May 17 2024


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New Star Trek Into Darkness Poster

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A new Star Trek into Darkness poster has debuted, featuring the USS Enterprise.

The poster shows a severely damaged Enterprise plunging down from space, and entering Earth’s atmosphere en route to the surface of the planet.

Paramount also announced that a new trailer for Star Trek into Darkness will debut on Tuesday.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger image of the poster.

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18 thoughts on “New Star Trek Into Darkness Poster

  1. I bet it’s not the Enterprise at all… Surely the writers aren’t that lame they’d destroy the iconic ship in only it’s second movie..

  2. Star Trek III… Star Trek Generations… Star Trek Nemesis… Star Trek Into Darkness… We’ve heard in the past paramount Execs always had to have their idiotic say in Trek plotlines… is this whole stupid “let’s destroy the ship and create some jeopardy” a blanket studio demand at this point…

  3. Either that or a character snuff film to piss on the franchise like a dog and mark their territory. “Let’s kill someone! Kill. Kill!! Kill!!!!” e.g., Kirk, Data, Picard’s entire family, and now Vulcan.

  4. Good point. I guess it’s a good thing Jon Peters wasn’t a Paramount Exec – or the Borg would have been replaced by a Giant Spider in First Contact,,, 😉

  5. You obviously have been watching the footage and looking at the pictures on your phone… on a larger viewing device you will plainly see the 1701 Enterprise registry number on the ship…

  6. Where are the throngs of people from the BBS who insisted that the ship crashing into the water wasn’t possibly the Enterprise?

    Because in that fraction of a second of high-movement footage masked by a big water splash, they were able to KNOW it wasn’t the Enterprise.


  7. From what I understand JJ Abrams wanted to show Nero destroying the original Enterprise with Capt Robert April to disrupt the timeline with a new Enterprise being built 20 years later ( to update it new design etc etc )But Paramount said “No you cant destroy the Enterprise”. I actually liked that idea instead of the mess of the canton they have now.The storyline was that Lt Pike was on his way to transfer to the Enterprise when the ship that Kirks dad took over and had escaped with his wife as she gave birth and saw it destroyed and that was why his desertation was about it. Paramount can screw up anything.

  8. Interesting… because every interview I’ve seen said that for this first JJ Trek crapfest Paramount took a pretty much hands off approach and let the creative team go wild with their own ideas.

  9. Indeed. I’m curious about the accuracy of both sides, since studios and production teams have been known to gloss over “creative disagreements”. Sources, RoyF?

  10. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, this is the first poster I’ve seen that actually indicates this might be some sort of Star Trek movie.

  11. Sorry but I tried to find the Star trek page that stated what I repeated but cant locate it. I wouldnt BS about it but I understand if my word isnt enough.It was over as year ago when I found it.

  12. No aspersions on you at all. It would not surprise me one bit to find that the suits were jerking the production team around, and said production team glossed it over. Truth tends to come out long afterwards, and a number of rumors about things like this have eventually turned out to be true. On the other hand, there is what JJ et. al. have said about having creative freedom, and JJ seems to have a good amount of pull in H’wood these days.

  13. Ahem. That is NOT the iconic ship. That is elements of previous, better designs thrown in a blender in an attempt to make a calculated hit smoothie.
    And yes, they are indeed that lame.
    However, I think it more likely that they will thrash the ship within an inch of its computer-generated life, and then refit it extensively. it is an opportunity to replace it with something better, by someone that does not think a cockthrusting sensor dish is the height of cool.

  14. Fooled? Are you trying to foolishly suggest Paramount would spend money creating fake special effects shots just to “fool” people? Right, gotcha… OK, Chief. winkwink snickersnicker

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