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Best Of Both Worlds Trailer

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NCM Fathom Events has released a short trailer for the theater showing of Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s The Best of Both Worlds.

The Best of Both Worlds will be shown in more than five hundred theaters on April 25 at 7 PM.

The screening will include the double episode (two hours in length), as well as part of a special feature to be included on the Blu-ray release, “Regeneration: Engaging the Borg,” and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the episode.

The Best of Both Worlds event is in honor of the April 30 Blu-ray release of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Three.


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20 thoughts on “Best Of Both Worlds Trailer

  1. Sounds good, but doesn’t even mention what country.

    Clicking the link, it’s the equally helpful “nationwide”. What nation?

    Must be American. Why do Americans think only Americans read the internet?

  2. Star Trek is an American production, Fathom Events is an entity based in America, and I believe the listed Blu-ray release date applies to the USA. In short, perhaps they rather assumed readers would be smart enough to figure out which nation they referred to from these “clues.”

  3. Gosh the colours in this production are fantastic. Bright and bold. Even the sound is great. They make the original when shown look quite outdated!

    As for the commenter’s America quips below, it is clearly obvious that the film and television studios don’t see or understand their markets, nor even willing to negotiate with others to show interesting features to non-US audiences. US movie and television are ultimately damaging its reputation as being a greedy, narrow-minded and self-absorbed place, which is generating negative views worldwide. More and more people are becoming less interested in American created products, and in the long term, will start damaging the already debt-ridden US economy even more.

    As I said before, agreements with other countries should stand firm in their trade negotiations, and all countries, corporations and transnational corporations, should be strictly enforced to do so fairly and equity in access – and not siphon off excessive profits price gouging on nothing less than nationalistic jingoism. Any ‘trade war’ means we all lose – American and foreigner alike! (Lessons in Star Trek teaches us the exact opposite, BTW. )

  4. Just as a general comment, if you guys want me to pick an English speaking country per month to go after, I can. Quit the American bashing, assholes. You aren’t doing yourselves, this site, or the Star Trek community as a whole any favors with this stupidity. Keep it up and we can have a full discussion about the ills of the English speaking world.

    I’d rather talk about Star Trek.

  5. We will “quit the American bashing”, when your own country agrees to stop acting like come spoilt superior and privileged people. Most English speaking countries have some respect for those who are aren’t imposing their will or power on others. Such clear obfuscation, as your statements here, when facing some obvious truth just reinforces the whole point. IMO, most comments here reflect the true reality of the experiences outside the US. Threats, blatant lying, stupidity, or just sweeping it under the carpet doesn’t make it go away.

    As for the repeated swearing just to put people down, really reflects more on you than anything else. Behave like trash, and you’ll get treated like trash. Just saying.

  6. Ha ha ha. yes. That well known “Fathom events” – well known for being in… wait, never even heard of them. And I know all the US Blu-ray dates off by heart, so yeah that was also a clue.

  7. You did a great job of talking about Trek there. Well done for changing the topic.

  8. I know it wouldn’t work necessarily as two parts in the cinema, but I really don’t like these episodes joined together. I had the VHS where they were joined together – and quite frankly that music at the end of the episode where it says ‘to be continued’ is just so iconic and part of the excitement – the episode doesn’t feel the same when he says fire and it goes straight to the firing.

  9. I agree with you on this, but I see in a different way.

    I would have been nicer if they added to this and made it a full blown movie. What I’d add would be a prologue summary with the first encounter with the Borg, with Picard’s voice (Patrick Stewart) reflect something of humans being concerned from now to the time of finding Borg talking about machines and the possibility of them surpassing or using us for their own purposes. I would then show the episodes again, but would add an extended version of the desperate battle scene at Wolf 359 with new CGI and even the parts in seen in the first episodes of DS9. To add more effect, you could also show another Star Fleet vessel whose personal assimilated, the deaths of some, and even something about how some of them eventually escaped with the Borg to the Delta Quadrant.

    I would remove some of the unnecessary material in the end of Best of Both Worlds Part II

    I would then end with the Enterprise returning to space dock for it with a reflective more on experience of Picard from the next episode “Family”, which some consider as the unofficial third installment of the Borg trilogy, finishing with the brilliant lines with his brother;

    Jean-Luc Picard. “You don’t know, Robert, you don’t know. They took everything I was. They used me to kill and to destroy, and I couldn’t stop them! I should have been able to stop them! I tried. I tried so hard. But I wasn’t strong enough! I wasn’t good enough! I should have been able to stop them. I should, I should.”

    Robert “So, my brother is a human being after all. This is going to be with you a long time, Jean-Luc. A long time.”

    If they did something special like this, it would be something Trek and non-Trek people be interested in seeing it, and as the cost would be minimal, it would make a perfect platform to re-release the updated Blu-Ray series and take nothing away from the Next Generation Series. In all it would make something that would even rival all the other Trek movies. If they wanted to generate monies for another Star Trek TV series, the profits could all go to that series, or in upgrading Voyager and DS9 into Blu-Ray format.

    Also as the Battle of Wolf 394 is so pivotal to DS9 and Voyager, it would add the significant moments that went towards all the spin offs and were not shown. (My favourite Voyager episode is “Unity”, being some Borg that were taken at the same battle, assimilated and ending up in the Delta Quadrant. It has the brilliant memory dream sequence by Chakotay of the experiences of the unassimilated humans.)

    Anyway, that’s what I think.

  10. I sense a wonderful opportunity for a fan edit. Would that I had time…

  11. Would not matter. Kang is barred from the Qo’noS multiplex for life after that little incident with the usherettes and the hot buttered popcorn with extra extra butter.

  12. It was not worth the ticket. The episode was shown in 4:3 aspect, using about half the screen, and it was exactly the length of the two episodes; no new footage. And the sountrack sounded like it was coming through a TV speaker. If they were going to digitally remaster it, they could have at least gone for wide-screen! I can watch Voyager in letterbox over Netflix… Poor effort, CBS.

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