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New Star Trek Into Darkness Clip

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Another snippet from Star Trek into Darkness is available for eager fans.

The clip, just less than a minute-and-a-half in length, features Kirk and Harrison.

In the clip, Kirk lectures a captured Harrison, who calmly responds to the enraged Captain.

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10 thoughts on “New Star Trek Into Darkness Clip

  1. The commenters on YouTube are pointing out there were 72 survivors on the Botany Bay. But I still think this is just more misdirection.

  2. I hope this is misdirection on Paramount’s part. Unless Khan(assuming if that is who John Harrison really is)was surgically altered from Indian into a Caucasian(remember the ill-fated Thelev from Journey To Babel? He was an Orion surgically altered to pass off as an Andorian), let us hope that this is all misdirection on Paramount’s part, just to throw the fans off the track..

  3. There is so much absolute bulls&#t about this movie, and it is making all the people doing insane guesses here look like Trek nubes. Even the dummy on the press sites, like to pretend in their titles of articles that they know all, only to find when you visit their pages they know jack s&#t! (If it is Khan, Bugs Bunny, 007, etc. matters not. Is it a good movie? That’s what you should be asking.)

    I’m certain that the Google search engine is in on the deception, including the whole movie business. Screwing us around all for the sake of screwing us around. Ninnies!

    Protecting Americans for knowing the plot here is extraordinary an effort, and you have to wonder why they just didn’t release the movie all at once. It sooooooo… fracking boring. You see the movie, yet you cannot talk about it, because you don’t want to spoil it for others.

    To be frank, J.J. Abrams will be proven as the biggest liar of all time, whose deception is so beyond the pale, and you’ll wonder if he will survive the backlash. The only thing that is true, he didn’t make this film for the fans. He only did it to be popular to the masses.

    I will stay silent, but on 9th May, I will be openly saying what I want too after it. If you are American, well, Tough Titties!

  4. Oh, lots of ways this could go, and many would make decent sci-fi stories.

    As far as Harrison and Khan, if Wikipedia is correct, the original Space Seed character was supposed to be Nordic, then Montalban got cast, making it unlikely a genetically-enhanced youth had been spent in fjords, hence the name change. The connection to Nazi Aryan notions would have been obvious in 1966. In this scenario, Harrison then is a nod to that history, with or without being Khan.

    As far as the 72, could be the Botany Bay survivors, could be augments in stasis, and could be things on a starship created by augments before society decided to banish/outlaw them–“Jewish physics”, as it were, except society kept the inventions. In that case, Harrison could be an augment freedom fighter, looking for Khan, or just trying to free people held in “permanent Gitmo” via stasis. It could also be that, as much as the Federation tries to stop the practice, 72 members of the Enterprise crew or augmented or descendents of such in some form, and that your banishment from society is in some ways arbitrary–“light skinned blacks” get by, others go nowhere, all because of genetics. What happens not when someone goes Galt–but you force him to because he is better than you? What if he occupies his idle time coming up with even better things, and new skills–medicine, technology, etc.? What happens when he comes back?

    Like I said, a lot of ways this could go, and the possibility of a good story exists with execution of plot/premise then being the question. Execution with subtlety, with sledgehammer, or simply a missed opportunity looking for a remake?

  5. I would really, really like for this to be good.

    But just in case… *Grimaces and puts fingers back in ears*

  6. Yeah–for example, I thought the premise of the 2009 movie vis a vis the Romulans was a missed opportunity, that something deeper could have been had with just another scene or two. Difference between a good popcorn movie and something greater (Star Trek II has the same issue–a very very very solid movie that I will sit down and watch if it is on, but it does not take the final steps into greatness, even as it toys with the themes that would allow it to do so).

    The “Gilgamesh” versus “Illiad” kind of thing. Both good stories, but one transcends into timeless greatness.

    As far as this new movie, the Klingon angle could be a race to find these “72” “superweapons” (maybe augments, maybe Steve Rogers in suspended animation from WWII), or they could be in there for another reason. Though, as I hoped Spiderman III and some of the Batman films showed, too many main villains acting independent of each other spoil the broth.

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