July 23 2024


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Quinto and Yelchin In New Commercial

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Zachary Quinto and Anton Yelchin were seen on a commercial which aired during yesterday’s Super Bowl broadcast.

The commercial was for the Xfinity X1 entertainment operating system, which “integrates the largest collection of video with social media features, interactive apps, web content and more in one easy-to-navigate, sleek viewing experience.”

In the short ad, Spock and Chekov beam into the modern-day Xfinity Innovation Center, which seems so futuristic to the duo, that Spock believes that they “must have encountered a temporal vortex.”

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  1. Not even close. The Spock v. Spock one wasn’t putting stupid ad copy into the characters’ mouths, felt a good deal more natural, and was a hell of a lot more clever.

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