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Ellison: Not Bitter

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Even though Harlan Ellison wasn’t happy with Star Trek‘s version of his The City on the Edge of Forever script, the writer is content that he did his best to get out the truth behind what happened with the changes to the story.

The passing of time and writing a book about his Star Trek experience has tempered Ellison’s anger.

Ellison is now at peace about being associated with The City on the Edge of Forever. “…once I wrote my book about The City on the Edge of Forever (The City on the Edge of Forever: The Original Teleplay that Became the Classic Star Trek Episode) and published all the documents that proved what [Roddenberry] was saying I had done I had not done and that what I had done I had done. I won the Writers Guild Award with it.”

Even though his script was changed and Paramount has made bank on the episode, Ellison has elected to move on from the disappointing experience. “They’ve made all manner of tchotchkes and geegaws out of it,” he said. “And the fact that Paramount and their heirs have made millions upon millions off me and I have made only thousands and thousands is something you learn to live with after, what?… forty years. If you don’t learn to live with it, you are a petty person, and I live every day in hopes that I will be just a little bit smarter than I was the day before.”

If he had another chance, would Ellison like to produce his original script? “Yes. I think it would be smarter and deeper and truer to what the original idea of what Star Trek was when Gene Roddenberry came to my house and told it to me, when he told me he was proposing to do it.”

Ellison is still churning out stories. “It is of note that there’s a small renaissance in my work at the moment,” he said. “I have had nineteen books come out in the last eleven months.”

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50 thoughts on “Ellison: Not Bitter

  1. Ellison not bitter.
    Ellison not bitter.

    About this, perhaps!

    Gods love ya, Harlan. Always the best person to fight to the death with over something pointless. May you live forever, and never give a goddamn inch of ground.

  2. The assertion that Paramount and “their heirs” have made millions off of HIM and not IT is pretty telling with regard to his level of bitterness, methinks…

  3. Of course he is bitter. When you talk about it as much as he does, it tells people you are.

    He should go to the people behind Star Trek Continues or Star Trek Phase II and see if they will make the version he wanted.

  4. It would actually be kind of interesting to see… certainly moreso than some of the things they come up with.

  5. Phase II/New Voyages would likely be thrilled, after all they welcomed Dorothy Fontana and David Gerrold. Thrilled, that is, until they find out that Ellison really is impossible to work with, that is.
    I love Harlan all to pieces, but it’s the same love I have for refinery fires and plane crashes. Tremendously entertaining from a distance, but you don’t really want to be at the scene.

  6. Harlan Ellison is, with regard to “City” (and many other things), the most epic train-wreck-in-progress in television history; one that is currently in its 48th year of flying spectacularly off the rails and exploding into a ball of fiery spittle that reaches mightily to consume everyone and everything in sight. Not bitter? Of COURSE Harlan isn’t bitter; “bitterness” would not even begin to reflect the scale of cosmic injustice that was visited upon history’s greatest science-fiction author.

    Harlan Ellison, you see, understood “the original idea of what Star Trek was” with far greater clarity than anyone who ever wrote for, directed, produced, acted in, or even created it in the first place. He understood it better than Gene Coon and D.C. Fontana, who undertook their Philistines’ task of reshaping Harlan’s tremendous, motion-picture-scale tale into something bearing such drearily mundane qualities as being “workable”, “affordable”, and “produceable”. He certainly understood it better than Gene Roddenberry, who until his dying day labored under the misconception that he had created Trek as a parable of a better humanity, one without drug-dealing starship crews and captains who froze up and did nothing at moments of truth.

    Harlan Ellison won the Writer’s Guild award for this magnificent opus that was never actually produced, and don’t you worry about forgetting that because he won’t let you. Harlan Ellison also believes that others have made “millions and millions” off of him over a script that was never actually produced, and he won’t let you forget that either. Harlan believes that a work-for-hire gig he took on half a century ago, one from which he demanded his own name be removed at the time, ought to be making him a rich man today, and I certainly won’t argue with that.

    After all, who are we to argue with the wisdom and perspective of “Cordwainer Bird”?

  7. Harlan Ellison may be controversial in various areas of science fiction, but he is a very cool writer(I read his I, Robot screenplay that he co-wrote with the late Isaac Asimov back in 1996). He’s also very straightforward and speaks his mind. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly and lightly, either.

    You have to admire him for his candor and brutal honesty.

  8. Star Trek Phase II, most definitely.

    Star Trek Continues – There’s no way that Harlan Ellison will work with someone as low as Vic Mignogna and the Farragut Films staff. With the way Vic, John Broughton, Michael Bednar, Dennis Bailey, and the rest of those liars and crooks operate, the outcome of that would be very explosive, brutal, and colorfully unpleasant.

    Loosely translated, Vic and Farragut Films would not survive Ellison’s vindictive wrath.

    Then again…maybe watching their downfall at the hands of Harlan Ellison would not be such a bad thing. It would certainly put an end to Starship Farragut and STC. LOL!

  9. I don’t admire him… Why would I? The guy took a job to write a tv episode within the structure of a tv series. And, just because of that, even though he was paid for it, somehow, he thinks he owns the rights to the Guardian of Forever… Like the first guy to introduce Cerebro in X-Men somehow owns the concept of the room… Sorry… the Guardian of Forever was the work product he was paid for. But he’s an asshole, and has been threatening legal mumbo jumbo for decades if anyone even touches the Guardian. All because he was upset at changes to his story for a tv series… What’s to admire there? His lack of understanding of how tv works?

    Do I love The City on the Edge of Forever? Absolutely. Do I feel any affinity for Harlan Ellison? Not a chance.

    But’s not to say I wouldn’t enjoy seeing how his original would compare to what we got.

  10. I’m sure that’s how things were in the 60s, but haven’t they changed today? I was under the impression that the writer who created the Borg got a check every time they were used, but I could be wrong.

  11. Who created the Borg? Was it something the writer’s room as a whole came up with? Was it the writer of Q, Who?, Maurice Hurley?

    Maurice Hurley gets residuals from writing that episode, as does each subsequent writer of each Borg episode, but does someone get paid every time the Borg come on or are referenced? Not remotely. There is no one getting paid for Borg licensing, toys, or anything else because they created them.

    What were these writers being paid for if not for that which they were writing?

    Does anyone think Joe Johnston sees money every time Boba Fett is referenced, seen, or something produced from his design?

    Credited residuals are one thing, and I presume he’s gotten his residuals from the actual airing of the actual episode he worked on. Money from toys, other stories within the franchise, etc? Of course not… but he was writing for a SERIES. He couldn’t have had any expectation that his work would’ve remained his. Even anthology shows like Twilight Zone weren’t that way, why would a serialized science fiction show be?

  12. I read that I Robot script. It was great.

    I also read the foreword where he told his side of the story of why the movie would never be made. The sad thing is, even reading HIS side of the story, he still came across as a complete and utter jerk. He basically told off the wrong people, and doors were closed. Which was sad because the script was really pretty good. (Much better than the travesty starring Will Smith that we got.)

    I mainly read it because I’m a huge Asimov fan. I’ve never really gotten into Ellison’s work, mainly because I have a hard time getting past his personality. But maybe that’s just me.

  13. It’s no different than those who have heavily criticized J.J. Abrams and his work. Think about that.

  14. Apparently you have no life. If you hate this Farragut and STC so much, stop watching them. You sound like a very sad person.

  15. Actually, I do have one. Think of it like this. People hate J.J. Abrams continue to criticize him. What I’m doing to those crooks at FF and STC is no different.

  16. Except we aren’t using rumor, hearsay, and conjecture, but rather the manifestations of poor Trek that we have witnessed with our own eyes… You? Not so much.

    You and the other people that have issues may have legitimate issues… Who knows, none of you folks will actually talk on the record or deal through legitimate legal channels. If these people were doing the illegal things you’ve suggested they have done, why isn’t anyone that is talking behind their backs about it willing to go on record about it? No, instead of that, we get this backchannel bullshit.

    Sorry, don’t sit there and compare fans’ dislike of certain material based on that material with your diatribes and hatred based on innuendo and unconfirmed rumor.

    If the productions that were allegedly screwed don’t care enough to pursue legal, either civil or criminal, action, then shut up. If the people allegedly stolen from aren’t even willing to have their names attached to the truth? Why should I care? If they aren’t willing to openly say what has transpired, but rather would leave this guy in a purgatory state of suspicion without actual accusation? No thanks…

    I don’t care if you want to go blue in the face, Blue Thunder. I don’t often respond to this BS. But DO NOT SIT THERE AND EQUATE WHAT YOU ARE DOING WITH FANS DISLIKE OF ABRAMS TREK. They aren’t the same, and suggesting so diminishes you.

    Either get some people to actively accuse this d-bag, or shut up. I’m tired of reading hearsay accusations based on “This one guy who won’t admit who he is, what his relationship to the productions were, or anything other than the unsavory ‘stories'”… and I’m definitely tired of hearing how your hearsay is as legitimate as our personal feelings and conclusions about current Trek. Those are based on how we feel. Personally. I can tell you, I… I, meaning me, myself, the person writing this damn message, feel that way… my dislike of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek has nothing to do with rumor, hearsay, or other people’s stories…. So stop trying to say it’s the same goddamn thing.

  17. I’m curious as to what Farragut and STC have done that makes you think they are crooks. I have heard of Farragut, seen at least on episode and thought they were pretty good. I also talk to some of my friends, whom I trust with their opinions, who have met this group at conventions and they have nothing but good things to say.

    Dang, if they are crooks and thieves why bother with them. They’ll sink themselves. Can you give me some idea what they have done???? I am very confused.

  18. Well, if you don’t like what I post, then don’t read it. God knows I don’t always read what you posts. They can be just as crude and boorish, if not inept, fatous, and inane, as your atrocious slander toward J.J. Abrams.

    On that note, if you want to know more about what happened, concerning the controversy involving Starship Farragut and STC(as well as the harm that they have caused both P2 and Ajax), I suggest you make your inquiries to the following people. Jim Bray at Ajax and Patty Wright at P2.

    Maybe then that will explain the ‘backhanded bullshit’ that you so colorfully described in your diatribe.

    And if doesn’t…well, that’s your problem to deal with. Not mine.

  19. Old-Merlin asked a question and he got an answer. If not several.
    As far as the reasoning behind the locking of the thread is concerned, not necessarily. However as some people on that post commented, they threw a fit because they were threatened by honesty. A quality that seems to be lacking in today’s society.

    It’s no wonder that the world is so fucked up!

  20. I think you need to read up on the definition of slander… my opinion of the movies JJ Abrams puts out is not slander. You accusing people of stealing is. I don’t care if you want to go after this guy all day long… that’s fine… but don’t suggest your actions are the same as people having opinions about these movies… and then to suggest I’m guilty of slander. What a moronic statement.

  21. If his question was: Do you have any actual proof or someone willing to go on record with these accusations?
    Then yeah, his question was answered… with a resounding: NO.

  22. Just drop it. Even the treads he linked to say the accusations are not true. Blue T will never stop and he will ALWAYS try and have the last word

  23. Judging by some of the negativity and other less than positive remarks about J.J. Abrams(many of which have been really brutal), a great majority of them would qualify as slanderous.

    And those loose criticisms and vindictive reviews are certainly moronic statements.

    Talk about a lack of social filters(or whatever the term is used in this generation).

  24. “remarks about J.J. Abrams(many of which have been really brutal)”

    BS. Paste them… With the link.

    Not loving what JJ Abrams and co have done with Star Trek as a fictional property is far different from slander… and far different from what you’ve been doing.

    Paste it. Then we’ll talk.

  25. I believe the people and links that I referred to in the posts was the answer with a resounding: YES.

    So in essence, his question was answered.

  26. Not necessarily. The denials made by those at Farragut Films is a clear sign of a cover-up created by them. Or just a PR blackout just to save their collective hides from losing whatever fan base they have and from certain legal retaliation by the victims of their shenanigans.

    As stated before, others in those links, and other forms of social media have noted this and Mignogna’s bad behavior. Bad behavior of which that has led him to being banned from various conventions.

    If many others are stating this, posting it, pointing it out, etc, then it is something that cannot be dismissed.

    Loosely translated, it is hard NOT to believe.

  27. Yes, if enough people do enough whispering in an echo chamber, sure, someone’s bound to hear the echoing BS.

    Innuendo and nameless accusations, even by multiple non-sources, don’t equal an actual source… you know, someone willing to go on record with their name.

    Nevertheless, I fail to see how denials are a sign of a cover-up…

    You provide no actual evidence, beyond rumor, hearsay, and anonymous accusations, but them denying these anonymous accusations is a clear sign of a cover-up?

    No, sir… that’s the clear sign of people trying to slander someone from the shadows.

    I’m still waiting for you to paste all those slanderous comments about JJ Abrams, though… Another BS accusation that simply has no merit… your MO.

  28. LMAO!!! Are you serious? Joking? Or stupid?

    You have accused the people here of slandering JJ Abrams… including me. Paste the damn quotation. From Trek Today. From here, the place where you made the accusation. I don’t give a shit what other people at other sites are doing. You’ve made it clear that your excuse for making every comment section here about Vic Mignogna is because people here have treated JJ Abrams so badly with slander that it just makes it right… So, paste the slander.

    You can spend all this time hunting down rumor and innuendo, what I’m asking for isn’t very hard. Go back, find the quotation, highlight it, ctrl-c to copy, ctrl-v to paste. I’d like the text you think is slander, and the link to the actual page for context. Shouldn’t be hard if we’ve been slandering him like you’ve suggested.

  29. And you crossed the line by stating my accusations against Vic Mignogna to be moronic statements. I’ve already explained by presenting the links(thank Alec Peters aka Loken for that specific posting)to the evidence and referred the names of two people who could provide answers and the evidence to those claims. Whether you and other fans have chosen to contact those individuals or not, is of your choice. I have just provided the directions in that specific area.

    And just to clarify things, I did not accuse YOU personally. I accused the fanbase in general. If i wanted to accuse YOU personally, I would have done so by using your name. If you can’t distinguish between the two, then that is your problem. Not mine.

    And, let me be clear: Unless you are certain of the outcome concerning your ‘hounding me to the ends of the earth’ concerning my editorials and referencing what has been documented about Farragut Films, Vic Mignogna, and STC is concerned, I would suggest that you refrain from a most useless experiment. Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t think you are the ruler of Trek Today.

    Oh, and here are a couple of links concerning the negativity surrounding Abrams.

    Take your pick. There is plenty to sift through.



    Freedom Of Speech, Forever!

  30. And while i’m thinking about it, I prefer to think of my lack of restraint as you so colorfully described it, as being straightforward, brutally honest, and telling it like it is. I already have dealt with it here and in other places, so it is nothing new.

  31. So, stupid it is…

    Let me walk you through. First, I didn’t say your comments about Vic Mignogna were moronic. NEVER. I said you accusing me of slandering JJ Abrams because of my opinion of his film was moronic. And it is.

    Secondly, I don’t know what you’re not getting about what’s needed here… A clue: It isn’t the same hollow accusations followed by two names we should contact. Quote them, if you’re so intent on all this, but quote them you must if you’re to be taken seriously and not just as a crackpot. Furthermore, posting links that don’t contain proof or someone willing to go on record is the same as posting nothing, because it is posting nothing of value. Nameless accusations are not enough… and making nameless accusations and then telling people to contact other people that are not quoted? Not what was asked for, nor what is necessary for what you’re trying to achieve.

    Third, YOU ABSOLUTELY DID ACCUSE ME PERSONALLY OF SLANDER. Allow me to do what you apparently cannot… quote someone… this time, you:

    “Well, if you don’t like what I post, then don’t read it. God knows I don’t always read what you posts. They can be just as crude and boorish, if not inept, fatous, and inane, as your atrocious slander toward J.J. Abrams.”

    “…as your atrocious slander”

    I’m familiar with English… are you? Because that, right there, was accusing ME of slandering JJ Abrams. So, saying you didn’t say that isn’t good enough. IT’S A LIE. Quote me slandering him, retract the accusation of me slandering him, or we can dance all night…

    And, let me be clear: I don’t run Trek Today and I’m not going to be doing anything in any official capacity… I will, however, not let a single item of yours go without comment and correction. I have pretty much left you alone on this until you decided that what you were doing is the same as giving our personal opinions… it’s not… and if your goal is to trash Vic Mignogna and all of our opinions in the same breath, my goal will be to expose the sad truth of your opinion… ie little to no validity… After all, if your reading comprehension is any indication of your capacity to understand anything else, I don’t trust a word you say…

    So, that takes us back to the proof that people are slandering JJ Abrams at THIS site and that being the justification for you bringing this up in every comments section you can… So, let’s see the quotes from this site… THIS SITE… and from me… I’m still waiting on those.

    Until next time, I guess.

  32. Straightforward? Like making hollow accusations without evidence, linking to articles without evidence, and then posting names we’re supposed to track down to prove what you’re trying to prove? Ummmmm, what’s straightforward about that?

    Brutally honest?!? You mean like accusing me of slander 8 comments up, but 6 comments later suggesting you never said it at all?

    And telling it like it is? You mean by continually saying your second hand trash is as valid to a Star Trek site as our opinions of Star Trek?

    You may have dealt with this at other places, but you’ve never, apparently, actually been confronted by someone willing to challenge you on the specifics and call you on your BS.

    Provide quotations from people on the record accusing this man, or don’t accuse him… but, beyond that, do not equate this witch hunt with our opinions of a movie… and beyond that, DO NOT ACCUSE ME OF SLANDER AND THEN PRETEND YOU DIDN’T. If you’re willing to LIE about that, what else are you willing to lie about? In fact, what aren’t you willing to lie about when you are willing to lie about something someone can scroll 5 inches to confirm?

    Brutally honest? Brutally stupid.

  33. So stupid are your remarks about J.J. Abrams.

    Need I remind you he did bring life back into a dying franchise that had been mishandled by the likes of Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, and Ronald D. Moore(just to name a few). Even though the new timeline is not to your liking, it is what it is. If you don’t like watching the first two prequel/reboots, then don’t watch them. Simple as that.

    All that aside, Yes, I did make that remark out of a moment of temperment. I had forgotten about that during our second heated exchange. And that was ONLY because of your remarks that were obviously out of temperment, as well. SOmetimes during heated arguments and exchanges, people use the wrong choice of words. Obviously, slander was the wrong description to use.

    Therefore, to prevent any furthur misunderstandings, I will retract that description and the accusation. It doesn’t take much for a person to admit an error in judgement. I have no problem with that. As to whether you do or not….either way, I don’t give two shits in hell concerning the matter.

    However, I WILL SAY THIS DIRECTLY AND BLUNTLY. While your remarks and opinions about J.J. Abrams are pretty strong, they do come dangerously close to what was said in the previous heated exchanges. Some may not view it as such, but others might. Think about that.

    AND LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR: Although what was said on my end concerning the Abrams issue was in error and during the emotions of the moment, I DO NOT AND WILL NOT apologize for what I have said about Vic Mignogna and his business partners at Farragut, and their past atrocities. And I will continue to post such opinions and provide the links that were presented by Alec Peters(aka Loken)in case anyone is interested in learning more.

    And if you don’t like it, then don’t read it. Smoke that in your tailpipe!

    Until next time, I guess.

  34. I’m not willing to lie about anything. You can brand that on Vic Mignogna and Farragut Films.

    And if you scroll down, one or two spots, you will find an explanantion about an error in judgement concerning AND ONLY concerning the Abrams issue.

    As far as providing the quotations are concerned about Vic and FF, I believe I provided the names of two people who can verify what has been said. If you can’t look up the information of your own accord, that is of your own choice. However brutally ignorant that choice might be.

    Brutally ignorant as all this anti-Abrams bullshit being spewed out is.

  35. You still don’t grasp the difference between offering ones opinion of a movie and slander, but I’ll take it. It’s a limited apology, but I think it’s from a limited individual, so I’ll accept and move on.

  36. Considering your insults and other colorful descriptions, let alone many other fans who fail to accept the new timeline in Star Trek, you would appear to be the limited individual in this issue.

    However, if you want limited individualism truly displayed, you need not look any furthur than Vic Mignogna, John Broughton, Michael Bednar, Dennis Bailey, and the others at Farragut Films and STC. Especially when it comes to stealing sets, breaking promises, their mistreatment of others in business dealings, and using story ideas from the slush pile of rejected story ideas.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if their episode ideas came from this specific source: after the FF staff flushed their toilets from using the restroom.

  37. LOL

    You’ve confused me… What part of the new timeline have I not accepted? I accept that it exists. I don’t, however, have to automatically like it and accept that it’s good… if that’s what I don’t accept, the mediocrity of it, then yeah, I don’t accept it… But you make it sound like I don’t think it exists or is illegitimate. Unfortunately, it’s all too real and all too legitimate. In fact, within Star Trek, it did replace what was there. Now, they want us to believe it didn’t, so I can even accept that, thankfully. It means, even though it shouldn’t be the case, the Prime timeline still exists… and, even further, after STD, I firmly believe, given the visual evidence, that this was never an offshoot of the Prime timeline at all, anyway, given the deviations apparent… And, I accept all of that. I even accept that they will make another of these movies.

    Those are all the things I accept. The only thing I won’t accept is to be told how to feel about this new material.

    What you will not accept is that you have not provided anything to actually support anything you’ve accused people of here. That simple. You provide links to additional nameless accusations. And you provide names of people to contact. These two things ARE mutually exclusive. Are they the source of the accusations? If so, quote them or link to something that actually quotes them… verbatim… All you have done is provide a set of ad hominem attacks against an individual, namelessly, and then given names we’re supposed to follow up with that aren’t even named within your links… the two do not connect… and, until they do, you’re little more than crackpot… Do you accept that?

  38. Mike, I’m not going to debate the issue with you regarding Mignogna. I’ve already provided the links, the sources of the accusations(especially by two people), and where to look. I would think that by looking at them, you would make the connection.

    Obviously, you haven’t.

    Where you go from this end or how you view it is up to you.

  39. I haven’t followed one of your links in ages… they’ve never had what I’ve asked for.

    I’ll try one last time.

    Give me a new link that contains not only the accusations, but the accusations with the names of the people you’ve listed as the sources embedded in the accusations… not attached by you or them after the fact and still somewhat anonymously… Link to something that actually contains the accusation and the names of the accusers in the same place… not the accusation there and the attribution of the accusation here… both there…

    One link.

    If you can do that, everything changes.

  40. It isn’t letting me respond to the comment awaiting moderation, so I’m placing it here:

    Attribution of the accusations were all I ever asked for. You might want to lead with this henceforth. However, just a suggestion, your whole tirade here would be far more effective if properly targeted.

    I know you think we’ve been out of line with our impressions of the JJ Abrams movies. Whatever. Who cares. The point is, we’ve been making those comments in the sections of articles that are about those films or current Trek… and JJ Abrams’ Trek is, like it or not, current Trek… So, that we’re talking about it and that that includes our opinions doesn’t mean we’re just bringing it up to bring it up.

    You, on the other hand, don’t do that. You bring this stuff up constantly and in places where it really doesn’t belong. It would be effective if used when appropriate. If you talked with us about Star Trek, not about Vic, then, when it came time for you to address this massive miscarriage of justice as you see it, it might not fall on deaf ears. But when you just splatter us with this constantly, and without a beat, and in the comments for articles that have nothing to do with this, it doesn’t work.

    Do yourself a favor, talk to us about Star Trek, and not about this… UNTIL the subject of fan productions or something otherwise germane arises… FAR MORE EFFECTIVE. Trust me. I’m not being an asshole, I’m telling you the truth. If you want people to accept what you’re saying, believe you, and possibly most importantly, to even tune into your comments, you need to consider the proper place for these and maybe, just maybe offer something else constructive from time to time.

  41. I’ll take it under advisement.

    Obviously some were threatened by the honesty of what I posted, which is why it is awaiting moderation. Or it was just taken off.

    Some people just can’t handle honesty and the truth.

  42. I do think it’s odd that the first time you actually did what was asked the comment was deleted by the moderation team… THAT is odd…..

  43. It’s like what I said before. Some people are just threatened by honesty and the truth. Apparently the moderation team are among those people.

  44. However, the word had gotten out two years past. It spread like wildfire. People know it now.

    And like everything else, it has taken a life of its own, and polarized two debating and feuding factions in Star Trek film fandom.

    I’ll be honest, it is a shame that those events ruined something that started out as cool as Starship Farragut did.

    Unfortunately, that’s what happens when you trust or work with the wrong people. Farragut Films has learned that the hard way. Hell, I even heard that they are not included in a Star trek Fan Film production Group that Loken organized sometime past.

    Guilty by association can really bismirch a group. Let alone tarnish, ruin, and blacken a reputation.

    And that is NOT A COOL THING.

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