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Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl Ad

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A new movie trailer for Star Trek into Darkness debuted last night during the Super Bowl, showing several new items.

The ad shows that those on board the Enterprise may be in for a rough ride.

The new Trek ad opens in London, with the flag of the Federation and two Union Jacks flying over a building. Above, two small ships of some sort are hovering above the area.

The new elements include: an explosion in a large ship storage bay, another one in the middle of London (related to the storage bay?), the USS Enterprise 1701 sustaining major damage that would appear to destroy the ship, and what appears to be a ship crashing into a building.

Additional conversation between John Harrison and James T. Kirk will have the Khan rumors flying again. “I am better,” Harrison tells Kirk.

“At what?” asks Kirk.

“At everything,” replies Harrison.

The trailer can be seen here. Choose “view trailers,” then “big game ad.”

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15 thoughts on “Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl Ad

  1. You mean in the Old Abandoned Timeline? I’m sure they don’t care. This is hipper, edgier, darker and grittier!

  2. When I first saw that bit, I applauded. Death to the overdesigned curly-shell-cockthrust piece of shit. Redesign it from scratch, and use a designer who knows what an Enterprise should fucking well look like.

    And bring me the head of Ryan Church while you’re at it. I missed lunch and am a bit peckish.

  3. Jar Jar doesn’t care, of course, but millions of fans do care and the original Trek will never be abandoned for some fake alternate version which is intended for popcorn mass consumption anyway.

  4. Why do you use the word popcorn as an insult you Trekkie need who couldn’t get laid if he was the last man on Earth …

  5. Once again, the demented insults and points of view toward J.J. Abrams never cease to amaze me. No wonder there are so many feuding factions in Star Trek fandom.

  6. Demented? I think that’s the department of someone who thinks that ANY critism of ANY element of Star Trek 2009 is equivalent to: A. Insulting J.J. Abrams, and B. Rabidly supporting a certain fan film series.

    Note that no one in this thread so far has even mentioned Abrams; they have simply given their opinion on the ship design. Hell, I would criticize this design if it was concocted by the Great Bird of the Galaxy himself. The ship’s design and its construction on Earth amidst the cornfields (and a massive quarry!) in the middle of Iowa are elements of the film which I honestly consider demented.

  7. I disagree with his sentiments but I suppose that he meant to type “nerd” instead of “need”. As an aside, I don’t mind the consumption of mass quantities of popcorn as long as what I’m watching doesn’t make me want to upchuck said consumption (or throw it at the screen).

  8. You mistake my intentions, sir. JJ didn’t design that blenderized turd, nor did he decide to embiggen it to ridiculous proportions. My loathing here is directed solely at the ship, which looks nothing at all like ANY of the other ships, stations, or technology in the film. It’s a calculated blending of elements from different ships, dumped into a Cuisinart and then farted onto the screen. A number of the parts do look good in closeup, but when you pull out and view the overall design, it’s a clusterfuck. I place the blame solely on Ryan Church, the underwhelming cookie-cutter by-the-numbers commercial-arts grad who brought you many of the bland, uninspired, incompatible, silly designs in the Star Wars prequels. If JJ has decided to scrap the festering dog scrotum and have someone with experience, or at least talent redesign it from scratch, I am all for it.

  9. Starship Farragut and Star Trek Continues would qualify for the descriptions of blenderized turd and clusterfuck. Especially with the idea of the latter having a ship’s counselor named after Jane Seymour’s character in Somewhere In Time(no doubt the name for Michele Specht’s character, like everything else for STC, was stolen). Let alone the position of said counselor used a century early before it was established in TNG. I’d say that is a real calculated blending of elements dumped into a Cuisinart and then farted onto the internet.

    All that aside, I wasn’t too pleased with the design of the Enterprise, myself. Neverthless, that did not stop me from enjoying the 2009 film.

  10. Nevertheless, it was an indirect insult at Abrams. One used through the creative tracking of cleverly disguised insults.

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