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Star Trek XIII Director Rumor

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Star Trek into Darkness may have just been released, but already rumors are starting for the next movie.

The latest rumor concerns a potential director.

L.A. Times Latino Review’s El Mayimbe posted the following via Twitter, “I guess y’all wanna know about who might be directing Star Trek 3 if it ever goes. Heard Joe Cornish but also heard he’s on a list of names.”

“I’m not saying Joe Cornish is the guy, but what I am saying is he is definitely one of numerous contenders.”

Cornish directed the UK’s The Adam and Joe Show, and his writing credits include The Adventures of Tintin.

Cornish photo courtesy of IMDB.


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7 thoughts on “Star Trek XIII Director Rumor

  1. I’m waiting for the production to say that they’re looking for a director with a background in music videos who has never heard of Star Trek. You know, for that fresh perspective that always works out so well. But “knowledge of lens flare techniques required.”

  2. Touché. Also, someone who never ‘got’ Shatner as Kirk. That’s a good call.

  3. Don’t know Joe Cornish, but another Brit who would be an excellent choice for director would be Euros Lyn. His work on Who and Torchwood and Sherlock and other British fare has been outstanding. He has worked with large casts and with extensive CGI.

  4. Mmm no, working on Dr. Who and Sherlock immediately disqualifies him. Both are fare more respectful to their source material.

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