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Saldana: Uhura-Spock

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Zoë Saldana spoke briefly recently about Uhura and Spock’s relationship in Star Trek into Darkness.

Since the destruction of Vulcan in Star Trek (2009), fans have wondered how that would affect the relationship between the two characters, but according to Saldana, there are other things happening that impact the couple.

“They’re figuring things out” said Saldana. “They’re definitely together, you know, because they work together on the Enterprise, and there’s so much that’s going on this time around with their situation as a crew, as the Enterprise, that it definitely is going to add a little stress to their relationship.”

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8 thoughts on “Saldana: Uhura-Spock

  1. And I think you’re an idiot. Thinking does not make it so.

    Well… except in your case.

    As for the characters:
    What little romance there has been between Uhura and any other characters has all been pretty hetero.
    I should probably mention that Spock did bang the shit out of Zarabeth in “All Our Yesterdays” and Leila Whatserface in “This Side of Paradise”.

    If this is a lame attempt at a dig at the actors, well, Zoe Saldana’s straight, and Zach Quinto’s a flaming queen and proud of it. So what does that matter in this case? Quinto plays a damn good Spock, and gay or not, he has good onscreen chemistry with Zoe.

    On a parting note, I’ll just point out that IDIC is not just a tenet of Surak’s philosophy, it’s also a core concept in Star Trek: Infinite diversity in infinite combinations.
    Then I’ll cordially invite you to get bent.

  2. It was a dig at the commentators of Trek rather than these fictional characters.
    I.e. Spock and Uhura were never married in any series, which to some means they must of been gay.

  3. Leila Kalomi is the name of the character that was in This Side Of Paradise.

  4. Um. I owe you an apology. Your comment was too subtle to penetrate my overly thick skull. I shall now wear the hat of ass.

  5. Sorry Kang, despite his attempt at clarification, I must admit that I remain totally clueless regarding the meaning and/or intent of SJStar’s original comment. Would borrowing your hat help???

  6. I was actually obliquely referring mostly to some of the comments by Ms. Michelle here on the DS9 series…
    i’m probably an ass for being too subtle… 🙂

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