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Urban: Kirk-Spock-McCoy Triumvirate

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Star Trek into DarknessKarl Urban is ready for the third movie, where he hopes to see the relationship between Kirk, Spock and McCoy explored.

In addition to Trek talk, Urban tells fans what to expect in his new series, Almost Human.

For Urban, what makes Star Trek work is character development and he’d like to see more in the next film. “I feel like if the first movie was establishing these characters; [Star Trek into Darkness] was about throwing them in the deep end,” he said. “I really enjoyed seeing the beginnings of that triumvirate between Bones, Spock and Kirk, which was so central to the original show. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing where that goes. I honestly have to say that there wasn’t anything about Into Darkness that didn’t work for me. I thought that the writers did a fantastic job. Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof…when you’re given such rich dialogue to work with, it just makes my life so enjoyable.”

But Urban would like to see something more original in the next Star Trek film. “I certainly, when I made that comment [about breaking away and doing something original], in no way, shape or form meant to be disrespectful to Into Darkness or anything that we’d done,” he said. “I was just expressing, I guess, my desire to ‘Let’s begin this five-year mission. Let’s go into and explore space and find something different.’ We’ve done the Khan story in this alternate universe, and now won’t it be fun to go out there and really explore those themes that made the original series so successful in the first place. Fundamentally, it was about discovery and space exploration and all those sorts of things. I guess the challenge is to find a story that fits into that timeframe of them at the beginning of their five years in space and that incorporates all those wonderful things that Roddenberry based his Wagon Train to the stars show on.”

Urban is currently working on Almost Human, a futuristic police drama in which Urban, who portrays police detective John Kennex, teams up with a human-like android.

“[Kennex] is somewhat of a technophobe, throwback-style detective,” said Urban, “and Dorian (Michael Ealy) [is] this delightful, inquisitive, albeit irritating-at-times android. For me, that’s really the heart of the show. I really responded to the way that these two characters, who are thrown together, learn to work together and learn what it means to truly be human. They learn that from each other. It’s a relationship that is rich and full of growth and learning and comedy, and it’s fun.”

Urban told fans to expect a show that is “like nothing else you’ve seen on television before. It’s our intention to push the boundaries and to make this fun. The show is set just a little bit in the future, so while it’s not heavy-heavy science-fiction, it is sort of futuristic, and that adds a real wonderful texture and flavor.”

Almost Human debuts on FOX November 17 and 18.

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12 thoughts on “Urban: Kirk-Spock-McCoy Triumvirate

  1. I’ll give Urban this much, he knows not to bite the hand that feeds him. That said, I sense there may be someone working on these brain dead movies that gets that not all is right in Camelot. If I had to pick a favorite from this cast, it would be Urban, no question. Too bad he’s part of JJ-Trek and not something better!

  2. I think its about finding a balance. look at LOTR. We always had aragorn, legolas and Gimili as the trio. How people give Uhura a lot of shit for taking Mccoy’s place is just an illusion. JJ Abrams and his friends have said from the onset that they are telling a Kirk and Spock story. and no other characters matters. Not uhura, bones, sulu and chekvo. their trek is strictly Kirk and Spock.

  3. I read on another site someone comically comparing this show to “Holmes and Yo Yo”. The silly buddy cop show from ’76 featuring a robot. I remember watching the pilot on a rainy night back then. Anyone remember it, and is this show that bad?

  4. I do remember Holmes and Yo Yo, but can’t say if this show is that bad because I haven’t seen it. I also won’t be watching because it’s just a rehash of about 10 other shows, probably starting with Future Cop, that sound exactly the same. Also the writers have a proven track record of producing little other than crap.

  5. That may have been me. though I doubt I’m alone in rolling my eyes over that statement.As for the show… wellllll….. it ain’t good, and it most certainly is not original.

    And Karl, Karl, Karl… you’re in, man, you’re established. You don’t need to polish JJ’s knob or wank his pet monkeys to get work any more. And thank you for courteously standing by your stated desire to “…really explore those themes that made the original series so successful in the first place.” Remember, Karl, they can only kill you once.

  6. What could be more Trek than slash fiction? Well, there are 6 TV shows and 10 movies that are more Trek than slash fiction, that’s what. Besides which, slash fiction should have been Sulu/Chekov, not Kirk/Spock.

  7. Hmm… I detect that your sarcasm detector is out of calibration. Besides, everyone knows Chekov is Scotty’s special friend.

  8. Scotty’s special friend wasn’t Chekov; it was Kevin Riley. After Conscience of the King, young Riley was too traumatized to continue regular service, so he was assigned to be Scotty’s private yeoman.

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