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Pine: Kirk’s Weaknesses And Future Growth

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In a new interview with Chris Pine, the actor spoke about Kirk’s development in this film and what he expects for Kirk in the next film.

Unlike the first film, where fans saw a cocky Kirk, the Kirk in this film has issues.

And as an actor, the difference in the character was something he was eager to explore. “What I was most excited about was that, for someone like who Kirk, for someone who you’d expect to be a strong and confident leader, and who, certainly from the first film had that self-assuredness, in this one I got to explore the flip side of that,” said Pine. “The flip side is self-doubt and fallibility and this kind of existential crisis about whether or not he’s meant for the captain’s chair and whether or not he’s good enough. To begin a film and to carry the hero, or one of the heroes, from such a place of weakness, I thought that was an interesting challenge and one I looked forward.”

John Harrison was an important part of showing Kirk’s flaws and helping the character to develop. “…I knew how important John Harrison was to this story and, at least selfishly, to development of Kirk in this story,” said Pine. “Kirk is unhinged. Kirk is filled with self-doubt. Kirk is the little dog barking all too loudly. And you needed to see that. The only way you could see that, really, is when has his fingers put to the fire. That’s in verbal combat with Benedict’s character. We’re separated in a lot of our scenes by a glass partition, and it just goes to show you how powerful his character is, that he can wield the strings like a puppet master over poor Jim Kirk with nothing but a batting of the eye and the inflection of a word.”

What would Pine like to see for Kirk in a third Star Trek film? “I’d like to see Kirk, whatever direction he goes in, still growing,” said Pine. “I know that’s probably anathema to what fans want to see from their beloved Captain Kirk, but I don’t think he’s quite there yet. So I want to see him still growing.”

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8 thoughts on “Pine: Kirk’s Weaknesses And Future Growth

  1. Considering that Kirk dies, then to be saved by enhanced human blood, one might think Kirk is now also enhanced physically and mentally. In Star Trek III in this series, and after losing his mentor, the beginning of the five year mission of exploration, Kirk’s personality should be markedly changed — especially in trusting people or even the direction of Federation. He would certainly be looking over his shoulder for someone seeking terrible revenge by Section 31. JJ I think has made Kirk as an extraordinary human being with great flaws and abilities, and exemplifies the advanced ideals of humanity after WWIII. JJ has also left great opportunities for almost any possible future storyline, and no doubt the important fellowship of the crew against the baddies will still remain.

  2. Thanks for spoiling the movie for me. Damn it, I almost made it to the movie’s premiere.

  3. Your so welcome. Considering if it were released first in the US, most of you would blab because could give a rats if it was released elsewhere and you had not had a chance to see it.

    If you want to blame someone, blame the studio system. I should have been released simultaneously.

    I’ve now seen it three times on three separate days, and I’m tired of not talking about it because of narrow-minded sensibilities.

  4. You could have at least included a line saying ‘Spoilers in comment”, or “spoilers within”. But nope. You’re a self-centered asshole and so other people don’t enter into your thoughts. (BTW, not everyone in the UK has seen the film, either — it’s only been a week! Sometimes people get busy or wait until they can see it with a friend. You don’t care about them, either.)

  5. Yea… the whole “you guys would have done it if you saw it first” bit is lame. I guess those of us who haven’t been able to see it yet now know to avoid your comments altogether. The majority of people on here fall into the category so it’s pretty inconsiderate…

  6. Nope. Where does it say that you can’t post comments that might contain spoilers?

    Inconsiderate? The way I’ve been recently treated on several occasions lately, and the sometimes utterly disgusting language spoken too me by some jerks here, were equally as inconsiderate. “Caring about people” as with many sites like this, is plainly fictional. Why should I?

    Note: I could be lying.

  7. Would that you were. I’d like nothing better than for this all to be some colossal prank by several geek sites and some clown on Wikipedia. Unfortunately, other sources confirmed every peanut and kernel in this rancid, festering turd.

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