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Abrams: Star Trek Maybe

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Don’t count out J.J. Abrams when it comes to directing the next Star Trek movie.

When news broke that Abrams was going to direct the next Star Wars movie, it was logical to assume that he would not be able to do both that and the third rebooted Trek movie, but that might not be the case.

“I would say (directing the next Trek movie) is a possibility,” said Abrams. “We’re trying to figure out the next step. But it’s like anything: It all begins with the story.”

And Abrams doesn’t think that the well of Star Trek stories has dried up yet. “Well, I haven’t seen every episode of every version of every Star Trek series, but I’m sure there are many more places to go,” he said. “What’s great about doing another origin story is that it’s all about anticipating the Star Trek world we know is to come. You can play with who Spock and Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise were before they were Spock and Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise. It’s a kind of tease.”

In Star Trek into Darkness, the word is “testing.” “We’re testing these characters in ways they deserve to be tested,” said Abrams. “Kirk being cocky to a fault, Spock being so Vulcan that it raises the question of how he can possibly be a friend or lover when he’s that unemotional.”

The Spock-Uhura relationship is explored further in Star Trek into Darkness. “Part of the fun of our first movie was playing with the idea that Uhura and Spock were a couple,” said Abrams. “This movie takes that further and asks how that’s possible. Why would she be interested in that kind of guy, and why would she put up with him? It’s obvious what he would like about her.”

Although Abrams was more of a Star Wars fan, he “gets” Star Trek. “The key in everything we did was to embrace the spirit with which Star Trek was approached in the 1960s,” he said, including the sexiness that was a part of the original series. “Star Trek has to be sexy. That’s in keeping with the original spirit of the series. In the 1960s they were limited because of the time, but so much was insinuated.

“Hey, it wouldn’t be Star Trek if there weren’t some hot young actors, women and men, in various moments of either undress or flirtation.”

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3 thoughts on “Abrams: Star Trek Maybe

  1. Dear gosh, I really want him to be done. Go play with Star Wars JJ and leave Star Trek to Trekkers! Oh ya, and take your (fake)Trek fans with you! We all know they are really Star Wars fans, let’s not try to kid ourselves here!

  2. Star Trek 2013 will certainly be a hit. 2009 Star Trek was a huge box office hit. Nemesis was boring and idiotic. Star Trek 9 looked and felt like a nice TV episode. Star Trek 8 was the last good cinematic movie before Abrams versions. The last one that had the potential to appeal to other people, not just fans.

    So what terrible thing did Abrams do? He made a movie that was new, looked fresh, (was just a bit stupid) but also really entertaining. It sure felt like a true Star Trek movie but was also able to attract the masses. So it opened the possibility for more Star Trek which is a good thing. And still, all you people do is bash Abrams? That is simply unfair.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Star Trek fan, watched and liked all Trek TV shows and movies. But I am realistic about old Star Trek. 50% of the episodes and moviews were boring and stupid. Maybe only 10 to 20 % was really outstanding. Star Trek 2009 was neither boring nor outstanding. So it is already one of the better Trek movies.

    Whatever is to come with the label Star Trek. I will definately give it a chance and try to enjoy it, no matter if Abrams does it, Michael Bay or George Lucas! And if Trek turns out to be unwatchable in the future, I just stop watching.

  3. What a hack. Please, just leave and never come back again. And take your “new timeline” with you.

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