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The Next Generation Cast Reunion Video

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For fans who did not attend the reunion of the cast of The Next Generation which was held in Calgary, Canada last weekend, a full video of the reunion cast panel has been posted online.

Over fifty thousand fans attended the weekend event, with the highlight of the convention being the TNG:EXPOsed event which took place Saturday evening and included the entire regular cast of The Next Generation.

The video is in five parts, and runs for over an hour in length. The first part is included below, the other four parts are on the same YouTube page, located here.

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5 thoughts on “The Next Generation Cast Reunion Video

  1. *note to audio engineer… never EVER put a microphone near a fan boy who has to let loose an annoying high pitched “wooo” EVERY ten seconds…

  2. (Re the last comments) That’s all you two have to say?! Bad sound and Crosby’s headgear? – This is the first time all of the TNG cast have been together at an event, and they all show us their humour, sarcasm, sense of reflection and sense of fun we didn’t get to see on screen. Its brilliant! I particularly liked Sir Pat using his charm to get round an awkward question, Wil Wheaton’s reflection of making a wrong choice for the right reasons (been there too Dude, you aren’t alone) and Marina Sirtis’s dry and cheeky sass. All of them are brilliant, and its a crying shame we probably won’t ever get a fitting, final TNG film utilising all of them.
    I grew up watching these actors, and I feel its a small privilege to get the chance to watch them NOT as actors, but as themselves.

  3. This was wonderful and amazing. Thanks for posting this. I laughed until I cried. I really wish I could have been there.

    It seems like just yesterday to me that the original cast had their 25th anniversary. It was a pretty major and memorable event; I was a trek-obsessed high schooler. TNG was on the air and at the height of its popularity. The final TOS movie was right around the corner. There was a very memorable 2 hour TV event marking the occasion (with plenty of hype for the upcoming movie). I’d been a fan of Trek since I could remember, and it had been around well before I was born.

    It is so weird to think that its been that long since TNG debuted, now. Its a shame that they don’t rate a 2 hour TV special – I would certainly watch it. 🙂

  4. I love how well they all worked together and the fact they years later, they have so many positive experiences to share. All tremendous actors and they’ll always be my favourite television cast 🙂

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