July 16 2024


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Cumberbatch In Talks To Play Code Breaker

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Star Trek into Darkness actor Benedict Cumberbatch is in talks to play an English mathematician.

If Cumberbatch does sign the deal, he would take on the role of Alan Turing in The Imitation Game.

Turing was a mathematician and a genius who worked at Bletchley Park, where codebreakers worked to decrypt ciphers and codes including the German “Enigma Code” during World War II. He is considered to be the founder of computer science.

In 1952, Turing, who was gay, was arrested for homosexuality, which was then a criminal offense in the UK. To avoid prison, he accepted chemical castration, but the entire ordeal led to his suicide in 1954.

The Imitation Game will be directed by Morten Tyldum.

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  1. Good. This is a story that really needs to be told. Turing’s homosexuality was studiously ignored so long as the war was on and he was useful to the establishment. Afterward, he was made an example of under Britain’s inhumane and medieval sodomy laws, for being too honest and too open about being gay.

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