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Abrams: Expect To Cry

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Fans going to see Star Trek Into Darkness this May should bring along some Kleenex.

The villain John Harrison “tears into the fabric of the world and the Enterprise family,” said Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Harrison. “It leaves a trail of devastation.”

“There is an insidiousness and ruthlessness and fierce intelligence to [Harrison] that almost undermines the interconnectivity of the crew,” said Zachary Quinto. “The stakes are much higher.” Quinto also warned fans that “there’s reason to worry” about favorite characters.

Kirk and Spock will have to work together in Star Trek into Darkness and put aside their differences. “The definition of who these two people are definitely comes to bear in this film,” said Chris Pine. “It’s central to what happens in the story. Spock is a logical man of cold reason who is run by laws, regulations and prescriptions. Kirk is a guttural, by-the-heart, instinctive and impulsive guy. Those two ways of looking at the world are central to these characters and their journey.”

Expect tears, said J.J. Abrams. “The goal of this movie is to make you cry,” he said. “If the movie does its job, then by the end of the movie, you will have had a reaction involving the eyes. If the movie works, then there’s definitely an emotional component.”

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21 thoughts on “Abrams: Expect To Cry

  1. If they actually do kill a main classic trek character… that will be very cheap and lame.

  2. On the other hand, if they don’t resurrect that character in the next sequel, that will be pretty damned astonishing.

  3. However, it must be noted that Wrath of Khan originally intended to make Spock deader then dead….and Generations kills off Kirk.

  4. And then they’ll call it Star Trek Rising. And my head will explode from the force of my rage.

  5. I’ve been saying for months, my opinion is that they’ll finally kill off Leonard Nimoy’s Spock, but not before he mind melds with his younger self. Just my theory.

  6. Mine was more along the lines of Stan’s reaction to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on South Park. We’ll see though.

  7. Deader than dead? And yet… “Remember…” I call bs. It was an out from the beginning. It’s true, it wasn’t necessarily scripted that way, but that’s always the way it was DONE, regardless of how it was written… besides, it was directed by the writer, so it’s not like it deviated from the writer’s intent… Point being, even Kirk in Generations was given an out if they’d simply taken it.

  8. I’m willing to bet that it will be either Spock Prime(Leonard Nimoy)or Christopher Pike who will be killed off. Or even both. I have a hunch that this is what it will come down to.

  9. I like how they’ve improved the “running from the natives and jumping into the sea where the Enterprise is hiding” sequence, that was always my favorite part of TWOK.

  10. I doubt it will come to that.

    If by some chance that the new Paramount administrators hasn’t learned from the huge mistakes committed by Rick Berman, Ronald Moore, Brannon Braga, and the former administration that ran the both the studios and franchise, then they haven’t learned a damn thing, period.

    They will learn the hard way if by some outlandish chance that the new film is a WOK remake.

    For starters, ‘John Harrison’ is not Indian. And second, Harrison comes off as the alternate timeline version of either Gary Mitchell, Charlie Evans(X), Garth Of Izar, and the insane version of Lazarus.

    This whole Khan debate is a bunch of bullshit. Simon Pegg dismissed that rumor, and that is good enough.

  11. Har-dee-har-har. “Remake” was a poor choice of words, but come on, you knew what I meant.

  12. Don’t watch Star Trek to make me cry, but to see a hopeful future!! Star Trek is dying by the year! Abramms is the Grim Reaper of the show!

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