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Drexler’s Bring Enterprise To Netflix Campaign

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For many Star Trek: Enterprise fans, the show ended way too soon, and a group of fans, led by Doug Drexler, are hoping to bring a fifth season to Netflix.

“The voyages of the NX-01, with Captain Archer, Trip, T’Pol, and the rest of the crew ended just as the show was finally beginning to get it’s legs,” said Drexler. “Nearly all of us agree that the fourth and prematurely final season of Enterprise demonstrated that this show was a late bloomer.”

Drexler explained that it is now possible to create original programming without going through broadcast or cable television. “A new day has dawned for the way television is produced,” he said. “No longer do three networks decide what you get to watch. It started with cable. A place where the audience pays for the shows they love by subscribing. Now the next huge step has taken place. The ability to stream the shows you want, when you want them, from the Internet. Today, Netflix, Hulu, Kickstarter, and Amazon are challenging the way television is funded, and the way it is decided what gets made.

“Interesting things have happened in the last year. Netflix began producing original programming, bringing back popular shows that the stodgy old programming model had done away with. Arrested Development is back in production. House of Cards with Kevin Spacey is doing well. The producer of Veronica Mars raised three million dollars on Kickstarter to make a movie from a show that the network thought no one watched.”

Drexler would like the see a fifth season whose story line features the Romulan War. To do so, fans need to watch Enterprise on Netflix to raise the numbers and get Netflix‘s attention, and to share a FB page, located here.

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36 thoughts on “Drexler’s Bring Enterprise To Netflix Campaign

  1. Why not put all that energy into something new and original? Enterprise has been there and done it.

  2. I would be satisfied with having any Star Trek available on Netflix in Europe.

  3. I’d love to see it return, even if its just for a season – to cover the Romulan War and the formation of the Federation. They would have to get Coto, absolutely. As for the actors, how many are available? I could be mistaken but isn’t Bakula doing a series right now? Combs and Billingsly, being character actors, are always getting work. I have no idea about the others. Honestly, I haven’t seen Blalock or Park do ANYTHING since Enterprise ended.

  4. Please. let it rest. It was the ugly sister of the franchise. It made Voyager look good for pity’s sake.

  5. Yes with Manny Coto, Trip is on a mission with the Romulan War starting and get Jeffery Combs back as an Andorian! So many story lines yet to tap into.

  6. Enterprise Season 5 uhhh I cringe at the thought. How about Netflix makes a decent trek show instead.

  7. I’m on board. And they have my encouragement to completely disregard the existence of the last episode (where Trip commits brainless suicide because someone on the TNG crew altered the program to make it a snuff film for engineers).

  8. You suffer from the logical fallacy that there is a budget of energy which affords only the choice of one.

  9. Resurrect a show ten years later? It wasn’t even a particularly well-liked show—but it WAS expensive to make.

    I feel for the fans, but this is pie-in-the-sky stuff. The only way it could happen is if Netflix could engineer it as a way to benefit from the prestige of the Trek name and the halo effect from the recent movies, but it’s hard to imagine the studio going along with the numbers it would take to make that viable.

  10. You have my vote. That one episode pissed all over the hard work the writers did to turn the series around.

  11. Not even a Playboy shoot or Skinemax special? I’m astonished.

  12. I’d love to see it happen but I really can’t imagine it actually happening. Too much time has passed and probably wouldn’t make sense for the actors or people involved.

  13. STUPID IDEA THAT IS NOT WELL THOUGHT OUT. Look at the budgets of their current programming and it is fairly obvious that netflix would not be able to afford to do Enterprise… unless you don’t mind a fifth season featuring actors in front of green screens with cheesy still frame backgrounds behind them. (think Land of the Lost)

  14. Probably more like BSG: Blood and Chrome. It’s iffy on HD, but could be a good way to get the ball rolling.

  15. What about Star Trek: Renegades? Sounds like they got the funding to get started on production this summer. They are looking for a website/network to pick them up. Perhaps Netflix is a good place.

  16. They don’t have to disregard the episode, they can just chalk it up to the holoprogrammer not really knowing his history. If WE wrote a play about something that happened over 200 years ago, we’d get some big details wrong too.

  17. I don’t think any of them are attached to series at the moment, so why wouldn’t it make sense for the actors? And why has too much time passed? A decade passed between the cancellation of TOS and the first Star Trek movie. It would make sense in terms of story, since the Romulan War and the founding of the Federation was supposed to be about ten years after the events of ENT.

  18. I thought ENT was a big steaming pile, at the time. But I just rewatched the whole series on Netflix (after running out of all other Trek, B5, Farscape and Firefly)… and I actually dug it. I think when it first aired I was too jaded and maybe too disappointed that it wasn’t what *I* imagined a Trek prequel should be, to enjoy it. I thought Archer should’ve been less of a boyscout, considering the times he lived in. But this time around, I just took it on its own terms and enjoyed it for what it was. And Archer’s altruism (bordering on naivete) made sense, if you figure the entire nature of the Federation was determined by the four founding races following Archer’s lead. He wasn’t anachronistic to me, this time, he was just a man ahead of his times. Even the whole Xindi arc didn’t make me want to bang my head against a wall this time. It moved much faster watching it all on Netflix in just a few days, rather than one episode a week.

    I’d love to see a fifth season showing the Romulan War, the founding of the UFP and the immediate aftermath.

  19. At the risk of repeating myself, resurrecting a show ten years later is exactly what happened with TOS. That turned out pretty well. They could bring it back as a 2-hour Netflix film and see if the numbers warrant a whole 12-episode season.

  20. For me, a Romulan war isn’t exactly what I would like to see. Why are the creative folk so far off base with this stuff? I would like to see them EXPLORING. Strange new worlds and all of that stuff. Be creative and quit blowing stuff up.

  21. Put bluntly, Enterprise is no TOS. TOS was well-liked and had drawn huge numbers in reruns. I don’t believe Enterprise compares on these counts. I say this as a viewer of the show (and Netflix subscriber) who’d gladly tune in for any new production.

  22. When I was in my early twenties on a trip to east Africa, I saw a gazelle giving birth. It was truly amazing. Within minutes the baby was standing up. Standing up on its own. A few more minutes and it was walking, and before I knew it was running alongside its mother, moving away with the herd. Enterprise wasn’t like that, ambassador.

  23. I always wondered why they didn’t go back in time before the 7 million of “us” in Florida were killed, and stop that. That could generate a whole new timeline and Trip would never have died. Would give alot of new storyline to the series. I’d be way into that.

  24. Trip only died in the holodeck simulation. In real life, he died of old age. Put simply, the stupid programmer who produced that historical record got it wrong. 😉

  25. hmmm, I don’t remember that. I still think it would be awesome if Archer found a time travel device left by what’s-his-name time traveler guy and it had one last hit in it, and he used it to go back to pre Xindi attack. Like they did in the 2009 movie, except make it good instead of horrible! by destroying Vulcan and Spock’s mother. Good grief, what a fubar that was!

  26. You don’t remember it because Darrin Bell only recently suggested such a scenario, above, near the top of this discussion. Sounds plausible to me. It had never occurred to me to refute the holorecord. Great idea. Just erase the whole episode and ignore it.

  27. By the way, this is an AWESOME idea. It was not a “live” episode. Refute the record.

  28. I’m curious. Did CBS have an exclusive contract with Paramont/Viacom for the series?

  29. I was actually ok with that this time. I know it’s not what the writers intended, but this time I saw it as comic relief. The very first “moving” speech to an alien by a Starfleet captain sucked. The irony was funny when I pretended it was intentional.

  30. True. But TOS’ mass appeal was why a movie made sense. We’re talking about Netflix, where a show doesn’t have to have anywhere near the same number of fans to be worthwhile.

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