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Keating: Enterprise – What Might Have Been

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The creation of Star Trek: Enterprise Season Two on Blu-ray brought the seven actors all together for a cast reunion feature, In Conversation: The First Crew.

Before the reunion happened though, Keating did not realize that it would include all seven actors. “I had no idea until the morning we got there that they’d have everyone,” he said. “I thought it was going to be me, Connor, Anthony and… I think I’d heard Scott might come. Did I know John was coming? I may have known John was coming. But it was an absolute revelation to have Jolene there and Linda.”

“Connor and I had done commentaries for a few days for the season-one Blu-ray,” said Keating, “and for those wed seen Brannon and (Director) Jim Conway and a couple of other people showed up. But it was a bit hit and miss, and it wasn’t everyone. So when everyone was there on the morning, it was actually quite emotional, I’ve got to say, seeing everyone together after all this time.”

One revelation from the cast reunion feature was that if Brannon Braga and Rick Berman had had their way, the first half of the first season would have taken place on Earth, not out in space. “UPN completely shot that down and went, ‘It’s a space show, right?’ Maybe they had a point,” said Keating, who had not known about this prior to the reunion for the commentary. “But it explains a lot about that first season, that they kind of dredged up some old fare, if you will, from series past.

“It just started to look and sound like a lot of the other stuff,” said Keating, “didn’t it? It was our understanding that the show was going to be much more about the interaction between the seven of us rather than darting off to another planet each week, figuring them out, and then being on our merry way, which is what it rather became, sadly. I remember from our early meetings that the idea was for us to be like E.R. in space almost, that the storylines would come out of the seven of us rather than guest stars each week.”

Star Trek: Enterprise Season Two on Blu-ray is now out and can be ordered here.

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  1. UPN did “E.R. in space” it was called Mercy Point and didn’t make one full season.

  2. I remember Mercy Point. I think I originally watched it because I love Salli Richardson. Wish I could find it somewhere and watch it again.

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