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Star Trek Into Darkness First Look Featurette

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A short featurette has been released promoting Star Trek into Darkness, with comments by J.J. Abrams, Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine and Zoë Saldana.

Abrams explained what he wanted to accomplish with the sequel to 2009’s Star Trek. “The goal for this movie was definitely to up the ante as much as we could,” he said. “There are a lot of characters that people are anticipating seeing. Kirk and Spock, Bones, Scotty, Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu.”

“I am more excited than I can tell you,” said Abrams. “The action in this movie, the scale of the movie is light years beyond what we did in the first movie.”

“It was pretty magical to see what they were able to create this time,” said Quinto. “I think it’s stunningly beautiful.

“The word I keep coming back to is just ‘relentless,” said Pine. “It’s one thing after another, after another, after another.”

“This is the kind of film that 3D was made for,” said Saldana. Abrams concurred, saying that “Without question, the IMAX and the 3D I think will give viewers yet another level of excitement.”

“This movie was the most fun and challenging experience that I’ve had,” said Abrams. “This is like everything I’ve ever done wrapped in one movie.

Star Trek into Darkness releases at select IMAX theaters on May 15 and in theaters May 17.

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16 thoughts on “Star Trek Into Darkness First Look Featurette

  1. A “featurette” is more than this. I know what a featurette is, and it isn’t this. Old news, old clips, too short. And the cuts are way too quick – because, of course, it’s too short to be a featurette. “Go see the more expensive showings (Imax, 3D, blah, blah) hype. It’s an ad. I’m underwhelmed.

  2. This movie looks so different than anything Star Trek has
    done before, and I can’t wait to see a darker side to the franchise. It will
    really give the fans another view of the characters, and I can’t wait to find
    out more about this villain. I am so glad that during the wait to see this, I
    can watch everything Star Trek using Blockbuster @Home from DISH. It helps that
    it’s so easy to update my cue with my busy work schedule at DISH. I also love
    how quickly my movies are delivered in the mail, giving me a chance to relax
    after a long day. If I forget to send back a movie, I love not having to worry
    with the option of in store exchanges. This film seems like it is going to be
    incredible, and I can’t wait to see what this villain has planned for the Enterprise.

  3. Gene Roddenberry must be spin at warp speed in his grave.
    Star Trek was never designed to be a hell-for-leather action series or movie and plainly as there are many similar stories across several different kinds of TV or movie genre. I’m got a bad feeling this movie won’t satisfy the basic premises of Trek, and I’m likely might be heading for a big disappointment. (Hope I’m wrong.)

  4. This is definitely going to be more darker, violent, explosive, and brutal than any Star Trek film ever shown.

    In a few words, it is going to go where no Star Trek film has ever gone before(no pun intended)or dared to go.

  5. Yes… but will it do it well, or will it shuck everything Star Trek in the process?
    These are the kinds of questions that give me bumps on my head.

  6. Blink blink… are you by any chance receiving payouts from Dish for all your efforts shilling for them?
    I’m glad you are pleased with how quickly your movies arrive in the mail. I myself am tickled at being able to watch all of the Trek series to date instantly on my Netflix.

  7. I love reading all this on my © 2013 Dell ™ workstation running © 2013 Microsoft Windows ™ operating system. And I watch all my disks on an © 2013 Oppo ™ Blu-ray player and online downloads. © 2013 DISH ™ sucks. © 2013 Blockbuster ™ is quickly vanishing out of existence. The © 2013 USPS (tm?) is slowly disintegrating, so don’t count on the mail for too much longer, especially Saturday mail. © 2013 Netflix ™ screwed the pooch with that screw-the-viewer debacle a couple of years ago. Shills have it so much harder these days.

  8. Those are some very good questions. Hopefully, the powers that be at Paramount have played their cards right and not made the same mistakes that the previous administration had made.

    We’ll know the answers in two months.

  9. The days of video rental are certainly coming to an end. Pretty soon, all Blockbusters will be gone. Times are definitely changing.

  10. It would be helpful if you demonstrated a knowledge of what those mistakes were, or could be, to understand your post better. Care to elaborate?

  11. Yes. Rick Berman and the administration taking way too many trips to the well with the Star Trek franchise(i.e. DS9, Voyager,a dn Enterprise). The recycling of the same old storylines used before, over and over again. Poor writing on the parts of Brannon Braga and Ronald Moore. The problems of continuity established and mishandled during the production of Enterprise. Shall I go on?

  12. Please, I think you should.

    One of my complaints – okay, two – is not listening to what the audience wanted or valued and pissing like dogs on the franchise to forever leave their stink by snuffing characters (Kirk, Data, Picard’s family) on a whim and for personal glory or cheap thrills in the name of drama – not for the good of the story or the franchise. What they did to Picard’s family, burning them to death in a fire, just to give Soran a quote was utterly unforgivable, completely trashing the memory and enjoyment of Family, one of the favorite episodes of Next Generation. It was like how they snuffed Newt and Hicks in Alien 3. Meaningless.

  13. Kind of how Abrams decided to turn Spock into an intergalactic orphan through the destruction of Vulcan. Now he’s painted himself into a corner – how can he top that? I foresee an endless series of ‘splosions, blowing things up “real good”, accompanied by his infamous lens flares. Talk about meaningless…

    I would gladly send him off to play in his Star Wars universe and let someone truly visionary helm Star Trek.

  14. About as meaningless as the destruction of the Enterprise-D(ten years after the original Enterprise went up in smoke in Star Trek III). Especially where DS9 was ripping off of Babylon 5. Other than that, I think you covered the rest.

  15. It’s amazing, but I agree with you. It was a terrible thing to do and it left poor Picard with nothing – just to give the line to a boring forgettable villain.

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