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Contractor: Rima And Kirk Cut Scene

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Nazneen Contractor, who played Rima Harewood, the mother of a sick daughter whose illness set in motion a terrorist attack by her father, explained how her role originally was a bit larger than what appeared on the screen.

“I thought it was a very important role and it was much bigger, what we shot, than what actually got into the film,” said Contractor.

“When I auditioned for it,” said Contractor, “I just knew that I had a sick child and I had to do something about it. I was actually nine months pregnant when I auditioned for it. I had my first son just six weeks before we went into production. J.J. really guided me into tapping into those emotions of being a mother, of being a new mother, which is a very crazy, kind of conflicting time, and using that to bring to each scene with my daughter. J.J. was very specific. He said, ‘I need you to hold her head here,’ because, originally, we opened the film. He actually had a very specific mise en scene in his head that we were portraying. There was room for some improvisation and some opinions, but he actually had a very specific, detailed idea of what he wanted, but we were performing to his demands, to what he wanted, which was very cool.”

Contractor explained what had been cut; a scene with Chris Pine. “There was a scene at the end of the movie, after the memorial service, in which Chris Pine (as Kirk) comes up to me and my daughter,” she said. “He sees us, and my daughter is now healthy, with a full head of hair, and I thank him for his speech. He looks up at me and he knows who I am, and then he looks at my daughter, and they both have this moment where they know they share Khan’s blood. But it got cut.”

The actress is now working on Parts Per Billion, and is hoping to appear at Star Trek conventions soon. “I have not done any yet,” she said, “but I would totally welcome an invitation. I would love to check them out, just to see what it’s like. Everyone raves about them.”

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11 thoughts on “Contractor: Rima And Kirk Cut Scene

  1. There was a black guy in the beginning… this is his wife. He was the guy that played Mickey during Christopher Eccleston and Tennant’s runs as Doctor Who. He opens the movie by going to work and exploding… I don’t blame you for forgetting it, to be honest. That’s about all of that subplot that we saw.

    However, this does raise another question for me… So… Khan obviously knows his blood is a panacea? Again, why does he let his wife or anyone else die on Ceti Alpha V?

  2. I think it’s because the events on Ceti Alpha V have not happened in this new universe. Admiral Marcus found the Botany Bay, not the Enterprise, so Khan never attempted to seize the ship, and Kirk never left them on the planet. I would have liked to have seen that scene at the end of the movie, though. Would have been a nice moment for Kirk.

  3. No, no… my question is, if Khan’s blood is a panacea, that comes from his genetic engineering superiority, right? His 20th Century genetic engineering… So, a pre-Kelvin event. Thus, when he’s marooned on Ceti Alpha V in Wrath of Khan, why doesn’t he cure and save all of his people during the interceding 15 years? The answer, of course, is that Khan’s blood isn’t a panacea and the entire notion that it is is interminably dumb and was simply used here in STD to have them get to kill Kirk with he and Spock separated by the glass, so Spock could yell out Khan… even though it was wholly Marcus who had done anything to them at that point, not Khan. You can see that it’s just a throwaway when they don’t consider his blood to bring back anyone else… or that they had 70 or so other specimens from which to get the same sort of blood… All done for the sake of their convoluted storyline, plain and simple.

  4. Oh, well in that case, you are absolutely correct!. Not to mention that this superblood was never even mentioned in the 3 episode “Augment” arc on Enterprise . . .

  5. Ignore continuity, and it is a pretty good movie. Who says that Old Spock even comes from our universe? Its a whole multiverse according to Next Gen.

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