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Khan Comic Debuts This Autumn

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Fans wanting to know more about Star Trek into Darkness‘ villain will be able to do so with the release of Star Trek: Khan.

Star Trek: Khan will “show intrepid readers just how the master villain of Star Trek Into Darkness became the intergalactic menace seen in the blockbuster film,” and will unlock the superhuman’s secrets.

“Much like the way the Star Trek: Countdown comic book and our follow-up Nero miniseries helped flesh out that character after the first Star Trek movie,” said Chris Ryall, IDW‘s Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief, “Khan will add dimension and depth to this new iteration one of the most classic villains in all of Star Trek lore.”

“We’re traveling back in time to show Khan’s rise to power and give fans their first look at the legendary Eugenics Wars,” said Star Trek: Khan Writer Mike Johnson. “As the series unfolds we will see the events that led to Khan leaving Earth aboard the Botany Bay, and then jump forward to witness his awakening in the future by Admiral Marcus.”

Star Trek: Khan, written by Johnson and overseen by Roberto Orci, with art by Claudia Balboni, will be released this October as a six-part series.

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20 thoughts on “Khan Comic Debuts This Autumn

  1. Sweet jezus, please let them explain why he looks the way he does. Please don’t tell me he just always looked like a 7 ft. tall albino without some surgery or something.

  2. It’s obviously because the Botany Bay was discovered before the cryo units went through their tanning bed cycle.

  3. With all the time travelling that occured in the original timeline, Nero’s creation of the new timeline obviously had an effect on the past as well. There might never be a Picard to go back in time and stop aliens from killing people in San Francisco for instance.

  4. As far as I’m concerned, this officially invalidates the entire JJ-Trek as cannon. All that the powers that right now have said about JJ-Trek creating a different timeline is crap!

  5. I have a hunch that Admiral Marcus had Khan surgically altered to pass off as a caucasian Englishman, just to avoid both suspicion and identification.

    Not a smart move on Marcus’ part.

  6. So… maybe we’ll get an answer to how his blood became a panacea… But, somehow, I doubt we’ll then be told why he didn’t use it to save his dying wife in Wrath of Khan…

    Oh, and someone should tell IDW that Star Trek all operates within one galaxy, and Khan, by definition, is not an intergalactic anything.

  7. Well obviously JJ and company wanted him to look the part of a superior human being.
    So they made him white.
    Racist much?

  8. I’m curious about the “surgically altering his accent” part.

  9. It’s Bob Orci. He has no concept of distance, time, velocity, or any of that other science crap. And steadfastly refuses to learn it.

  10. Poor Marla. I knew she was a goner when stepped onto the transporter.

  11. Yes. Rewatching the original episode, she’s very soft, and very naive. She would make a great pet for him, but had pretty much zero survival skills.

  12. Considering that I never was much of a NG fan(especially when it comes to Rick berman, Ronald D. Moore, Brannon Braga, and Dennis Bailey), I don’t think that is such a bad thing.

  13. It’s pretty obvious they gave him plastic surgery, since he’s still a wanted war criminal.

  14. Certainly, but to what purpose? To impress his terrorist buddies? To sound cool when he’s ordering pizza? To pick up chicks? He has his super-schlong for that. Like so many things in this film, there’s just no logical reason for it.

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