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Abrams: Star Wars AND Star Trek

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Fans upset over the news that J.J. Abrams will be directing the next Star Wars movie, worry not, he’s not leaving Star Trek behind.

Paramount Vice Chairman Rob Moore reassured fans that Abrams would still be involved with Trek and with Mission: Impossible.

“J.J. will continue to develop projects for us including a new Mission: Impossible, and he is committed to produce another Star Trek,” said Moore.

So at the very least, Abrams would be producing the third Trek movie, if not directing it.

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35 thoughts on “Abrams: Star Wars AND Star Trek

  1. Upset? I rejoice at the prospect of him leaving Star Trek!

    But the chairman ruined it with the bad news. 🙁

  2. It is what it is. There is money to be mined from Star ___. Everyone flamed out over Jar Jar, critics panned Nemisis. Yet both did remarkable well.

  3. Amen! Rejoiced to hear him gone. Except he’s really not, huh? Damage done already.

    However, ….”Also consulting on the project are Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg.”… this is the most positive thing I’ve heard regarding the Star Wars part of this

  4. Hear hear. He really needs to GTFO and turn Trek over to people who know what they’re doing.

  5. Exactly… We don’t actually WANT him doing both. My guess is, that’s also not going to happen, even though they just said it was. There’s still half a year before they’re done with him after STID opens… Let’s see what they say after that.

  6. Lay off of Abrams. He brought life back into Star Trek. So about showing the man some respect for a change!

  7. As soon as he gives up his juvenile obsession with the Emperor’s Clothes of lens flare. It’s NOT cool, JJ. It’s only all about you.

  8. I’m beginning to think that it was more than Rick Berman’s mishandling of the franchise that nearly led to Star Trek’s demise. Judging by all of the anti-Abrams statements, I’m beginning to think that the purists also played a part in it!

  9. Just like Dr. Frankenstein brought life into his monster.

    I can see Jar Jar Abrams exclaiming, “It’s alive! It’s alive!”.

  10. Believe it or not, Lens flares add a lot of realism to a scene. I started adding lens flares in post to my projects after seeing star trek and they added a real sense of professionalism to my work.

  11. Damn, got my hopes up he was gone for good! Star Trek is just becoming a boring, bleak CV filler for stars and wanabees.

  12. Yes, Kool Aid tastes good. Nice to hear you like JJ’s clothes. Have fun with that. Things go in cycles. There once was a time when it took a rank amateur to allow lens flare to occur. Now just forget all those lens shades you used to pay extra for, save some money, and anyone can do it and look “professional.” Kool.

  13. No, it was definitely Berman and Bragga, and any other arrogant writer who puts their ego and what they want ahead of what the fans want, or snuff characters at a whim for the sake of drama – not the story – and the thrill of pissing on a franchise to leave their mark. Lindelof and Alien. But I tend to agree overall with your assessment. No matter who is doing it, except Nicholas Meyer, everyone sucks according to the “fans.” My only problem with JJ is his Emperors Clothes of Lens Flare. I’m glad he got in there to show up the stuff old guard writers. And I’ll be glad he’s in there to remind Lucas where Star Wars went wrong – except for the requisite lens flares.

  14. One, the *careful* use of lens flares can add a spot of realism to an increasingly digital film environment, ie. making it look like you’re actually filming a physical object.
    Two, JJ waaaaaaaaaay overused it in the 2009 film.
    Three, the trailers for the new film have far fewer lens flares, raising a ray of hope that JJ has learned a lesson.
    Four, if you made it past One, congratulations; there may be hope for you yet.

  15. Agreed; given the control that money-making directors have over their films, I have misgivings about one person handling both franchises. This is one area where I don’t think cross-pollination would be good. Star Trek and Star Wars are very different in tone and content, and I don’t think they mix well in terms of tone, style, or theme. In short, JJ you are not Reese’s, please keep your chocolate out of my peanut butter.
    I feel that JJ’s style is far more suited to Star Wars than Star Trek, and I would much rather see him leave Trek altogether than blend or half-ass both.

  16. I’d rather have Star Trek and lens flare than none. I’m not sure that’s even a fallacy of choice, really. Would it have happened without JJ?

  17. Rick Berman IS the right man to run Star Trek. The Great Bird of the Galaxy himself passed that torch to him. A thing JJ can’t say. While maybe not the best Trek films, I’d rather watch “Insurrection” and “Nemesis” then any JJ-Trek! At least those films felt like Trek and not Star Wars or some oddball Sci Fi film.

  18. No, it was and still is the studio. Rick was trying to keep Trek pure, but multiple times was given the mandate that if he didn’t develop a new Trek show, the studio would find someone who would. So Rick made Voyager and Enterprise, and even then did the best he could with studio mandates. It was not his idea that a future aspect be put into Enterprise, it was the studio.

    Rick Berman is taking crap for the studio’s mishaps. Mishaps they are still making even without Berman.

  19. We’ll see. This is Hollywood, and things can change fast. I remember when they were working on Spider-Man 4 over at Sony with Sam Raimi. Suddenly the film was scrapped and we got the re-boot. Things like this happen all the time in Hollywood and a lot of movie “almost get made.” Let’s get past JJ-Trek 2 and have JJ get into making the new Star Wars and see what actually happens.

    Either way, I’m holding out hope that the JJ-Trek era’s days are numbered and we can maybe move back to REAL Star Trek again!

  20. Yes, JJ ≠ Star Trek. He’s just the lucky stiff chosen by Paramount after his Mission Impossible movie raked in the big bucks. I found much of Nemesis quite cringe-worthy and agree there was a need for a change of direction. I was impressed by the first part of Star Trek 2009 yet there are so many inanities in the rest of the film that do not hold up under repeated viewings. Also, the spirit of the film is so contrary to that of the rest of the Star Trek universe. It’s a Star Trek film without the soul of a Star Trek film. It bears no resemblance to films in which extreme measures were taken to rescue the ship or fellow crewmembers – hell, even time travel was used to rescue whales. Now we’re expected to embrace a film series which so casually accepts the destruction of the planet Vulcan in order to remold Spock into an intergalactic orphan? I am open to a fresh take on Star Trek but, please, not one in the vein of the JJ-verse. I’m sure another film led by a visionary director and gifted scriptwriters could be just as successful for the studio and be well-received by Star Trek fans and general audiences.

  21. Isn’t that what Vic Mignogna and Farragut Films are trying to do with Starship Farragut and Star Trek Continues. Look at Farragut’s last episode written by Paul R. Sieber. That was a boring, bleak CV filler.

  22. Even after more than a decade, fans are still having a problem with the Star Wars prequels!

    Not to change the subject, but, what the hell is so bad about the prequels? I never had a problem with them, Jar Jar Binks, or anything else about them. Sure, I would have like to have seen Anakin’s dark side start to emerge in The Phantom Menace, or have Terence Stamp’s character have more screen time, or even Episode II’s subtite be The Clone Wars. But, really fans are making the prequels out to be something disasterous, like the Black Plague, itself.

    The Star Wars saga is George Lucas’s baby. He can do whatever the hell he wants to do with it.

  23. Rick Berman nearly ruined Star Trek. I would hardly qualify him as the right man.

  24. Probably not. And really, for all it’s flaws it was quite good. Now though, he has two major franchises to handle, with two very different styles (up until 2009). I think it would be bad, and lazy, if he were to approach them both the same way. And I do maintain that his more dynamic, action-favoring style is more suited to Star Wars than it is to Star Trek.

  25. Jar Jar Abrams ruined it. It’s paradoxical that he got the laurels. He had nothing to do with Star Trek before, he’s not really familiarized with it, nor does he personally appreciate it. And his writing team is mediocre at best. I’d take Rick Berman any time. He, of course, is done with Trek, but while he was there he tried to give his best to preserve the spirit of Gene Roddenberry’s Trek. Jar Jar managed to throw all that out of the airlock and even receive praise for it. Yeah, “alternate universe”, I know… Pft.

  26. No, not like Berman. But somebody who can work within the established framework that is the Star Trek Universe. James Kirk, for example, used to be a role model. He was somebody to respect and admire; somebody to emulate. He was the epitome of the idea that, if you work hard, you can accomplish anything. JJ’s Kirk is nothing more than a street kid that fell up; power came to him because of destiny, teaching us that life is a crapshoot and that fate has more to do with our successes and failures than effort or ability. Roddenberry, as a Humanist, would be aghast.

  27. With all of the negative comments, insults, vindictive criticisms, and other bad statements that have been directed toward J.J. Abrams since the release of the 2009 prequel reboot, I’m surprised Abrams hasn’t responded with the following symbol depicted in the picture below(i.e. read between the lines).

    You talk about him ruining Star Trek? Let us not forget that Rick Berman almost ruined it, nearly a decade past. Now it seems that the purists are starting to ruin it with their thrice daily swil toward the man who brought life back into it! Let alone the fools at Farragut Films and their corrupted business partners!

    Most illogical and undignified!

  28. I don’t believe your picture is a very good estimation of JJ’s deserved reaction. You totally missed the lens flare.

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