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Keating: Blooper Reel, Finale And Abrams Trek

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The cast of Star Trek: Enterprise came together at Dragon Con for a conversation about the show,  and this conversation is  also included in the new Blu-ray release of the second season.

Dominic Keating, who played Malcolm Reed, spoke about the new Blu-ray and about his time on Enterprise, plus his audition for Star Trek (2009).

One disappointment for fans purchasing Star Trek: Enterprise S2 on Blu-ray will be the absence of a blooper reel. There aren’t any, said Keating. “We’d get the scenes for the next day’s shooting just before we’d leave the set,” he explained. “They were really controlling on our knowing what would happen, as well as what we said. There was absolutely no room for improvisation or replacing a word, and they didn’t keep the missed takes about.”

Keating spoke about his character and what he liked most about Reed. “The nice thing was that he got to be so contradictory,” said Keating”. It’s more fun than being a two-dimensional character.

Although the series finale didn’t come until the fourth season and is not on the Blu-ray release, Keating addressed the topic. Unlike many fans and some of the actors, he didn’t have a problem with the finale. “I didn’t have a problem with the series finale,” he said. “I found out recently that Scott Bakula had made a call to the production offices complaining. That surprised me. I think the device used to get Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis into the episode was a little clunky, but Robert and Brannon had seventeen years of Trek production between them and of course they wanted to wrap that up, since it looked – and looks – as if that was the end of the television franchise.”

One thing fans may not know is that Keating auditioned for Star Trek (2009). “I read for that,” he said. “I was back a couple of times. Then I suppose they did due diligence and found out I’d been on one of the series.”

Keating is keeping busy with TV guest roles, where he enjoys a certain type of role, and voice work. “I love playing bad guys,” he said. “I’ve played a lot of bad guys since Enterprise went off. Did you see my CSI: New York episode? I was a badass in that. It’s fun to play bad.”

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