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Star Trek: Volume Seven

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Fans waiting for IDW Publishing’s Star Trek: Volume Seven can have a sneak peek at the issue now.

The issue features the Romulans, Klingons, and a surprise for Sulu.

Star Trek: Volume Seven was written by Mike Johnson, with art and cover by Erfan Fajar.

In this story set in the Abrams-verse, war breaks out between the Klingons and the Romulans, and the Enterprise is caught in the middle.

The one-hundred-and-four page issue, out today, sells for $17.99.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge photos. More preview pages can be found at the referring site.






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24 thoughts on “Star Trek: Volume Seven

  1. Why is the artwork usually so . . . well, poor . . . in Trek comics? In the lower panel of the third page Kirk looks like a seven year old child mocking a monkey’s face. Combined with the generally low quality of the writing, I’ve never, ever, found a Trek comic that was anything more than mildly interesting. Never “good”.

  2. DC’s Trek comics were fantastic, as were Thomas Warkentin’s strips for the L.A. Times.

  3. Oh ye gods’ hairy unwashed labia. That was nicely explained in Countdown as an expression of mouning, and now it’s completely stupidified by a writer who’s apparently dumber and less observant than those knuckleheads. Do these alleged writers they are hiring actually read any of the comic books they are writing for?

    Edit: Going by the weenie little emo goatee, it’s possible we may simply be looking at a shipful of hipster douchebags.
    Also, that is the ugliest, dumbest fanbashed ship design I believe I have ever seen.

  4. Indeed. The art in the DC books was sometimes dodgy, but the storylines were inventive and surprisingly coherent.

  5. Our guest is spot on however, when describing that drawing on the third page -> monkey-boy Kirk indeed.

  6. Yes, my apologies Kang. These are Blingons, not Klingons. I believe you’ll spot a few of them serving as backup chorus dancers on tour with Miley Cyrus.

  7. Still waiting on IDW making a comic based on Star Trek: Enterprise. Maybe the Romulan War? *sigh*

  8. The DC Trek series was incredible, particularly the initial run from ’83 to ’88. They filled in more story in between the movies than I’d thought was possible. I wish there would be a full reprint of that series.

  9. It gets worse. The reference to “Decius” means that Soul Patch Twerp is probably supposed to be Mark Lenard’s Romulan Commander.

  10. Wow…an Asian girl actually gets with an Asian guy in Star Trek?


    I may have to read it to see how Sulu’s romance is depicted. He seems to be written as more grounded and confident than Harry Kim.

  11. Get ’em on that DVD. I was very pleased with the Trek comics DVD from a value standpoint.

  12. So in your reading, Big Brother didn’t mean they were brother and sister? Or were you assuming he’d “get with” her anyway?

  13. Well, ‘in my reading’ – since my attention wasn’t just on the article, since I was doing a few things at once – I saw that there was a ‘surprise’ for Sulu. (Too, I didn’t read the comic clips). I assumed there was actually going to be an Asian male/Asian female romance rather than the usual Asian female/white male requirement that is typical of this franchise.

    Oh, well. So much for Star Trek actually doing something different.

  14. Actually, the name of Mark Lenard’s Romulan Commander was not revealed until years later. Decius was the impulsive Romulan soldier played by Lawrence Montaigne.

  15. Maybe you can just pretend it reads however you like, since after all, you’re so busy with other things. You can have your Trek incest! All you have to do is not pay attention! Fight the power, bro!

  16. A silly reply, and it shows that you’re skewing what I’m saying.

    If they are brother and sister, they are brother and sister. (Since you went ahead and read part of the comic that was posted). However, it still shows that Trek is behind in showing Asian female/Asian male relationships in a romantic sense. I didn’t say anything about how they should get together because they are brother and sister. Trek has this requirement that Asian women should always be white men, an idea that comes from the ‘real world.’ As aforementioned, I assumed that Trek was actually doing something different.

    Apparently not.

    Some people actually have a life, and skim over certain websites while doing multiple things whether it’s Trektoday or Yahoo articles, Huffington Post articles, etc. It’s not a life or death matter if I happen to miss a tidbit on a Trektoday article.

    Too, the fact that you informed me of the contents I missed, tells me I now don’t have to read said comic clip nor even spend money on said comic.

    Oh. And I’m ‘fighting the power’ everyday….offline.


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