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Kurtzman: The Purpose of a Sequel

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Star Trek 2 Co-writer Alex Kurtzman explains what a sequel should do and also why there was a delay in making Star Trek 2.

According to Kurtzman, the reason for the delay was to make sure that the very best movie would be made, and that requires that it not be rushed.

“We feel a tremendous responsibility to protect Star Trek,” said Kurtzman, “and we didn’t want to rush it, we didn’t want to turn it into something…sometimes…when you rush something and you can see the final movie and you’re like, ‘We shouldn’t have rushed it.’ We did not want that to happen on Trek.”

Fortunately, Paramount was supportive. “In this case, Paramount was great,” said Kurtzman. “They said, ‘You guys do it at your pace and make the movie that you want to make when you want to make it.’

“I really feel that we made the right decision [to delay Star Trek 2] because the worst thing would have been, we took something that was already so tricky and we were all very nervous about doing the first one, it was beloved, and we were huge fans and fortunately people seemed to like it…just because they liked it doesn’t mean ‘get [the second one] out there fast.'”

Kurtzman was pleased with Star Trek 2 when it finished filming. “We just wrapped and J.J. just killed it,” he said. “He did such a great job.”

How is Star Trek 2 going to be different than the first Star Trek film? The first movie is “about [the] characters coming together,” said Kurtzman. But a sequel is all “about the bad guy.”

“The best sequels in my mind,” said Kurtzman, “are the ones that have really put your main characters to the test.”

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19 thoughts on “Kurtzman: The Purpose of a Sequel

  1. Firstly, I made a comment (more of a negative comment) about J. J. Abrahms when it was said that there was a delay of ST 2. I was wrong, Therefore, since I made a public criticism, I must make a public apology: Mr. Abrahms please have my sincerest apology. Each time I watch the latest ST movie that you and your team made, I appreciate lthe awesomeness of the movie. I agree with Mr. Kurtzman that we should not rush to (make and) see a sequel. Still, I must admit that the burden of responsibility to make a great sequel will be yours, Mr. Kurtzman and the other members of the team. All the best. – Archie Simms

  2. Again, my apologies: It’s Abrams. My iPad keeps changing and I keep forgetting.

  3. So I guess this means that Mr. Abrams had time to find his flashlight and shine it into every camera he could to fulfill what amounts to an Emperor’s Clothes fetish. “Hey, it’s cool and artistic!” No – it is not. Really. In all other ways, I’m sure he’ll make it great. I just hope on the Blu-ray that they don’t include another boring hour of JJ beating on his microphone.

  4. Sorry to say that I just don’t have faith in the creative team at this point. I’m certain they’re doing what they believe in and what they think is best…it’s just not a creative vision I can latch on to anymore.

    Once, I wished for a big-budgeted Star Trek movie, with younger cast members, and a larger ratio of action (this was circa ’94-’95, during my post-Generations doldrums).

    Uhura said it best: “Well as they say Lieutenant. Be careful what you wish for. You may get it.”

    Irony can be so cruel sometimes.

  5. I’m starting to feel that way also. Star Trek isn’t “all about the villain”, that just cheapens it to “villain of the week/month/year/etc.” Despite having a good grasp of the characters, Kurtzman and Orci (henceforth referred to as “those knuckleheads”) have zero understanding of science, and apparently no desire to research or fact-check at all. JJ apparently doesn’t have much of a grasp either, or just doesn’t care.
    I know that the lot of them put together a film that was good enough to actually make me forgive the faults, but ST XI seems to be very much the exception with these knuckleheads. I keep remembering everything they said between Transformers 1 and 2, and when TF2: Give Me Your Face came out– IT WAS WORSE. MUCH WORSE.
    SO… yeah… kinda getting nervous about this one.

  6. You’re getting nervous about this one? Why? Are you planning to watch it.

    You clearly have no love for the reboot stuff… so I would suggest not watching it, surely?

  7. I won’t feel comfortable with this. JJ Abrams lacked alot of logic to the stories he brings to Star Trek movie franchise. First one had the sudden promotion of a *NEW* cadet become a commanding officer of a major Starship in less few years in school with zero-experience didn’t make any sense to me. It will be interesting how they’ll be bring this movie story to life. I still think this Star Trek lite, its not inspiring me want get into science and explore the the universe….

  8. Kirk has a deep history of bucking Federation policy to do the right thing. In the prime universe (ours), he was “rewarded” for such behavior by knocking him from Admiral back down to Captain. I like the story of a Federation enlightened enough to reward good leaders instead of punishing them for disagreeing with zero-tolerance “policy.”

  9. 4th year UNGRADUATED cadet to Captain is still a wee bit of a stretch. Hell, 4th year ungraduated cadet to ensign is a huge jump. Cadets become midshipmen before moving to any officer rank.

  10. Then again, to correct myself, I think in Starfleet cadets do their midshipman service in 4th year…? If so, they probably do go straight to ensign after graduation. (Actual commissioned ensign, none of that Wesley Crusher acting-ensign crap. Sorry Wil.)

  11. I do plan on watching it. I still love Star Trek, even though it sometimes spits that love back in my face (*cough*Enterprise*cough*). I went to see ST 5 first day, *knowing* it was a turd.
    I… I like the last movie. I own it on Blu Ray, I’ve watched it several times, it even got Mrs. Kang finally interested in Star Trek. Every time I watch it, I’m impressed with how well the new cast nails it, except Cho, and less impressed with other things like for instance the gaping plot holes and the eye-searingly painful Enterprise interiors. In short the shiny’s wearing off.
    My misgivings are with the writers, and JJ’s loose style with things like scientific facts, story logic, and continuity. If the writers get all excited with their success and decide to “really push the envelope”, and the director doesn’t reign them in, we get… Revenge of the Fallen, complete with edgy ethnic stereotypes and leg-humping robots.
    Given K&O’s spotty writing career, I’m starting to worry that Trek XI was a happy accident, and that the next movie will be back to shitfest-as-usual for those knuckleheads.

  12. True, but a large part of the fleet was decimated at Vulcan, and Kirk did lead the crew to victory, saving Earth and possibly the whole Federation. With the loss in personnel, Kirk’s bravery and newly earned respect (along with a recommendation from Admiral Pike) may have warranted his promotion.

    Personally, I had more of a problem with the coincidences in the middle of the movie (Kirk stranded on the planet where he happens to meet Spock and they happen to meet Scotty), along with the horrible engineering/brewery set.

  13. Hmm I thought Abrams was the director of the first movie not the writer? Gene Rodenbery might have done things differently but that is not possible. I’m looking forward to the next movie and am glad that Abrams is directing it. I know I’m going to go in and enjoy the movie and there will be a lot of fast paced action. Times change, everything else needs to change with time or they end up getting canceled and being forgotten. The world is different people enjoy different activities. I hope that there are many more movies made and would enjoy a good new tv series as well.

  14. Yes.
    The coincidences could have been smoothed over with a line from Spock prime about the timeline trying to repair itself as best it can.
    The Willy Wonka brewery crap could have been smoothed over by Abrams listening to the people telling him that it was fucking stupid.

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