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Abrams, Lindelof, Pegg: Fandom And Star Trek Into Darkness

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A new video features J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof, and Simon Pegg talking about Star Trek into Darkness.

The video features several clips from the film. Mild spoilers are behind the cut.

In the video, Pegg explains that he was a fan from childhood, while Abrams had a little more difficulty enjoying Star Trek. “Because Star Trek has a philosophical approach, as a kid, I had harder time getting on board and appreciating it the way some of my friends did, but like Simon, I loved Star Wars and so that was sort of my thing, but I will say that working on the Star Trek films, I’ve come to love the very thing that I think my friends appreciated about it when we were young, which was that is there is this incredible dynamic of this group, these characters are wonderful, and just that kind of human natural desire to explore and go beyond and you think how frightening that really is and this family that’s sort of up against it. It’s a kind of romantic vision of our future and I’ve now fallen in love with it.

Lindelof’s first experience with Star Trek came with seeing Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan while in summer camp. Even though his father was a Trek fan, “like J.J., I felt like it was much smarter than I was; it made me aspire to be smarter,” said Lindelof. “I still feel like it’s smarter than me.”

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  1. Pegg is just brilliant in this film, and has plenty of great giggles.
    Just wish he had more interaction with Spock.

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