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Cinefex Star Trek Into Darkness Issue

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Star Trek into Darkness will be featured in the next Cinefex issue, #134, due out next month.

Cinefex is a quarterly film magazine which covers visual effects.

“Trek fans won’t want to miss the upcoming summer issue of Cinefex. Due out in mid-June, Issue #134 features a twenty-page story on the making of Star Trek Into Darkness, including in-depth interviews with key effects artists and director J.J. Abrams, plus nineteen behind-the-scenes photos and frame clips, many of them exclusive to Cinefex.

“Other stories in this bigger-than-usual issue include Iron Man 3, Oblivion and the upcoming Roland Emmerich thriller White House Down. With two fan-favorite blockbusters in release, and great imagery from each, we’re giving covers to both Star Trek and Iron Man, and you get to choose which cover you want when you purchase your copy as a single back issue direct from Cinefex.”

This snippet from an article shows what readers can expect from issue #134. ILM Animation Supervisor Paul Kavanagh explained creating the “entering warp speed” special effect. “We reprised our dolly-zoom effect for entering warp,” he said, “but we notched it up as far as we dared for 3D. We pushed the camera in and widened out the lens, distorting the image, and used the end of a nacelle as a focus point so the rest of the ship felt like it was stretching away. We then added tension — a rubber band effect — as we did the dolly-zoom, adding a little camera shake. That created huge anticipation before the ship flew off into warp. We then snapped back the rubber band, so to speak, moving the camera back and returning the lens to its starting point.”

To pre-order the issue, which costs $12.50, head to the link located here. A yearly subscription to Cinefex costs $36.00.

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  1. I wasn’t even aware that Cinefex was still around. I used to read this with fascinating back in college, back before everything went cg…

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