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Chris Doohan Trek Movie Appearance

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Christopher Doohan, son of the original series’ James Doohan, will have an appearance in Star Trek into Darkness.

According to SciFi Pulse, Doohan confirmed the news on his Facebook account.

“A big thank you to my pal Simon Pegg,” said Doohan. “This would not have happened without him.” Doohan appeared in 2009’s Star Trek alongside Pegg at the transporter.

Doohan is currently co-starring in the fan-made Farragut Film series Star Trek Continues.

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9 thoughts on “Chris Doohan Trek Movie Appearance

  1. Really looking forward to seeing Mr. Doohan in both productions.
    Now, cue the inevitable critiques of the fan film series from a certain poster in …1,2,3….

  2. Chris looks a lot like his dad in the picture with Simon Pegg above.

    As for the fan movies, anything done by the Trek fans with passion is OK by me.
    I’m not expecting anything professional grade so I’m never disappointed.
    I only wish that the H8ers would either make a better movie or keep their criticisms to themselves.

  3. When you have a toxic narcicisst like Vic Mignogna, a corrupt production company like Farragut Films run by redneck mentalities(John Broughton, Michael Bednar, and Dennis R. Bailey), a hotheaded, foul-tempered businessman like Alec Peters, and an egotistical actor-director-writer like Paul R. Sieber being involved in Star Trek fan films, you can only expect infighting, unprofessionalism, rudeness, disrespect, and utter chaos – which leads to the H8ers making criticisms( justifiable or not).






  4. Once again, Farragut Films has shown their ignorance and downright foolishness by pulling another childish and immature act.

    “I’m always amazed at a certain fan film production team up North and their inability to film something
    then never release it. This same set of folks have a few that love to bash our productions and the folks
    that bring them to life. I guess since they have nothing new on their own to present, they have to mention
    our productions to give their soapbox a cleaning. I would rather they quietly go their own way and leave us
    alone. If it doesn’t stop, I’m apt to put forth my experiences with them for the public to read.

    – Michael Bednar

    “Okay….does anyone else think it’s funny when someone who is NOT your friend, and therefore can NOT see your wall posts….starts bitching about them on his own wall…thus presenting his opinion of something he had spend a lot of energy to seek out and read without telling the person that posted said post and, of course, not allowing them to refute the opinion. Grow up and grow some already. Michael Bednar: I have a right to my own personal opinion, and I have the right to voice it on FaceBook. It doesn’t reflect on any one but me, and certinally not anyone I’ve worked for: including, but not limited to, Phase II, Good Shepherd Lutheran Home, Center for Human Development, ARC, Women’s Words, Westfield Evening News, Mystic Seaport, Tupperware, the Mystic Whaler, Wal Mart, all the Boards of Directors I did or currently serve on…and all
    the rest. I will not (and have not) delete or edit those posts. If you find amusement in stalking me on FaceBook and trolling my posts, then posting about me to amuse your friends (instead of reply to me), I will be sure to post something at least once a month to amuse you all. Though I have a busy, full life, I sure have a few minutes a month to amuse people. And, for those who didn’t get to see the post he is currently obsessed with, this is the post (below) that I made: I have read the script STC’s current episode is based on. I think it’s a lame premise, and I believe the hard-working cast and crew of STC deserves their work to be devoted to something worthy of all that hard work. There are a LOT of good writers and scripts out there and I hate seeing “new Trek” not living up to the fan’s intelligence. That’s my opinion. You all have a right to your own, and I sure would never argue with you posting them – nor would I think they reflect on MIT because you work for MIT.”

    – P2 production associate

    It never would have started, Michael, if you hadn’t made certain negative remarks about my friend. Remarks with words that go like ‘a sad shell of a woman, and mentally ill, and that she edits and deletes posts, that she is a demented troll, and,’ well…the same old shit.

    If nothing else, Michael Bednar is not only proving what many have accused him as(i.e. being a liar), he is most certainly ‘calling the kettle black’, and taking hypocriscy to an all new level. If not an all time high.

    My friend from P2 made some very valid and serious points in response to Bednar’s uncalled for post.

    Once again, Michael Bednar and the staff at Farragut Films have shown their true colors by not posting on my friend’s post in his rant. One of the many things I have noticed about Bednar and the staff at Farragut Films is that he censors what other people say in their own walls. If he were actually bothered by it, why did he not just post on my friend’s post?

    Or even better, to those who have witnessed the exchange, did any of you READ what she(my friend)posted?”

    Since he didn’t do that, the people responding have no idea as to what issue my friend was addressing.

    Obviously, Bednar is proving what has been said concerning the state of character that has been running Farragut Films for some time. Let alone how bad their reputation has been tarnished since Vic Mignogna became Farragut Films’s business partner right after the issue concerning ‘Kitumba’ and the illegal seizure of it, last year.

    Seriously, folks, anybody who says that the P2 people are jealous that Farragut Films is doing a better job, let alone the Farragut Films people being a class act and wanting to particpate in either the STC or SF production, is both sadly misinformed and a serious glutton for punishment. There are not that many who appreciate all that Team Farragut has done to further the lore of Star Trek.

    A class act. Maybe in the Farragut Films staff’s own demented minds.

    If anything, Team Farragut has proven they are like any other Washington, D.C. based facility. One that is managed by dishonesty, lying, and by your average crook. Someone the late Richard M. Nixon would have taken pride in. No wonder the District Of Columbia has become a fetid and festering sewer and pigmire populated by pernicious vermin who have no comprehension of honesty and integrity whatsoever.

    Harry S. Truman was right. If you want a friend in Washington, DC, go buy yourself a dog. At least the canine is a noble and honest creature.

    As one poster pointed out, nothing really derogatory was said about STC, it was pointed out that STC was using a rejected script from another production. That was all. Those things happen in life, and one rejection is another’s acceptance. There was really no need to start a flame war.

    Michael Bednar would also go so far as to state this to another poster: “When I read it, I was just amazed at how far she goes to start something like this. You are right. If both parties went there separate ways, none of this would happen. Lord knows we have tried.”

    It seems to me that the only thing that Farragut Films has tried to do is release erroneous and less than truthful information, call the kettle black, and act with hypocriscy,

    What amazes me, Michael, is how far Farragut Films is willing to stoop, just to release a Star Trek episode. By allying yourselves with a controversial skunk and his actions, you have certainly proven your true colors and that has put both Farragut Films and your business partners in a very bad light. I’m still amazed that one of Farragut Films business partners/sponsors didn’t pull out after that Kitumba ordeal. I certainly would have. U.S.S. Farragut is definitely NOT crewed by fine folks who know better than to let a toxic narcicisst tarnish their reputation. They have already done it to themselves. Especially after knowing how controversial and unethical their business partner is.

    While some may think that Farragut at its core is a happy bunch of folks that are making Star Trek because they love it, they are just a bunch of folks with high school clique-like mentalities who believe that certain people are ‘beneath them’. I would hardly call that as having a blast making Star Trek or having their work standing on its own merit.

    Both Starship Farragut and Star Trek Continues, for lack of a better description, is bad fan film making, period. The darkness that steps up to try and bring down other fans film-making to a *Non-productive level*

    It take TWO to cause a misunderstanding and those that hear only one side should not make pre-determined judgements.

    Farragut Films has a very bad habit of creating and committing such latter atrocities and this is one of them.

    Stick with Star Trek – Phase 2. The BEST and ONLY THE BEST in Star Trek fan films. One that has professional cinema/television experience. Most of all, one that continues to uphold the legacy, morals, honesty, integrity, professionalism, and ethics of the late Gene Roddenberry’s original space odyssey. Noble qualities that will last into the 23rd Century and Beyond!

  5. When Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country had made its debut in the cinemas more than
    two decades past, me and an old friend of mine(as well as a fellow Star Trek fan)had written
    a Star Trek fan fic concerning the ressurection and return of Apollo. While this story was
    set in between the events of Star Trek V – The Final Frontier and the aforementioned Star Trek VI,
    it was still a Star Trek adventure that me and my old high school friend enjoyed writing. We
    were both lucky enough to expand the story of Apollo’s return into a trilogy and have that said
    trilogy published in a local Star Trek fanzine.

    Fast forward ten years later to the Star Trek – New Frontier novels. In the novels ‘Being Human’
    and ‘Gods Above’, Apollo’s legacy continues with his grandson no less. Apparently(and originally
    planned as the ending for the classic STar Trek second season episode ‘Who Mourns for Adonais?’),
    Carolyn Palamas became pregnant with Apollo’s child. In these two novels, Apollo’s twin sister
    Artemis gives the New frontier characters quite a bit of trouble.

    Now, Apollo has returned to the Star Trek realm. But the sadly in an episode produced by a bunch
    of liars, crooks, and thieves. One of which, who gives a very unconvincing performance as Captain
    James Tiberius Kirk, himself.

    It’s a shame this episode was rejected by the Phase 2 production team. It had the potential to be
    something good and wonderful. Personally, I would have liked to have seen ‘Pilgrim Of Eternity’
    (after being heavily re-written)produced as a Phase 2 adventure instead of as the premiere episode
    of this steaming pile of cow droppings. I can understand why this episode was rejected and sent to
    the slush pile(the place of rejected script ideas that has become the only source of filmed episodes,
    since no writer wants to work with Mignogna and the Farragut Films staff).

    It really boggles the mind as to why John and Tonya Broughton, Michael Bednar, Matt Bucy, Kasey Shaefsky,
    Dennis Bailey, and the Farragut Films staff would partner themselves with someone who has utterly tarnished,
    ruined, and decimated whatever credibility and reputation Farragut Films has. Especially after Mignogna’s
    unauthorized release of the Phase 2 episode ‘Kitumba’. An incident that made fan headlines last year and
    certainly did not help matters much for the Washington D.C. based film company. In fact, it pretty much
    was the final nail in their proverbial photon burial tube.

    In the premiere of Star Trek – Continues, we are witness to what could have been a decent sequel to ‘Who
    Mourns For Adonais?'(an episode I once considered a personal favorite). Apollo returns to wreak havoc on
    Kirk and the Enterprise in the first episode of this new series. Michael Forest(who originally played the
    Greek god of light and purity)reprises his role from the 1967 episode.

    While there are some interesting moments in this episode(i.e. Kirk getting struck down(again)by Apollo, Uhura
    being fatally electrocuted by an energy discharge, Apollo’s speech in the recreation center, and Scotty’s
    resentment toward Apollo after the events from ‘Who Mourns For Adonais?’, and the exchange between Dr. Elise
    McKenna and Apollo about Carolyn Palamas’ fate), the rest of the episode seems more like a recycling and re-
    tooling of a NG episode that involved another god-like entity losing his powers. While it was wonderful to
    see Apollo and the Enterprise crew(especially Scotty)make their peace, and watch the Greco-Roman deity start a
    new life(after learning something that the Olympian gods did not know before), it was not an impressive

    If anything, it was a reminder of the dark side of Star Trek fandom taking physical form.

    Like I said before about Vic Mignogna. Not only has he been branded as a toxic narcicisst, liar(a trait that he and
    Michael Bednar obviously share), thief, crook, manipulator, and other rotten things by many, his performance as the
    heroic Jim Kirk is nothing more than a belch from a bad onion. Or in this case the foul stench of someone passing
    methane gas after eating spicy Italian food. Seriously, he doesn’t even have the voice for such a strong, heroic lead.

    William Shatner, James Cawley, Christopher Pine, and Brian J. Gross certainly
    give better performances as James Kirk than this slab of rotten Fisher’s Ham(i.e. Mignogna).

    It’s no secret within Star Trek fan film circles that Mignogna has a very controversial and very
    bad reputation. It is also no secret that he had tried and thankfully failed in his attempt to take
    over the entire Star Trek – New Voyages/Phase II production. The aftermath of that attempt led to
    Mignogna and the Farragut Films staff(the Starship Farragut team)stealing newly constructed sets for
    the Starship Ajax production and going back on their promise to help the Ajax team with their film
    (mostly because Mignogna and the Farragut Films staff lost out on obtaining the bridge set from the
    now defunct Starship Exeter production).

    What it boils down to is this. Star Trek Continues is nothing more than Vic Mignogna’s attempt at
    petty revenge and personal spite against the hardworking, professional staff on the Star Trek – Phase 2
    production and his constant pulling of new antics pulling over and over in his single minded obsession
    to destroy “friends” and the project he could not take over.

    And that is only scratching the surface and putting a gloss on this situation.

    It’s no secret that the glamour of filmmaking can have its elevations and pitfulls. However, when it
    comes to a fan film organization going into a partnership with a washed up Anime voiceover artist who
    has a very bad reputation….well, all I can say is this. The Devil and Daniel Webster have been given
    a new meaning. And a very toxic one at that!

    Todd Haberkorn’s performance as Spock was certainly dull, dry, and regretfully one-dimensional. If anything, he could
    have learned a few things or more from Leonard Nimoy, Zachary Quinto, and Brandon Stacey. Those aforementioned three
    gave better performances as our favorite and beloved Vulcan. Haberkorn would have been better off in a different role.
    Maybe he could play Hikaru Sulu, again. Who knows?

    Wyatt Lenart’s performance as every Star Trek fans favorite nationalistic Russian navigator, Pavel Chekov, was not all
    that great, either. For starters, his eye color was all wrong(Chekov was brown-eyed, NOT blue-eyed). Second, his Russian
    accent just was not convincing enough. Lenart, for all intenets and purposes, was seriously miscast. Better luck next
    time, Wyatt. Walter Koenig, Anton Yelchin, and Jonathan Zungre are the better versions of Pavel Andreivich Chekov.

    Larry Nemecek did the best that he could as Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy. Unfortunately, his weakness in his performance was
    the lack of a mild Southern accent(which the late DeForest Kelley wonderfully displayed)and the strong one-liners that were
    brilliantly conveyed by Karl Urban in the two Star Trek prequel/reboots. Larry’s greatest strengths are that of being a
    writer and a columnist concerning Star Trek. Sadly, acting is not one of them.

    Kim Stinger’s performance as Nyota Uhura was better suited when she played the same role on Star Trek – New Voyages/Phase II.
    Especially when it comes to her singing voice. One wonders how much she was paid in silver to jump ship over to a production
    that she knew that would bring her some serious controversy. Judas would have obviously approved.

    Christopher Doohan is probably the only shining light in this production. Sadly, it is a shining light that has severly faded
    by being part of this demented ‘French Farce’ of a Star Trek fan film. While he certainly recaptures the qualities of Montgomery
    Scott(who was played brilliantly by his late father and honored World War II veteran, James Doohan), it doesn’t help matters much
    that he is associated with a group of people who have a bad reputation in many fan circles. His talents are regretfully wasted in
    this less than productive endeavor. Frankly, his talents would be put to much better usage in either Star Trek – Phase 2 or the
    J.J. Abrams films(for which he has clearly demonstrated).

    Michelle Specht’s performance as Dr. Elise McKenna is clear statement as to why she is even in the film. While she is a very lovely
    woman and an actress who seems to display some talent, her only reason for being there is just to be a symbol of nepotism. Being
    Vic Mignogna’s soon to be wife, her role as a ship’s counselor(a rank and position that did not start until the NG era some twenty-
    five years past)is merely window dressing. The only time we see something dimensional out of her is during her interactions with
    Apollo, Jim Kirk(in a scene that was less than watchable – Kirk had his shirt off), and becoming overly emotional when she tried to
    use a phaser on Apollo. I can see why Michelle is with someone like Mignogna. Similar mentalities and personalities think and act
    alike. If not relate well.

    I seem to recall that the name Elise McKenna was the name of the 19th Century stage actress played by British thespian Jane Seymour in
    the 1980 time travel fantasy ‘Somewhere In Time’. Not only do we know where the entire sets from Star Trek Continues was taken from, we
    now know where Mignogna hijacked the name for Michelle’s character from. Unoriginality indeed!

    The bottom line is this. Pilgrim Of Eternity could have had potential had it been in the right professional hands. Sadly, it was not
    meant to happen. As a result, this piece of burnt celluloid refuse has become an eyesore that makes the bad points of Star Trek Into
    Darkness look pale in comparison.

    Not even Jamie Bamber’s cameo(Apollo from the useless Battlestar Galactica remake – interesting Apollo connection, there)as the ill-fated
    Crewman Simone helps the episode, either. It was probably for the better that his role was only a cameo and left at that.

    And what is with the ‘Spectre Of The Gun’ or Paladin homage at the beginning of the episode, anyway? Doug Drexler wastes his very productive
    artistic talents in that beginning segment.

    The real downer of all, is Michael Forest’s participation in this piece of dreck. While it was cool to see Michael return in the role as a
    much older and wiser Apollo, costume, laurel leaves, and all,(especially his wife Diana Hale as the Greek Goddess Athena), and his explanation
    of the relation between the Olympian gods and the phenomenon called the Realm, his stage talents are not entirely put to full use. Sadly,
    Michael Forest has not aged well in the forty five some odd years since he appeared on Star Trek. At times, he looks like(at some points)an older
    Charlton Heston or Yul Brynner, physically. It would have been preferable if he had appeared on Phase 2.

    Those who have worked on this madman’s production have certainly fallen under the category of ‘Guilty By Association’. Or to quote Star Trek fan’s
    post from a year past. “The folks at Farragut Films are in bed with a skunk. And the stink is going to stick with them.”

    Spare yourself this menace to the Star Trek fan society and stick with Star Trek-New Voyages/Phase 2. The ONLY Star Trek fan film with professional
    experience in cinema/television production, acting, SFX, and quality artistic craftmanship and integrity. Or even the original series and the first
    six movies. Better entertainment and drama in those two areas than this pile of refuse.

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