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Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Debuts! – Updated

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Eager fans can finally get a glimpse of Star Trek into Darkness, with the release of the first trailer for the movie, which was released today and is now online.

The trailer can also be seen at the official movie site.

UPDATE: A Japanese trailer, seen below, has an extra scene at the fifty-eight second mark.

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135 thoughts on “Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Debuts! – Updated

  1. I don’t see how anyone gets anything substantive from this trailer, to be honest, either way… beyond the stupidity of the voiceover dialogue. I mean, I could make a trailer from bits of STXI and make it the most TOS Trek-based thing you could ever want, it wouldn’t change that movie from what it was… The guys that edit trailers do that for a living and do it very well… it has no impact or connection, necessarily, with the movie itself… One way or the other. So, while I agree, they can’t really say anything about the upcoming movie based on the trailer, per se, neither can you claim it’s uberTrek. A trailer is a trailer… This shouldn’t really move people one way or the other, particularly.

  2. Maybe Kirk ran over his cat and the only thing he wants now is – revenge. Wow. I definitely see a blockbuster.

  3. I had to look it up, but I remember him now. I wonder how ‘vengeance’ would fit into his motives though. I could also mention Khan. His accent is close enough and the motivations make sense, but I still think he’s a long shot. Sybok might fit too, but Benedict Cumberbatch’s ears are not pointed. Who knows, maybe he is Gary Mitchell. After all, he looks like he is probably a former Starfleet officer.
    Of course, they could also be flat-out lying about it being a character that has appeared in the canon, like a certain actor did about a certain character in a certain Batman movie. Maybe he is an original character with certain elements borrowed from various canon characters. I guess we will find out later.

  4. That scream looks really stupid and it looks like it belongs into a Scream movie.

    Btw, the comb over is on the wrong side. And the eye color is wrong

  5. One never knows. Many had their doubts about the 2009 prequel/reboot. Look what happened. It became one of the biggest box office smash hits of 2009. It even surpassed the box office intake of both Star Trek-The Motion Picture and Star Trek IV – The Voyage Home, if I am not mistaken.

    As for the movie Armageddon(which I assume you are referring to), I never saw the film, so I wouldn’t know whether it was a success or a failure at the box office.

  6. If you want mindless action, you need not look any further than Starship Farragut and Star Trek Continues. Don’t knock Star Trek-Into Darkness until you’ve seen the film. It might not be as bad as people are making it out to be.

  7. I noticed the eye color was different. Actually, Alice Eve has two different colored eyes. But they commonly flipped shots in TOS, so you can’t really make a determination by the side her hair is parted on.

  8. Personally, I think they should bring back Tom Hardy… From The Dark Knight Rises we know he does a hell of a Harry Mudd…….

  9. You pulled that age out of your butt. where does that figure come from? In nutrek he was 17 – And Kirk was in his mid 20s. In tos trek Kirk was 30 – meaning an age gap of approx. 5 years. 17 plus 5 equals 22 in my world – but i guess math is something you have a hard time with… 😉

  10. bottom line… we’ll continue this conversation when the movie comes out – and Illl bet all your guesses are still gonna be wrong. 😉

  11. You want to deal in the specifics of the math… okay… James T. Kirk was born in 2233. In TOS, the 5 year mission extends from 2265-2269. That made Kirk 32 when he took command. Chekov wasn’t there for a considerable amount of time, but, since Khan references him being aboard before we see him aboard, let’s suggest he joined in 2265, right at the start… He didn’t, but for your math lesson, let’s pretend he did… So, Chekov was 22 in 2265 (because prior to JJ Abrams, Starfleet Academy actually, you know, trained officers for the Starfleet)… 2009’s Star Trek was set between 2233 and 2258 for the later sequences. So, at his oldest, Chekov should be 15… max. That he actually arrived on Enterprise in 2267 at 22 and was actually 13 during the events of 2258 is the math… not that you’ll likely accept that.

  12. The movie came out in 2009… And what I’ve presented aren’t guesses, they’re examples of time travel within the continuity… You haven’t provided a single example of what you’re suggesting happened ever happening before… So, I think it’s pretty obvious who is guessing and grasping at straws and who is presenting examples and a reasoned position… pssst, it’s not you.

  13. That’s what Dennis Bailey has wrongly assumed, like everything else.

    There is no way that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing the ill-fated and overthrown dictator. He doesn’t even physically resemble a Sikh.

    Benedict is playing either Gary Mitchell, Sam Kirk, Charlie X, or even Garth Of Izar. Personally, I am leaning more toward the first three possibilities.

    Simon Pegg dismissed the entire Khan rumor and that should be the end of it.

  14. It could be worse. Vic Mignogna and Farragut Films could have been behind the next film.

    Really, let’s not jump to any conclusions about Star Trek – Into Darkness just yet. Let’s wait until the film is released and then decide(the fans) for ourselves. Hopefully, it won’t be such a disaster as fans are making it out to be.

    Personally, I don’t see any red flags in the trailer indicating that it will be a failure at the box office.

  15. Actually Chekov was 22 in the original series. That was made known in the episode ‘Who Mourns for Adonias?’.

  16. Which was 2266… making him born in 2244 and 14 in 2258… No matter how you guys try to force it, Chekov’s age isn’t right in Abram’s timeline. Period.

  17. You seem to validate your opinion of quality based on the box office returns… that’s odd.

  18. Cumberbatch better not be Khan. Khan Noonien Singh is supposed to be an Sikh (Punjabi) from India. Cumberbatch is one of the whitest men on earth, and looks so in the film (Blonde hair, colored eyes, and an English accent). Now Ricardo Montalban was of Spanish decent and in the original series was dressed to look Sikh/Indian (Long hair, and I believe make-up too appear to have darker skin). If an Indian who has been genetically engineered to be perfect, turns out to be a white British man… Hahaha.

  19. Kirk grew up under different circumstances, which is why he was a “petulant snot.” Also, his personality in Trek XI is very much in line with what he says in Wrath of Khan.

  20. What does Vic Mignona have to do with this Abrams’ film or the previous one? You always keep bringing this up. It has nothing to do with OFFICIAL Star Trek from Paramount. If Mignona did screw up Star Trek, he at least didn’t do it officially. Everyone’s at liberty to make fan films as they please. It’s not canonical anyway. What comes from Paramount, however, is considered canon and therefore is directly affecting the franchise.

    “Personally, I don’t see any red flags in the trailer indicating that it will be a failure at the box office.”

    Well, there are several key similarities to ST: Nemesis, which was a box office failure: guy with a British accent seeking revenge; Kirk going after him to stop him from using a weapon of mass destruction. This already seems like a blatant rip-off. We know Abrams is a skilled hollywood magician, capable of using a wide variety of tricks to make a bad product look good, but I wonder for how long will he be able to pull that off.

  21. Elizabeth Dehner’s hair is definitely parted on the left side. And her natural eye color is hazel.
    So, this on the right screenshot is either not her or it is her, but with deliberately altered appearance.

  22. True, Kirk is such an ahole in Abrams Trek. No admirable character traits whatsoever. By the way, I think he is awfully portrayed by Chris Pine. That man doesn’t know how to act. He’d be good in a soap opera, though.

  23. My gods that was hideous.
    It was “Vic Mignona Presents: The Great And Wonderful Vic Mignona Show, By Vic Mignona, Starring Vic Mignona.”
    Cawley can be an arrogant prick, but he’s committed to making a good product, and he’s never, EVER, had the sheer arrogance to try and recreate a scene from the original show. Doing so invites head-to-head comparison, and just shows up how amateurish and imitative “Star Trek Continues” already is.
    And I’m sorry Chris, but you’re not an actor, and you’re not your father. Please, go forth and be your own man. I’d love to see what Chris Doohan can do once he stops wallowing in the ball-pit with the toddlers.

  24. My negative statements concerning Vic Mignogna is in response to all the unnecessary hatred toward J.J. Abrams. Abrams is just a director who has given Star Trek a second life and(despite what some purists think)done an excellent job on such a huge task. Whether he has an interest in Star Trek or not doesn’t make any difference(at least not to me). With all of the more-than negative criticism against Abrams, the purists are making him out to be some kind of destroyer of the franchise. And that is an entirely wrongheaded point of view. Unlike Mignogna and those goddamned fools at Farragut Films, Abrams has NOT committed any unethical, immoral, and illegal acts within the Star Trek community.

    So maybe it’s about time the purists cut Abrams some slack and let him do what he was hired to do. If he screws up, so be it. Like Bill Shatner and the Star Trek V controversy, he and the current administration at Paramount will be the ones to bear the burden. But until then, instead of prejudging Abrams and the up-coming sequel, and all of this other inconclusive speculation bullshit, wait until the film comes out and then make your own conclusions and opinions.

    As far as the comparison to Nemesis is concerned, I can see where you are coming from. However, I don’t think Abrams and his staff are going to make the same errors in judgement that Stuart Baird, Rick Berman, and the former staff at Paramount did with that 2002 film. I doubt that they would go down that route a second time.

  25. Actually, James Cawley is one of the most coolest and professional people I have ever corresponded with. He’s a real good guy who is totally devoted to crafting an excellent and quality Star Trek episode. His love of Star Trek is truly evident in all of the New Voyages/Phase 2 productions that he and his hardworking professional staff have filmed and released. Which is why Star Trek-New Voyages/Phase 2 is the best and ONLY THE BEST when it comes to the continuation of the Enterprise’s original five year mission.

    Kang, you certainly hit the nail on the head with your very accurate description of Vic Mignogna’s Phase 2 rip-off and the spiteful, petty, egotistical, illegal, toxic, and unethical horeshit mentalities behind it. John Broughton, Michael Bednar, Dennis Bailey, and the rest of Farragut Films royally fucked up by allying themselves with this sick, self-centered shit of a business partner. By doing so and getting caught up in the whirlwind of controversies that Mignogna has caused, they have certainly tarnished their credibility and ruined their reputations. Not a smart business decision on their parts.

    I hate to say this, but Chris Doohan has disgraced his father’s name and the character of Montgomery Scott, by being a part of this inept, fatous, and inane endeavor. By associating himself with the likes of Mignogna and his controversial reputation, one can only wonder if James Doohan is looking down on Chris in sheer disappointment.

    Nevertheless, he does a good job of playing Scotty, I will give him credit for that, at least.

    As for Kim Stinger(who plays Nyota Uhura), one wonders how much she was paid in silver to jump ship from Phase 2 to the less profitable enterprise(no pun intended)of STC. She played the same character on P2. Why would she defect to the other side…or should I say dark side of Star Trek film fandom?

    Already some people have withdrawn from this useless experiment. It would be great if both the SF and STC productions were withdrawn from ST film fandom period, and closed down indefinitely.

    Calling CBS/Paramount…..

  26. TOS does give ages. in the episode where everyone is aging at an accelerated pace, kirk says “i am only 35.” in another episode, chekov is described as being 22.

  27. Before anyone decides to post any more insults about J.J. Abrams, I want you all to read this….

    Maybe next time you purists will think twice before letting your collective alligator mouths overload your collective jay-bird asses!

  28. That’s very sad about the guy passing away. And nice that they let him watch the movie.

    But I don’t see what any of that has to do with whether Abrams can make a star trek movie or not.

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