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Trek Comics Hint At Star Trek 2

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As the IDW Publishing Star Trek comic series chugs along, classic TV episodes are being retold and the series of comics bridges the gap between Star Trek XI and Star Trek 2.

Trek fans looking for clues about the next movie will find hints in those comics, but nothing that will spoil the movie.

The next story, penned by Mike Johnson (with assistance by Roberto Orci), will cover a fan-favorite, Tribbles, who are headed to Earth in the rebooted comic episode.

Johnson consults with Orci to make sure that that the comics remain canon. “…I have Bob on speed-dial to make sure whatever we do in the comics doesn’t contradict what the plan is, and can instead help expand it beyond the films,” he said.

Included are “little hints” about Star Trek 2. “I always try to put little hints in where I can, with Bob’s permission,” said Johnson, “but that Romulus story [Star Trek #8, published in April] was more about continuing a thread from the ’09 movie, and also setting up a new status quo for the Federation and the Romulans to be explored in future comics, books, games, etc.

“The hints are not the kind that will spoil anything in the movie. They are more retroactive, in the sense that after you see the movie you can go back and see where things were set up. Some are very direct; others are more thematic. My favorite so far is in issue #12, the conclusion of the Tribble story.”

Star Trek #12, The Trouble With Tribbles Part 2, will release next month.

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8 thoughts on “Trek Comics Hint At Star Trek 2

  1. Ha! I knew it! Cumberbatch is playing a tribble in the next movie!

    You heard it here first people!

  2. with new special effects, it would be cool to see how they can reproduce as fast as Spock assumes they do.

  3. Gods below. They’re ripping o– excuse, ‘re-envisioning’, “The Trouble With Tribbles”.

    I must go, and do battle. With no helmet, that Crom may take my eyes before this shit reaches the screen.

  4. Wait. If they are retelling TV episodes and the second movie is set after those, does that mean the sequel is set like a decade after the first one??

  5. No. For example the tribble story does not take place on K7. But it does tell us that the movie will not be about Gary Mitchell, as his story was told in the first two issues.

  6. Yer supposed to say “spoiler” first ya big jerk! Now I see why Del toro was considered… Tribbles lack gravitas and personality. Sherlock tribble sounds freaking awesome. Finally we can take that species seriously. About time!

  7. If its tribble porn you want I’m sure there’s some fan fiction out there to paint you a vivid image that cgi cannot hope to adequately convey. I hope they keep an eye on people like you… :))

  8. I think Benedict Cumberbatch may be playing the role of Jim Kirk’s brother. After looking over the comic issues this past year, I would almost bet money on it.

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