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Star Trek #22 To Debut Tomorrow

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The latest comic chronicling events post-Star Trek into Darkness will hit store shelves tomorrow.

In IDW Publishing’s Star Trek #22, the “fallout” from Star Trek into Darkness continues.

Readers can expect a “dire new threat,” and Uhura will be faced with an unexpected obstacle in her romance with Spock.

Written by Mike Johnson and overseen by Roberto Orci, Star Trek #22 features art by Erfan Fajar and covers by Tim Bradstreet.

The issue is thirty-two pages in length and sells for $3.99. There are three different covers.

Click on the thumbnails to see full-sized preview pages. More preview pages can be found at the referring site.






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15 thoughts on “Star Trek #22 To Debut Tomorrow

  1. A remake of Amok Time, no less.

    I really wish IDW would come up with some new material in the alternate timeline. If I wanted to see something from the original series, I would just watch one of the original episodes on DVD. Not read a rehash of one.

  2. doesn’t look like a remake of amok time to me… seems pretty different wich was granted since this spock is romantically involved with uhura unlike the other one

  3. Nah, not a remake at all… It just uses the same characters within the same framework, dealing with the exact same issue: Spock’s betrothal. But, nah, not a remake…

    I’m just so thankful they rebooted the franchise so we could finally get these fresh new stories. I’m so glad we were finally told what was hurting Star Trek and could do something about it. I mean, how did we go several decades with new Star Trek when constantly rewriting the same old stories, while pretending they’re new, is clearly where the franchise was MEANT to be?

    All those people that think Star Trek, under new and loving leadership, could’ve forged forward with new stories, characters, and concepts just don’t realize that the only real way to tell new stories is by using the old characters and concepts…….. apparently.

  4. question: did you read it? cos the only similar thing is spock’s pon farr (something part of his culture and the character so of course they had to deal with it) but the way it’s handled with here is completely different this is no amok time. The klingons are also up to something bad and they show a group a vulcans that are called the vanished who have regressed to pre-surak behavior due to the deep grief for what happened to vulcan. Lots of new stuff here.

  5. It sure is part of Star Trek and Vulcan culture… So, since you want to defend it, let me ask YOU a question: Did they explain why Spock was undergoing Pon Farr now? Since this is 2259, he shouldn’t be… Sure, it’s 7 years before the Pon Farr we saw in TOS, but that was supposed to be his first one, the first of his adult life… the one that required him to deal with his betrothed.

    So… if we’re going to defend reused plotlines because of cultural mandates that they be there, I expect them to explain why they’re there in the first place when they shouldn’t be… years from now? Sure. Now? Not according to TOS.

  6. Perhaps in this timeline Spock got a hormonal jump start from boning Uhura?

  7. Which, in turn, begs the question, why is he even going through Pon Farr in the first place if he’s in this relationship with Uhura? Are we expected to believe a human cannot satisfy the blood fire? And, if so, are we to assume that Sarek cheats on Amanda every 7 years? Hardly.

  8. No, no. As Ted Sturgeon himself explained, it’s not that Vulcans *only* mate every seven years, it’s that they only *have* to mate every seven years. Spock being half human, his parents weren’t sure he’d even get his peri– um, pon farr, at all. In TOS, it happened when he was ummmmm… thirty-seven.
    Supposing that in the original timeline he could not have met Uhura in the Academy since he had a real posting, and presumably wasn’t the horny little bastard we see in JJTrek, Spock may actually not have had any sexual relationships, or at least any of significance, until This Side Of Paradise.
    If that is the case, it could be postulated that pootie, especially repeated pootie, may have jump-started Lil’ Spock-In-The-Pants and brought on some early spot-bleeding. Hell, it certainly seems to have made him ridiculously emotional.
    Married Vulcans don’t cheat every seven years. They’re telepathically bonded to their mates, so I imagine pon farr is just when they break out the whips and fuzzy handcuffs.
    As for Sarek and Amanda, one could speculate that maturity has enhanced Amanda’s skills far beyond those of barely-legal Uhura.

  9. Oh. Headsmack. I forgot that the first pon farr is critical, it’s where the telepathic bond must be er, consummated, or broken. Since Spock is already kiddie-bonded to T’Pring, and we already know it was a huge family and political hoo-hah, I could see hitting puberty whilst banging Uhura causing a bit of trouble. It’s like a rom-com, with phasers. Hilarity ensues.

  10. I didn’t mean to suggest they only had sex every 7 years, merely that if he was going through the Pon Farr now, why doesn’t Uhura satiate it? The whole, “Spock’s gonna die if he doesn’t get laid in 24 hours” thing from TOS wouldn’t apply here, right? He’d just work it out on Uhura, presumably…

  11. Well a few possibilities.
    1, She just not be a good lay. Or,
    2, human women really ARE too fragile for him, which implies that
    2a it may just be a first pon farr thing again, since subsequent ones are established as not as bad, and
    2b Sarek was already an adult and had either (a) rejected a bond, (b) not been bonded, or (ST5) been married before, and in any case had his Vulcano under control.
    Or 3, maybe it’s a telepathic thing? Pheremones? Vulcan ladies’ unique quintuple-vibrating-ultra-cooches? Oral skills taught by the Hall of Ancient Knob? Who knows?
    At any rate, the “training exercises” should probably give him another oh, 24-48 hours I’d think.

  12. Guh. I just took more than a quick glance at those pages and oy. Looks like crap; reads like crap; perfectly in line with Star Trek Into Intellectual Bankruptcy.

    Page 1: “So do you think those guys we fought a war with 90 years ago are still pissed at us?” “Sure, but first we’ll smack ’em with this stuff of which every speck was destroyed, along with all the information about making and storing it, and that we couldn’t possibly just ‘make’ ourselves by knowing it exists.”
    Page 2: 7 billion Vulcans die and T’Pring lives? She’s still a bitch. Plus: “I don’t understand.” “Well not married in the human sense of the word… on Vulcan we hit it and quit it. Combat will now continue with the boo-tay-kall.”
    Page 3: Wow. Mysteriously everybody now knows things that Vulcans never talk about. And lens flares. In a comic.

    Someone wake me when Trek grows out of this phase.

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