February 28 2024


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Wheaton Super Bowl Ad Now Online

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The new Lincoln Motor Company car ad commercial in which Wil Wheaton has a part is now online.

The ad also features hip-hop artist Rev Run and the NFL’s Emmitt Smit.

Part of the ad was filmed at the Vasquez Rocks site, a familiar place to fans of the original series. “Vasquez Rocks — or, as I like to call it, Every Planet Ever In The History Of The Star Trek Universe And Most Sci-Fi Movies From The Fifties — has an incredibly rich film history,” said Wheaton.

Four original series episodes were filmed at Vasquez Rocks (Arena, Shore Leave, Friday’s Child, and The Alternative Factor), as well as several shows from TNG, Voyager, Enterprise, and two of the Star Trek movies.

Wheaton is directing a sci-fi movie in the ad, and a Lincoln car “drives through a movie set in Palmdale, ruining the best performance of an alien ever.”

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5 thoughts on “Wheaton Super Bowl Ad Now Online

  1. This is what they’ve been hyping???? Wow… what a blown opportunity… And this tweet nonsense… why didn’t they just say that when they teased us with Wil Wheaton and Vasquez Rocks…

  2. Darn, I blinked and missed Wheaton… LOL!
    Not much of a role… the rocks at Vasquez had more screen time!

  3. Lincoln Motor Company is getting awfully desperate if they can’t think of anything better than a jumbled narrative composed of Tweets from the public and a mention of Jimmy Fallon’s name. What exactly does this have to do with building fine American luxury automobiles? The answer would have to be clear, concise, and specific—they spend north of 4 million dollars on this, remember.

    Who would even really get the brief Wheaton appearance? Is the under-35 crew who watches that closely and is familiar with sci-fi nerddom really the target audience for the Lincoln Motor Company?

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