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Rumor Mill: Orci Trek Director Talks

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Word has emerged today that Star Trek into DarknessRoberto Orci is in talks to direct the next Star Trek movie.

Orci has not directed a movie before, but has written and produced movies.

According to Deadline, Paramount “needed convincing,” although their partner, Skydance Productions, was “in Orci’s corner.” Orci has supposedly emerged as the “clear frontrunner” to direct Star Trek 3.

Earlier this year, Orci and longtime work partner Alex Kurtzman went their separate ways when it came to movies, although the duo continues to work on television projects together.

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31 thoughts on “Rumor Mill: Orci Trek Director Talks

  1. Wow. He writes sh1tty movies and thinks that qualifies him to direct? You suck Bob. Into Darkness was a huge steaming turd. You rip off other (better) movies, rework it so you can call it your own, and make it suck. That qualifies you to work at my local Walgreens developing photos. Stay away from Star Trek. Sincerely – everyone on the internet who likes REAL Star Trek

  2. Like I keep telling you all fuck star trek and long live star wars. To life immortal.

  3. The Abramsverse is at the “Jurassic Park 3” stage of its lifespan. I’d put odds on the next reboot happening by 2025 or so.

  4. And like I keep telling you, for five years now they’ve been the same thing.

  5. “Oh look honey, the smarmy nerds are out again”

    ” I see that. Their $2 Spock ears must be must be screwed on too tight causing them to think those old Trek movies are just classic.”

  6. Huge steaming turd”? Takes one to know one.

    And please, TWOK is the most overrated Trek ever. Over used plot lines, ridiculous science fiction, and totally unbelievable. It has Kirk looking like a helpless old geezer, and we already saw that in TMP. Go watch Balance of Terror if you want to see good, strong Star Trek. Not the crap that was the original cast movies. Star Trek will never be Star Trek on the big screen – studios want big action spectacles that put butts in the seats – bottom line. If the minority of Trek nerds get upset but it brings in $$$$, well too bad for you and your type dude.

  7. That’s the sad truth, a re-boot of the re-boot is all we have to look forward to. 🙁

  8. You know what, who cares? It’s not like I’ll be seeing it. In fact I bet a lot of people won’t see it.

  9. Be careful, he might come here and tell you to F off. After all, Harrison Ford is his friend and he is the writer of “two biggest Star Treks in a row”.

  10. How can you pass judgement on something that hasn’t been filmed yet? Look, I’ll admit that there were some things about the first two prequel reboots that I liked and some things about them that I did NOT like. But that still did not stop me from enjoying the films for what they are.

    It’s toxic remarks like that that make Star Trek fandom even more unbearable. It’s a small wonder that Star Trek fandom has lasted as long as it has. Boy, Gene Roddenberry would be rolling in his grave at such ignorance and foolishness.

    I don’t blame Robert Orci coming on here and telling those fans to F*** Off. Whether fans of Star Trek like it or not, The Abrams films are a part of the Star Trek universe.

    The old timeline is gone.

    A new one is now in existence.

    Time for the purists to accept that fact.

  11. Actually, TWOK is considered by fans to be the best ST film in the seriest(despite its ‘downer’ of an ending). There is nothing overrated about the film, its plot line, and the other qualities that make the second film so special. As a matter of fact, it was even listed as one of the best science fiction films ever made for that year.

    Ridiculous science fiction? That description is totally unbelievable!

    Like ‘Balance Of Terror’, Star Trek II-The Wrath Of Khan is good, strong Star Trek at its most finest!

  12. Paramount has made it clear since the beginning that they don’t really
    “get” Star Trek, so it’s no use expecting them to do the right thing by
    Star Trek. I had hoped, though, that they’d be able to find someone who
    is both an experienced director AND a Star Trek fan to direct the
    picture; it seems like that combination would be a no-brainer, even for a
    studio suit.

  13. The “old timeline” is gone in the same way a season of the year is gone – it will come back again. Besides, those movies are not just a new timeline, they are a different universe, a bubble universe if you will. It exists outside of the original Star Trek universe and it’s just one more movie until it bursts (hopefully).

  14. I really hope Paramount get it right for Star Trek 13 for the 50th anniversery off Star Trek they need a good writter and Director ones that really care about what they are dsoing. I will say I much prefer the Original Star Trek Universe and movies but I did enjoy the new ones too even if the storys were weak.There is some things that was done well in the new movies like the scale off the ships for instance.Thats something most off Star Trek just did not do great and even Babylon 5 which had a much smaller budget than Star Trek managed to do that well. I hope the new film gets an original story and gets back to what Star Trek is about but with some fun too. Also make it 3 hours long and there is then pleanty off room to write a good story.

  15. Please just give McCoy a decent role in the next one. He was seriously underused in STID.

  16. The TOS/TNG/DS9/VOY universe is too powerful an artistic concept, and too fully developed, to be cast aside–and the time is coming for a reboot, a few decades after Voyager’s return. Mankind and the Federation are evolving—“the human adventure is just beginning”–other races are still oriented towards empire building. The Federation creates paradise after paradise. But existential threat after existential threat exists. What does all that mean? And what stories could you tell?

    In the old timeline, by the year 3000 my guess is humanity/Federation would be close to being the next “Q Continuum”. So where are they in the 25th century, and what is the next Enterprise doing?

  17. Let me get this straight. A person discussing Star Trek on the internet is saying that people who value 99% of Star Trek are “smarmy nerds”? This “Wheatonisright” is either a troll (sad) or someone who really, truly, does not understand the value of Trek (also sad). Orci should keep his mitts off Trek. He had his chance and has done enough damage, thank you.

  18. Oh, but I do accept that fact, just like I accept the fact that Iwon’t be seeing any new “Star Trek” movies. Just because it has the “Star Trek” name on it doesn’t mean it’s Star Trek or that I have to care about it. Besides, it’s clear the studio is looking for new fans, so why should I care since I’m part of the old guard?

  19. The dipshit’s words are not important. We do not hear them.

  20. A part of the Star Trek universe, yes. Completely replacing the old time line, no. Paramount and CBS don’t want to lose that sweet, sweet TOS merch marketing dollar.

  21. I would like to see them make a film that is at least on a par with what they accomplished in 2009. A good screenwriter (who doesn’t get steamrolled by a tyro director who thinks he knows more than they), and a decent director (hopefully NOT said tyro… I really don’t think a $100+ million production is where one should cut one’s directorial teeth), and it could actually happen.
    And just in case, I’m sharpening my bat’leth.

  22. And you are… who? Never seen your (apparently now deleted) profile before in my life.

  23. The old timeline will continue to exist as long as there are fans who watch it, read it, enjoy it and talk about it. Each of us makes the Star Trek universe our own, in whatever way we want. Paramount and CBS could stop publication of novels about Vulcan, because hey, Vulcan doesn’t exist anymore, but I can still read and enjoy “Spock’s World” or “The Vulcan Academy Murders” or “The IDIC Epidemic” or whatever other material about Vulcan was produced in the old timeline.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the reboot timeline evolves, and if it is able to stick with Trekkies. Ten years from now, will they treat it as ‘real’, as an alternative universe / what if? storyline, or as an experiment to be ignored and forgotten?

  24. Alternate universe/what if seems most likely. I’m really hoping it will find its footing in this next film, so that even if there aren’t any others, at least it will end on a better note.
    I think destroying Vulcan was pretty ballsy. It was a big step out of the comfort zone, shaking up the viewers’ preconceptions about the paradigm.

  25. Paramount has a track record for hiring cheap directors on sequels. It hired Stuart Baird as a director for Star Trek: Nemesis even though his 2 previous films bombed at the box office. But he was a great film editor for SkyFall. Since Paramount cut the budget for the 3rd installment of Star Trek, I believe it is going like watching the 3rd season of the original show. There is going to be more character development than CGI.

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