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Final Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Released

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The final Star Trek into Darkness movie trailer has debuted and it contains plenty of new material.

The trailer is two minutes-and-thirty-seconds in length.

The trailer which contains both previously-seen and new material begins with a shot of the London skyline, and Admiral Pike warning Kirk that he is not perfect and mistakes have consequences.

Some of the new material includes: Kirk requesting permission to go after Harrison, who is seen on surveillance video of the attack on London; Spock trying to stop Kirk from taking an action (probably going after Harrison); McCoy asking Kirk if he was going to pursue Harrison; Kirk taking the Enterprise and crew out to “get this son-of-a-bitch;” Harrison in a larger starship facing off against Kirk and the Enterprise; Kirk apologizing to his crew; battle scenes on Qo’noS; Scotty telling Kirk that the ship is “dead, sir!” with Kirk replying “No, she’s not;” and Harrison telling Kirk that “no ship should go down without its Captain.”

Star Trek into Darkness releases May 17.

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40 thoughts on “Final Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Released

  1. Hmm. That looked suspiciously like a trailer for a Star Trek movie. Why didn’t they show more of this before, instead of focussing on the “running away from the natives/jumping off the cliff” over… and over… and over again?

    And that ship… hmm. That still screams Garth of Izar.

    Oh shit. Oh shit oh dear. The way they make it personal for Kirk is Harrison kills Christopher Pike.

    Well. Now we’re getting someplace!

  2. i don’t know what all the grip is about the non familiar scenes in the trailers. what is Trek supposed to look like in the Gene Roddenberry vision? Did you ever see underwater scenes in the 1960s show? how about jumping off a cliff and being chased by native aliens?

    you didn’t because it the old technology and poor budgeting was so limited back then you couldn’t do it. I think the reason so many episodes focused on early American history (like native Americans and gangsters) is because Desilu productions had access to other set in paramount before they got dismantled from other productions.

  3. This trailer spoiled a baddies advantage. now that surprise is ended. what the heck is Cumberbatch doing with a Titan class starship? does this mean he is from the future beyond the 2232 time frame?

    is that scene with the human compartments, they are not coffins are they? (usually coffins aren’t see through are they?) or are they housing the genetically superior survivors from the Eugenics war?

  4. not sure if I buy the Garth theory but I of course respect your opinion. Garth was a starfleet captain who was probably 10 or so years older than Kirk maybe more. some aliens taught him how to use an illusion technique; maybe it was a molecular phase changing technique but it was not like some of the abilities you see in the trailers but hey, I don’t think the Montalban version of Khan was able to do anything close we see in the trailers. the other thing is the revenge issue and family issue brought up on the trailers. if Starfleet did something to the Botany bay crew (or cargo) that would piss somebody off, etc. maybe not Khan per se but somebody related to them, perhaps somebody who is just a decendent or one who was “rebirthed” before the others.

  5. Where is chekov??? Up to the new trailer, only 1 scene of chekov back in the announcement teaser, and he’s running in redshirt. Chekov dies, and make this personal to kirk? Well, JJ destroyed a frakkin’ planet, so killing chekov might not beyond impossible.

  6. I meant it in more of a “this could be pretty much any runny-jumpy-shooty actioner out there” sense. So far it’d looked terrifyingly like a generic film with some Trek uniforms and character names. Then again if I recall, Trek X looked pretty painful until shortly before release too.

  7. Kang,

    I think JJ Abrams wants to push the letter on action and special effects so that this movie separates itself above all others like Ironman3, Superman, oblivion, After Earth and others this Summer. We have become so spoiled that every scene needs to be perfection in terms of graphic artistry and imagination.

    I think the first movie was pretty conservative on the special effects. the director relied a lot on creative set design and real actual settings. This one looks really polished and I’m curious how it will look in IMAX3D.

    I can’t wait for this movie.

  8. one unique separation is that despite all the high tech gadgetry, the heroes are just human beings and the conflicts and issues just the same. the new approach to comic book heroes like Superman, etc. is to make them show their human side and fraility but in the end they are still superhuman w the exception of Batman and ironman but they get away with quite a bit in terms of durability and modern day techno advantages.

  9. even so, it wasnt that much bigger. this one looks 5 times bigger but hard to tell. I don’t know if Kirk would say “Sorry” if it were just excelsior sized. this is a really peculiar angle to the movie…where or when does this ship come from?

  10. So what is the proper order of events?

    1. Kirk and co. save a planet from self destruction (natives, underwater, violates prime directive to save Spock). Pike counsels Kirk.

    2. Harrison commits Terror attack in London. Harrison meets Indian decent star fleet officer and family and offers them a choice.

    3. Kirk meets Carol Marcus?

    4. Harrison attacks Star Fleet headquarters meeting. Official funeral follows.

    5. Kirk gets permission to go after Harrison. After this it gets sketchy.

    6. Kirk and team goes to Kronos (assume from the premise of the story–war zone area). The Klingons must be the key why Harrison is so pissed off. Did Starfleet let them take the Botany Bay?

    7. Kirk discovers the reason why Harrison is at Kronos and intervene on the conflict he has with the Klingons.

    8. Kirk captures Harrison. Kirks asks Harrison for help? Is this before or after they resolve their conflict with the Klingons.

    9. Harrison traps the Enterprise with the Dreadnaught. the I’m sorry scene. How does Harrison get the Dreadnaught?

    10. Enterprise firefight to Earth? Enterprise falls into the SF Bay and crushes Union Square. harrison crashes the dreadnaught into SF?

    11. Spock fights and chases after harrison and jumps off a building.

    none of this makes any sense sorry. I guess one question is do Harrison and the Enterprise crew conflict more than once on Earth? I guess the answer has to be yes because the Enterprise has to come back to Earth to crash into the SF bay.

  11. This trailer really reminds me of ST: Nemesis.I suspect that’s what the film would have been called if it hadn’t already been used. Still looking forward to it.

  12. I think it’s pretty obvious that Kirk is used as a “pawn” by Admiral Marcus (or should I say “Khan”?) who will be revealed to be either Khan or the film’s main antagonist. John Harrison is…John Harrison. Oh well.

    BTW I’m sick and tired of reading here and elsewhere about “Excelsior”, “Augments”, “Sovereign-class Enterprise E” etc. etc. etc. Star Trek 1987-2005 is DEAD. Get used to it. JJ Abrams is not going to waste time introducing these antiquated elements of the a Star Trek universe wiped away by his 2009 movie into the new timeline – so wake up and smell the coffee – the year is 2013!!

  13. Odd. Kirk doesn’t normally apologize for putting his crew in horrible jeopardy, he typically rallies them to achieve some sort of solution (for the ones who survive, at least). Besides, he already knows that they understand and accept the risk of being a Starfleet officer (particularly under his command). I wonder what could make Kirk apologize to them like that?

  14. No, Chekov dying wouldn’t make it *that* personal to Kirk, the “hunt the son-of-a-bitch down” kind of personal. The trailer does seem to play up another relationship kirk has that is deeply personal, particularly for a young man who (in this continuity) grew up in desperate need of a role model and father figure.

  15. I’m certainly more keen to see it after that trailer. I’ve been very worried about this one. I have a tattoo on my butt of a picture of JJ Abrams and the words “I WANT TO BELIEVE”.

  16. He probably made an insensitive remark about Vulcan and their mating habits. Did you see how upset Uhura was on the bridge?

  17. The Original Kirk would never appologize for taking his crew into danger. He would give them a small pep talk about danger being their job and “turn death into a fighting chance to win.” This Kirk needs to drop by the Nexus and talk to the Original Kirk. Or have a few words with Spock Prime.
    All in all, it looks like it will be better than the first of Abrams Trek films.
    On a side note, however, has anyone ever noticed that all the villians’ ships are much larger than the Enterprise for the last four films? Naturally, the Borg cube would be gigantic, but the Son’a ships, the Scimitar, the Narada, and now “Harrison’s” ship are all larger than the Enterprise.

  18. Has anyone speculated that it might be the Enterprise-C from that continuity? Which could very well make “John Harrison” really …

  19. Maybe he isn’t THAT Kirk just yet. It seems to me that the movie has a lot to do with the development of his character and him dealing with mistakes he makes along the way.

  20. I just hope they didn’t have Lindelof write lines for any stupid scientists or give them big questions they have to answer.

  21. Yes, everyone who can’t let go of Star Trek: 1987-2005 has pretty much made such a rubbish speculation.

  22. Sigh. I could hang with an earlier, cocksure Kirk like he was in the early first season, but I am so, so tired of characters having to go through the same hoops over, and over, and OVER again. He doesn’t have to be the “seen it all/beaten it all/screwed it all” Admiral Kirk, but can’t he be an experienced, established character already? It’s like most superhero films, do we really need another origin story in every damn film?

  23. It actually just occurred to me that that is what you were saying, that Kirk in this film is now experienced and known, but still hasn’t been really tried by fire. So, please disregard my prior, off-the-cuff rant.

  24. So you’re saying Picard would NOT want revenge for the destruction of his continuity?

  25. Because we don’t have enough of this in real life, do we?

    I prepaid for sneak-peek tickets a few weeks back but now, pardon me if I’m not really looking forward to seeing London take such a pounding. When it comes to Trek films, I’m usually up for repeat viewings but I doubt I’ll want to watch this more than once in the theatres 🙁

  26. The Badass ship makes this story appear more intriguing.

    I doubt they will put another temporal issue into this story and say it is a starship from 100 years of this original series time line.

    The ship may look like the Federation starship but I’ll bet a nickel that it may have been constructed by the Klingons. The weapon on that big ship looks similar to the Klingon Warship rutter guns.

    You see the ship come out of warp and come to the crew’s attention with the size of Balok’s ship in the Corbomite Maneuver. The Badass ship is in the foreground but about 3 times larger in scope. This means it could be about 10 times larger in mass.

    Interesting a good spoiler is that John Harrison’s name actually appears on the screen in the 3rd trailer (Boston Marathon like video footage). So the name of John Harrison is true and part of the story while it may not be his actual name as part of the story. The other key clue states that this guy was a former agent of Starfleet. This guy cannot possibly be Khan as Khan would not work for anyone. But I think the story may tie into the Botany Bay because of the one scene with the stasis like pods which are reasonable sized for individuals. This type of pod looks similar to photo still showing one of the pods being craned down by the Enterprise crew.

    Harrison has a relationship to the supermen somehow, perhaps as a decendent of the Eugenics War and has been kept in hiding but used by Starfleet to do their dirty work. Harrison (being different like Superman from Krypton) finds out there are others like him still around and wants to meet others like him of his kind (although like Superman he looks human while in many respects he is not human). Because the Botany Bay was found but the Enterprise or Starfleet does something to the Botany Bay crew that Harrison simply cannot forgive (maybe hands them over to the Klingons or they are accidently killed).

  27. Antiquated? And elements from a 1960s TV show aren’t “antiquated”? I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. That is especially apparent in your sentence where you say that Star Trek prior to Abrams Trek is “dead”. So, let me enlighten you. The dubious parallel universe of the Abrams Trek is not a replacement of the original fictional universe of Star Trek, it’s merely a part of it.

  28. The Excelsior is a beautiful design. The ship in the trailer is fugly as hell. So… you’re probably right? The redesigned enterprise is a wad of shit, so I guess it makes sense they’d ruin the Excelsior design, too.

  29. So, what? We should just give up on hoping JJ’s shitty new Trek will ever improve, and accept that Trek is as dead as Star Wars?

  30. Let me enlighten you. You’re never going to see a TV show or movie set in your dead pre-Abrams Trek universe again. The Abrams Trek universe is the one that makes A LOT of money and will be pursued by Paramount executives who, like myself, live in the real world. Welcome to 2013. I know what I’m talking about 😉

  31. There’s nothing “shitty” about JJ’s Trek at all. What planet are you living on? It’s hugely entertaining and, while I agree that some of the “soul” of Star Trek has been lost, that works best in TV Trek anyway.

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