July 14 2024


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11 thoughts on “New Star Trek Into Darkness Video

  1. Spock is not going to die.

    I have a hunch that Christopher Pike is going to be the one that gets killed, prompting Kirk and crew to go after Harrison.

  2. seems odd that its Chekov that’s consulted about using the transporter and not Scotty – given his engineering expertise and how often we saw Scott in the transporter room in TOS.

  3. I’ve thought the same since viewing that third trailer. In this paradigm, Pike is Kirk’s mentor and father figure. Losing him would certainly move Kirk to vengeance.

  4. *cough* …and the fact that his transporter expertise was a major plot point in the previous film. *cough*

  5. More snuff material from writers who can’t imagine anything but death of popular characters as a catalyst for their plot and want to piss like dogs on the franchise to mark their territory. Kilroy was here. These are people who eat their young, so it’s entirely believable.

  6. Wow at 49 seconds, you hear a mysterious sound that appears to be Chewbacca’s sad voice.

    A little wink by Abrams?

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