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Quinto: Breakup At A Wedding

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A new wedding-themed comedy is being produced by Zachary Quinto.

And in working as a producer, Quinto has learned some things about the value of actors which was a bit disquieting for the man who is also an actor.

Breakup at a Wedding is told from a different viewpoint, that of the wedding videographers. Quinto spoke about what attracted him to the project. “One of the other things that we’re really focused on at my production company [Behind the Door] is innovative storytelling, whether that means the story itself or the style in which the story is told,” he said. “In this case, we felt like, yes, the wedding comedy has definitely been done and done very well by other people already. But what we felt was fascinating about this script was taking the found footage mode — that tends to be reserved for more horror, thriller, genre projects — and applying it to this more traditional romantic comedy.”

As producer, Quinto sees a different side of the business than he does as an actor. One thing he has learned, said Quinto, is not to “sit in meetings where they’re talking about actors and actors’ value. There are certainly things I’ve learned as a producer that no actor should ever know. And the way that we are talked about in financing meetings and casting meetings is one of them. So I recuse myself of those conversations with financiers until my business partners are able to handle that part of it and then I come in.”

“You know, we all have a number attached to our name and that number is different domestically than it is internationally,” Quinto explained. “It’s different in different territories and financiers really do break it down by those kind of metrics. It’s horrible because you’re talking about people and you’re talking about talented people and to hear them talked about in such a broad and impersonal way can be really disappointing.”

Breakup at a Wedding will be available on VOD beginning June 18.

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