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Star Trek 2 Villain Revealed?

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An inadvertent slip by Karl Urban may have let slip the name of the villain for Star Trek 2.

While doing promotion for Dredd for SFX, Urban’s comment on Benedict Cumberbatch may have revealed the character being played by Cumberbatch in Star Trek 2.

Urban had been asked what it was like having Cumberbatch on set, Urban replied, “He’s awesome, he’s a great addition, and I think his Gary Mitchell is going to be exemplary.”

For those unfamiliar with the original series, Gary Mitchell was seen in Where No Man Has Gone Before, where he ends up with God-like power after a trip across the galactic barrier.

Readers may remember that Roberto Orci recently denied that Mitchell was to be in Star Trek 2. Of course, denials and trickery are all part of the game when it comes to keeping movie details secret, so take this information with a grain of salt.

Speaking of Cumberbatch, the actor spoke a bit about his personal life, revealing the importance of family to him. “My parents are over the moon [about his success]. I flew them out here recently and they came to see me on the Star Trek 2 set.

“All the stuff that’s happening to me is useless unless you can share it with someone you know. And who better to have by your side than family?”

But Cumberbatch would like a family of his own soon. “I have a sort of clock ticking,” said the thirty-six-year-old actor. “I’d really like to be a dad before I’m forty, but at the same time, I’m in this weird territory where people know me before I know them.”

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50 thoughts on “Star Trek 2 Villain Revealed?

  1. If they are redoing, ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before,’ not a fan of this idea.

    If Cumberbatch is playing Mitchell and they are doing something different with the character that could be interesting.

    But I hope this does not involve another alternate reality storyline. They got away with it for the reboot and now they need to stay away from it big time.

    And for a long time.

  2. Won’t be Mitchell if you believe what they said about the current ongoing comics. Orci is supposedly overseeing it to make sure it meshes well with the sequel, and they told Mitchell’s story in the first two issues. Now they also said when the movie came out, you could re-read the comics and see a bunch of things you missed.

  3. I remember when “writers” from Star Trek also contributed to the Marvel and DC line of Star Trek comics… and I think the CREATOR Gene Roddenberry’s comment is just as valid then as it is today… The comics are NOT canon…

  4. Bend over and get ready for it. Cause you’ll be wrong again. It’s all rumor.

  5. When I’m proven not wrong, let’s hope you’ll be man enough to take all those monkeys coming outta yer hole without crying like a little girl. 😉 Press junkets are coldly calculated affairs… I know because like a lot of people I covered them too for over 20 years… and a comment like the one Urban made isn’t generally off the cuff like that. They’re usually calculated moves. And considering the non-disclosure agreements the actors had to sign – Urban would NOT just slip like that without explicit approval from a higher up. And as far as saying it to misdirect – yeah – no – not plausible. Something like that would bite this actor in the butt in future interviews not just for Trek – but for all his other work…

  6. Will the person(s) who says Abrams & Co have never outright lied to us please stand up and be counted for spitball practice?

    Actually, I think this is a bit of Karl Urban sense of humor – “Oops, did I say that out load? Oh, darn. I guess the Tribble is out of the bag now.”

  7. Now mind you I’m not saying I believe that Cbatch is actually going to be playing Gary Mitchell but I have to say that I think some of the posters here are showing a distinct lack of imagination. So the comics redid “Where No Man Has Gone Before” in the comics right? But what did we really see either in the Prime or Nu versions? We saw that Kirk “appeared” to kill a being who had achieved phenomenal power. Now so far as the Prime universe goes his death appears to have been final. And he hasn’t popped up in the Novels either. But what if his exposure in the NuTrek universe was just a little different. Say he go longer exposure for example. And so instead of being dead dead (Uncle Ben Dead as we used to say back in my day) there turns out to still be enough life in Mitchell’s body so as to allow for his resurrection (no zombie).

    Like I said I doubt if this is anything other than Urban fucking with us, but with this being a distinctive timeline let’s not automatically assume that everything is going to dovetail with the Prime version of events. And even things that do appear to dovetail may have hidden factors not immediately revealed that result in a different ultimate outcome.

  8. I think this is utter bullshit, otherwise 1.) why the fuck did they absolutely sweat benencio del toro’s nuts, then, and some other fuckin indian/hispanic looking motherfucker then???

  9. Where’s #2? Also, can you explain “sweating nuts” in boring English for those who don’t work in the porno industry and don’t have your expansive vocabulary?

  10. Now you can, I’m not saying I think Cumberbatch is really going to play Gary Mitchell, but I must say I think some posters here show a distinct lack of imagination. Thus, the remakes of cartoons “Where No Man Has Gone Before” in the comics right? But what we see what is in the premium versions or new? We saw that Kirk “appeared” to kill a being who has reached phenomenal power. Now, as the universe will first his death seems to have been a final decision. And it does not happen in the novels is. But what if its exposure in the new Trek universe was a little different. Let it go more exposure for example. And if instead of being dead dead (dead Uncle Ben as we used to say them back in my day), it always seems to be life in the body to allow you to Mitchell resurrection (not zombie).

    As I said, I doubt that it is nothing but urban fucking with us, but what is a separate schedule leave is not automatically assume that everything that happens to dovetail with the first version of events . And even things that seem to dovetail may have hidden factors are not immediately revealed that following a different result last.

  11. Urban’s yanking our cranks. I’m rolling my eyes at how the industry and fan sites are all over this, when a) Orci already said no Gary Mitchell, which makes sense because b) they wouldn’t have allowed the comic retread of WNMHGF if they intended to recycle elements of it for the film.
    As for resurrected Mitchell, it’s pointless to bring him back when the majority of the audience doesn’t know who he is in the first place.

  12. Gary Seven would be an excellent choice! Maybe he’s come to restore the timeline damage created by irresponsible writers!

  13. BLink blink… are you and Ensignahkinum one and the same? Because his post is almost identical to yours.

  14. Prepare the spitballs: I don’t think they are doing it, but revisiting WNMHGF is not a bad idea.
    Hear me out, please. I am armed.
    The story itself is pretty cosmic in scope. A visit to the edge of the galaxy. A passage through a barrier of unimaginable power. The evolution of crew members into powerful, cosmic entities (in the Marvel Comics sense).
    The story and the episode both have room for improvement. Modern astronomy has shown there is no barrier at the edge of the galaxy; the times and distances are inconsistent with modern Trek canon; the effects were mediocre, and the characters had still not gelled.
    True, the concept has been done before, most recently in Chronicle, but those were earthbound. Setting the story in space allows the scope to be much more vast.
    I say this story is a good candidate for being remade/re-envisioned, and would have been a good choice as a basis for a Trek movie.
    They didn’t do it. WNMHGF would not have been in the comics if they had intended to use it or elements of it in the next film.
    Alright, spitball away.

  15. Listen asshole. I don’t appreciate your half-assed impersonation. I hope you have a nice chat with the site admins.

  16. JohnS, I’ve expressed my displeasure with the juvenile impersonator above. I don’t attack people just for the sake of attacking them, like junior cheeseburger up there.
    I will first restate my position. I do think that remaking WNMHGBF would be a good idea, see my post above. I also think that Cumberbatch would make an excellent Gary Mitchell.
    I don’t think that’s going to happen.
    While I don’t put it past Orci or Urban to pull our legs pretty hard, I will point to the recent comic adaptation. I don’t think K&O (those knuckleheads) or J.J. Abrams would have approved retreading the story for the comics if they intended to use it or parts of it in the next film.
    (I think that’s the third time I’ve typed that today.)
    I don’t insist on being right, in fact sometimes I love to be wrong. And if I am shown to be wrong, on that day I will joyfully expel flocks of simians from my ass.

  17. Hey Kang. Yeah at first when I read your reply to my comment in my email I thought perhaps you were overstating for effect. But I can assure that only I am me. As for the other person I shall be charitable and say that perhaps my post “inspired” his. 😉

  18. Hey Kang. Yeah, my posting is from the alternate-timeline, that’s why it is similar to Toriach. But, you know how fate is, the same point still being made happen, no matter how you try to change it :O)P

  19. yes. the Benecio DT argument is tough to ignore. Unless is it possible that there were two scripts being written (I mean they took a long time writing it). I wonder if they had two scripts in hand knowing already that Paramount had two more Treks in the works. Since they could not get Benecio, then went with the other script?

    Anyway, Mitchell would not be throwing punches at Spock. He’d turn him into a vegetable with his God like powers. Unless he loses his powers temporarily by some other superbeing with a high ESPer rating and Spock gets to take a few swings.

  20. one one hand, it may have nothing to do with the original series characters but if it did, I can only think of several possibilities based on adversaries of the OS who either were human (white human male) or looked human (essentially all adversaries played by good looking white males):

    1. a White Khan (or maybe one of Khan’s associates); none of the writers deny it is not Khan and then the Del Toro argument.
    2. Gary Mitchell (but where did he get that nice jacket?, maybe made it with his powers?). The Mitchell storyline would be consistent with Orci’s note about a conflict with the crew and testing the friendship waters between Kirk and Spock (he must die Jim) but then again the writers deny it is mitchell)
    3. Charlie X. He does look like the original Charlie. Maybe him only by virtue that Kirk started pushing him around after “tapping into his power” by pressing more buttons on the ship.
    4. Lazarus. only mention his name because his jacket looks like a fancy rendition of the original’s redo of a Klingon uniform….. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Alternative_Factor
    5. Flint, a former bully and also Caesar and Napolean. Kirk or Spock falls in love with a robotic version of Alice Eve and somehow Uhura gets pissed in the middle.
    6. Trelane. Cumberbach doesn’t look too happy which Trelane usually was. Not likely.
    7. Apollo. nah. he would be wearing the Greek toga.
    8. Maab, or one of the Capellans. this was a prime directive issue, so nah.

  21. Comics were never canon in Star Trek – but that aside… if Abrams and company were so gung ho about being original – they wouldn’t have stolen several plot points from the Of Gods and Men fan film for the first movie…

  22. What im going to say next will defo rate as high on the trek geek ometer. Because if it wasnt for Gary Mitchell, Kirk would have not have meet a certain lab technican, which i think was Dr Carol Marcus, and would have not have led upto Genisis and Dr David Marcus.

  23. Also – do we know if the movie takes place after the comic you cite? Orci said the villain was not Mitchell… well – if this movie takes place before the comic and has nothing to do with Mitchell acquiring god-like powers – then he wouldn’t be a villain. Even tho we see a fight scene – we don’t know the context. I think it would be safe to say it’s not Khan tho – and I base that on the fact that #1 – i honestly think JJ Abrams, since he is diecting, would try to stay away from trying to top such an iconic film and role as TWOK – there would be too much to get past for him to gamble. Not to mention – I can think of no reason Khan would be wearing a Starfleet dress uniform like we’ve sen in the leaked photos. (And yes I do remember Khan wearing a duty tunic in Space Seed)

  24. I would tend to doubt that simply because at the time the were trying to cast DelToro – they would have already been in pre-production on the script – and as such – they couldn’t just do something else…

  25. I’m also curious about the place this movie has in the timeline as compared to the comics because in one of the interviews I saw with Orci – he specifically stated that this adventure was taking place before the time we would have seen in the original series – they were making this movie about them finding their relationships to each other as a crew.

  26. Karl Urban’s comment is phrased in such a way that I’m almost positive he’s having us on. He just KNOWS we’re waiting for a tidbit like that. He’s too much the fanboy himself not to.

    If the character *is* someone we know from the Classic Series, my bet is Garth of Izar. Given the shift in the timeline (Kirk may have graduated the Academy late in this timeline, but he got Enteprise almost six years early), I think it would fit for Enterprise, in this timeline, to find itself embroiled in the events that led Garth of Izar to be sent to the Federation Funny Farm on Elba II…

  27. 1. Am I the only person who thinks it would be really dumb to do Khan, and absolutely does not want to see them EVER go to that particular well?
    2. The Mitchell storyline has already been done in the comic series Orci and Kurtzman are consulting on. They’d not have done it if that was going to be the movie.
    3. Charlie X would be about 12 in this timeline. In the original timeline, Kirk was ~30 when he got the Enterprise. In this one, he’s ~23.
    4 – 8: G-d, please, no!

  28. Hey, only writers come back and point-out or make corrections to their writings. Are you a writer?

    Ya, I know what you mean about Abrams lying, he did it in his Star Trek XI movie, as Penny, from Big Bang Theory, said, when Penny tries to comfort Sheldon and explain that the other guys lied to him to “deal with a difficult situation” but not to hurt him, she compares it to a scene from the new Star Trek movie (the eleventh Star Trek movie), in which Kirk is forced to lie to Spock.

    Note: In the new Star Trek movie, which takes place in a parallel time line to the old movies, a young Kirk tells a young Spock several lies (like that Spock had never loved his mother) to force him to acknowledge that he is emotionally compromised and not fit to command the Enterprise. Thanks to this, Kirk can take over the command and safe the Enterprise. Subsequently, Spock and Kirk become friends.

  29. Now THAT would be interesting! And unexpected! Unfortunately this is Kurtzman and Orci, who think having robot cars spew oil on people is humour.

  30. “…which i think was Dr Carol Marcus…”
    It wasn’t. But, in this timeline, it could have been…

  31. Why do you say it wasn’t? For decades this has been known and speculated about… and even got a mention in a Trek novel. And time-wise it would have worked out perfectly for the lab technician to be Marcus… who got pregnant and had David… While we can’t say it’s canon – neither can we say it’s not.

  32. Now that it’s confirmed he plays Mitchell – I guesss this means Orci is a liar… or he’ll backtrack and say Mitchell wasn’t a real “villain” and use semantics as an excuse.

  33. And as an aside… just because he plays Mitchell… does NOT mean this movie is about Mitchell getting God powers… this IS an alternate timeline after all where things play out differently…

  34. Nothing is confirmed.

    JJ Abrams has practically built a career on misdirection and outright falsehood in the area of rumour control for his properties. There is no reason to believe this is not just another elaborate trap for the rumourmongers.

  35. Has anyone given any thought to the fact that Cumberbatch is NOT playing the villain… and his role as Gary Mitchell is simply the impetus for the schism in friendship for Kirk and Spock that Orci spoke of. We know that Peter Weller is also cast in this movie – but there has been no clue really given to his part. And let’s not forget that at an MTV awards – they seemed to showcase some Klingon imagery… For all we know – the misdirection is actually trying to get people excited about guessing Cumberbatch’s role – leaving the real “villain” of the movie safe from speculation. I’m guessing Weller as a Klingon Captain…

  36. Mudd could be played expertly by Paul Giamatti… smuggling his fountain of youth pills – which could then backfire, turning Kirk into Shatner. A comical cameo.

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