR created quotes is never more apparent than when two people are saying one thing!

  2. You mean you actually liked “Ass-raping of the Dragon Emperor”?
    Mummy I: OK matinee cheese.
    Mummy II: Not quite as fun, and a CGI crap-fest.
    Mummy III: Gods, why????

  3. I feel Trek XI could be a turning point for these knuckleheads. The science was specious, the coincidences were outrageous, but they did have a really good grasp of the characters, and good character communication. If they ever take a basic junior-high science class, they might actually be able to write good science fiction.
    However, I have to point out:
    These are the idiots who screwed the sequel to Mask of Zorro into the ground, and one of the reasons is they didn’t do even the most basic historical research. That and they must have hated the characters, they screwed them up so much.
    After Transformers I, which was almost tolerable, they got a shitload of money and adulation, got incredibly full of themselves. So for Transformers II: Revenge of the PottyBots, they doubled down on the stupid. Racist characters, foul-mouthed leg-humping robots, and even more contempt for the characters and things like basic science, logic, and common sense.
    My worry is this: These two… gentlemen… have a pattern of turning into colossal egotistical jackoffs when they have a success. The studio won’t say anything, because they make them so much damn money. this leaves JJ and JJ alone to keep their egos in check, and I’m still not sure he cares.
    Either they’ve grown out of it and matured somewhat, or Star Trek as a franchise is totally screwed.

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