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Star Trek Into Darkness Villain Spoiler

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Rumors have swirled around the Internet regarding the identity of Benedict Cumberbatch‘s villain, and one site claims to have the answer as to John Harrison’s true identity.

Spoilers are behind the cut.

According to Shockya, which claims “trusted sources,” the villain is indeed Khan, as many have speculated over the past few months. “He is called John Harrison at points in the film, but during a key scene where Harrison is held prisoner on the Enterprise, he does reveal to Kirk and crew that his true identity is Khan,” said Shockya.

In addition to that bit of information, supposedly the famous reactor scene in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan will be referenced in the new movie, but with a “reverse spin” put on the scene.

Treat this as a rumor, and of course, everything is denied by Paramount, and by various actors in the movie.

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25 thoughts on “Star Trek Into Darkness Villain Spoiler

  1. Here we go again!

    It’s not Khan Noonian Singh. That rumor is as old as dirt, itself.

    And to think Dennis Bailey has beaten that rumor to death. As dead as the old horse that it now is.

  2. Joy. Another site in desperate need of exposure pulls some “reliable sources”out of their asses with another ridiculous no-it’s-really-true-this-time “reveal”.

    This quasi-cerebral frottery grows tiresome.

  3. Because people expect some nod to the existing franchise, and/or don’t trust these writers to make up anything truly significant.

  4. Tell me about it. That old horse has been beaten dead a long time back.

    Why Dennis Bailey(being the damned old fool that he really is)is claiming that Harrison is Khan, is beyond me.

    Harrison is NOT Khan.

    Khan Noonian Singh is NOT the sequel’s main villian.

    Maybe Harrison will blow up the Farragut and kill its entire crew off.

    Nuff said!

  5. I guess the point is, is that if the villian is just a ‘someone’, why didnt this ‘someone’ rear his ugly head in the original/proper time line….I don’t think it’s Khan, but hope it is someone from the proper timeline.

  6. Maybe he’ll blow up the whole Bad Reboot company together with JJ Abrams et al. But I guess we’re not that lucky.

  7. Maybe he was run over by a drunk guy who got killed on Vulcan in the new timeline? Maybe originally He was arrested by Pike early on, but he fled upstairs and pike couldn’t chase him? Perhaps he’s mad because his friend was on the Farragut and got blown up? Perhaps he was never born originally, but his father was a widower after the kelvin gt attacked and married someone else.

  8. He’s Jimi Hendrix Borged as If 6 Were 9.

    …someone else explain that to the kids.

  9. “It seems likely now that Harrison is Khan, recruited as an operative by Starfleet.”

    – Dennis ‘My Name Is Legion’ Bailey

    Not only are his posts always “I’m better than you because I share the opinion of the successful folks.” in variations, they are also inaccurate in nature and antagonistic in others.

    John Harrison is NOT the ill-fated and doomed Khan Noonian Singh. Case closed.

  10. I think it might be either Gary Mitchell, Garth Of Izar, Jim Kirk’s brother Sam, Lazarus, or Charlie X. One of those five.

    It’s not Khan Noonian Singh as so many think he is.


  11. Actually, the Farragut did get blown to bits in the 2009 prequel/reboot.

    Maybe the old timeline version will suffer the same fate!

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