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Star Trek After Darkness

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Star Trek into Darkness has not yet debuted, but thoughts have turned to what will follow the movie.

IDW Publishing will answer that question on May 29.

Two weeks after Star Trek into Darkness opens, IDW Publishing will unveil Star Trek after Darkness, a new comic book sequel to the movie.

Star Trek after Darkness will be written by Mike Johnson and overseen by Roberto Orci, and will be considered canon.

The story will run from issues #21-23 of the ongoing Star Trek comic book series.

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17 thoughts on “Star Trek After Darkness

  1. So this is not a sexy, late-night Star Trek TV series? Not low, throaty chat while Pavel Chekhov sips cognac with Uhura? Oh my…

  2. “And will be considered canon” by whom, exactly? There’s an existing definition of “canon” that doesn’t admit comics.

  3. Beat me to it. 😉

    By whom? Well, duh, by JJ Abrams and Roberto Orci because their ST is the only one that will matter in the end days…if they believe their own hype.

  4. So canon now doesn’t mean what it does before, but is instead an arbitrary label that can be applied at the whims of the film writers?

  5. It looks like, for the purposes of JJ-Trek, it is whatever Orci and Kurtzman deem Canon

  6. I hate to break this to you, but canon means exactly what it did before: what the current production team chooses to put into the official productions. Canon isn’t typically decided on after the fact, except in the case of Yesteryear (TAS was never intended to be canon since it was constrained by the childrens’ cartoon format), and ST 5, which is a great horrid stinking pile of shit.
    If anything, K&O (those knuckleheads) have expanded canon beyond what appears on the screen with the 2 Countdown series (containing all the backstory and exposition that they just couldn’t work into the actual script for whatever reason), and now this coda series, which likely contains all the things they forgot to put on the screen in the first place. I can’t think offhand of any other non-screen (TV or movie) products that were accepted as canon.

    (Kang apologizes for Kang’s love of rambling run-on sentences, and Kang’s propensity to speak of Kang in the third person.)

  7. Indeed. Reading skills are your friends, I don’t see why so many people seem to fear them.

  8. I applied my reading skills to the following:

    Roberto Orci: “Well I always say that I arrived in Star Trek where the rules of what is canon had already been established.”

  9. Sigh… English is a nuanced language, but it’s not impossible…

    Look, I don’t like O&K as a writing team, particularly. However, what has been said and done here is entirely internally consistent. Yes, you quoted Orci as saying that canon was canon and that canon is still canon. That has no bearing on things going forward. Was STX canon before STX was made? No… it didn’t exist. Were these comics canon before they existed? No… same thing… before things exist, shocking, they don’t actually exist. As such, for him to say that the canon as established was the canon, as established, isn’t exactly breaking news. The only way to violate that is to somehow make other things that WEREN’T previously canon into that. Has he made TAS canon? Nope. Did the pocket books line suddenly become canon? Not last I checked… So, in English, we would conclude that Orci hasn’t changed anything with respect to what was canon, but that, by the nature of a linear time stream, has no constraints or bearing on future production… i.e. this. Nowhere has it ever been stated that Star Trek comic books cannot be canon… simply that they haven’t been. Well… that doesn’t seem to confuse me, why does it confuse you? As Star Trek fans, I somewhat expect us to be a little sharper than this, to be honest.

  10. You think your canon is safe? It’s an illusion, a comforting lie told to protect you. Enjoy these final moments of peace, for JJ & crew have returned to have their vengeance…

  11. Like Dennis Bailey’s tiresome claims that Harrison is Khan(for which he is NOT), these constant ‘purist’ attacks against J.J. Abrams has also gotten old. Leave the man and his associates be. They brought life back into Star Trek. How about thanking him instead of slamming on him?

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