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Bloomers Webseries Fundraiser

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To help fund the second season of Bloomers, a web-based comedy directed by Star Trek: Voyager‘s Tim Russ, special perks are offered from a credit on the Bloomers website to an executive producer credit for the second season of the webseries.

Bloomers is about a diverse group of friends finding new ways to love, work and laugh in downtown Los Angeles.

The Indiegogo fundraiser campaign hopes to raise $29,000 by the end of September, so that fifteen new fifteen-to-twenty-minute episodes of Bloomers can be created. Russ will be returning for the second season as director.

“Tim is fantastic,” said Matt Palazzolo, creator and star of Bloomers. “Aside from being a great actor and director, he’s just a wonderful guy to spend time with. He’s so smart; you can really have any kind of conversation you want with him.”

Russ received a “Best Director” award for his work on Bloomers at the Indie Soap Awards, and also at the LA Web Fest.

The fundraiser offers perks for fan contributions, beginning at the $10 level and going up to the $15,000 level. These include perks such as the special thanks on the Bloomers website ($10), the thanks and a signed cast photo ($25), those items plus an extra autographed photo and an autographed Bloomers Season One DVD ($100).

For those with deeper pockets who wish to support Bloomers, the extra perks at the higher levels include a full Star Trek: Voyager DVD set autographed by Russ ($1,250), ice skating with former Olympian Tai Babilonia ($2,500), associate producer credit for Season Two ($5,000), dinner with Tim Russ (includes flight to L.A. from anywhere in the continental U.S.) ($10,000) and for $15,000, executor producer credit on Season Two of Bloomers.

To see what is offered and to donate, head to the link located here.

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3 thoughts on “Bloomers Webseries Fundraiser

  1. Hopefully, this will erase any memories of his association with Starship Farragut and Vic Mignogna.

  2. Have spoken to some people in the past about this kind of projects- & yes, i have supported a few (including this one) – the answer is yes, though $2k per episode is unlikely to be the entire cash budget. I know that Bloomers was privately funded (i’m guessing as a showreel project by the people involved) & am guessing that they’re looking for a little help this time. & $30000 is of only a goal, after all. If the crowdfunding takes off – & its doing ok so far – they could raise considerably more. I wonder if Mr Russ is going to fund his follow-up to St-Of Gods & Men this way? I’ll support that one, too

    Other ST people with projects active or on the way include Michael Dorn (discussed elsewhere here; & doing well financially but struggling because of the size of the budget called for), a small theatre project by JG (Martok) Hertzler & a new SF series called Odyssey with Manu (Icheb) Intiraymi. Crowdfunding is an evolving beast but is offering a refuge for old-fashioned film viewers like me

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