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Orci: Trek 3 Progress

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Although he is slated to direct Star Trek 3, Roberto Orci‘s concern at the moment is getting the story for the movie completed and approved.

Orci is writing the story for Star Trek 3 along with J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay.

“I’m still in the middle of writing the script with Payne and McKay, so I’m not scared yet about anything,” said Orci. “We’re just trying to get through making a draft that the studio likes. So until they read a draft, nothing feels real to me. Right now it’s just, figure out the story. Then, suddenly, if they really do want to make this version of the movie, that’s when the fear starts to set in. The minute you’re green lit, that’s when it becomes real. Until they have the script it’s all just pie in the sky.”

The crew of the USS Enterprise is now ready for their five-year-mission, said Orci. In previous movies, “…we started at childhood and we met their parents, and we see that Kirk was born on Earth,” he said. “We see a lot of things that make it accessible to a general audience. Now that we’ve established that in the movies, and now that they have set off on their five-year mission, now we can finally return back to where the characters started originally in ’67, right? When we first met Kirk and Spock — the first time we ever heard of them — they were on their five-year mission. So finally, through the efforts of our first two movies, we’ve now I think earned that place back. We’ve earned their adventure to be in deep space and to literally be on their five-year mission. That’s something we haven’t been able to cover yet in the first two movies. So now we get to play with the concept that we were first introduced to when we first saw the show years ago.”

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32 thoughts on “Orci: Trek 3 Progress

  1. In before negative, snarky Star Trek purist comments!

  2. Oh, but didn’t you read? According to Quinto, Orci IS a Star Trek purist. 😛

  3. It’s kind of an odd situation as my brothers are acquainted with Mr. Payne. I have not met him yet, but that could change this year. I want to be fair to both Payne and McKay. Their Star Trek stories is still being made and based on what I’ve been told, they seem like great guys. The trouble is, even if it was the best Star Trek movie ever made, it’s still part three of the horrid “JJ-Trek” series. Further, Bob Orci is still part of this train wreck, as is JJ Abrams, even if it is less so than the first two.

    I’m keeping my eyes open on this one, but as of right now I’m stilling planing on missing it in theaters as I did the last one. To me, Start Trek is dead. I’ll love to see it come back, but taking a serious and honest look at Hollywood right now and what passes for entertainment, I’m not expecting it.

  4. I’m with you. At the same time, I’m going to see this film in theaters. I’ve seen the movies in theaters since Insurrection. I will, however, be going in with very low expectations.

  5. this just goes to show you how stupid and incompentent these directors are. in the 2009 movie kirk was born on the kelvin space shuttle. And orci just said that we saw kirk being born on the planet earth. Im telling you people right now star trek 3 is going to bomb and when it does that will be the nail in the coffin for this franchise. Apparently the man does not know his stuff. Its all about a paycheck in hollywood.

  6. > we met their parents, and we see that Kirk was born on Earth

    Kirk was born in space, at the same time his father’s ship was getting blown to bits. Doesn’t he remember his own fucking movie? Or is he fortunate enough, unlike the rest of us, to have blocked it mentally?

    > now we can finally return back to where the characters started originally in ’67, right?

    Wrong, that was 66. Goddamn, and this guy’s still pretending he knows his shit.

  7. I’ve seen all of the ST movies in a theater (often on the first day) except for ’09. I only saw STID on the second day because a friend paid my way (including refreshments) just because he wanted to see and hear my reaction to it. So in essence, he spent $20 to hear me groan and laugh at the stupidity of the absolute worst film in the ST series. Double-dumbass on these “NuTrek” trainwrecks.

  8. The odd thing about saying Kirk was born on Earth isn’t so much the misrecollection, it’s the fact that his birth in space was so central to the new timeline differentiating itself. Reminds me of when Braga, I believe, said the new Klingons showed up in some late film, and then later corrected to some earlier film, and never correctly recalled that they were shown in the opening moments of the original film. I don’t expect everyone involved to be an expert on all aspects of the history and such, but if you are going to talk like you are well versed then you really should be. Otherwise perhaps compose your thoughts privately before you shake everyone’s confidence in your suitability to helm the franchise.

    The movie may or may not be worth seeing, making, owning, etc. What is very clear to me personally though, is that most films in the series have had some major flaws and issues, and at the very least, five was an embarrassing disaster. Saying they went bad with JJ is like saying Star Wars was great up until Phantom Menace. Really? So the worst parts of Jedi, and the horribly misguided additions of the special editions were all wonderful? Maybe think again a bout that.

  9. No! Get the phase 2 team in on this, just not continues, Vic is a slimeball.

  10. I feel like I am watching a child who said “I cook your favorite meal for you! Watch!” and I end up with a plate of Gummy Bears, M & M’s and Froot Loops when I was hoping for toast and a cup of coffee.

  11. Orci WROTE that Kirk was born in space. One might hope that one might remember their own fucking screenplay.
    Then again one might hope that the director would stay the fuck out of the writers’ hair.
    So much for hopes.
    Bring me the head of Bob Orci. I have cookies.

  12. I don’t quite recall if it was on this board or another, but I’ve read some people complaining quite loudly that the director is not responsible for the contents of the script. My counterpoint was, Unless they want to be.
    How can I judge his directing fairly when he insists on sticking with the things that he does worst? Gods’ tits, the man can’t remember his own fucking screenplay for Trek 09.

  13. I’d love to have seen what they could have written with Mr. Roberto “I Know Trek Better Than You” Orci’s interference. Perhaps they will “leak” their draft at some point?

  14. Purist? The man can’t remember an important part of his own bloody screenplay for Trek ’09.

  15. I think that may be the most apt comparison I’ve heard in a while. It would also explain the tantrums.

  16. Orci is trolling. He could have easilly said “raised on earth”, but he didn’t. H eknew it would rile up the fanboys and remind them “FU, I don’t care”

  17. Instead of misquoting his film of 5 years ago maybe he should be reassuring us that:
    1, He has taken some directing classes, what with being a brand new director
    2, The film’s premise will not be – a villain with a super weapon hellbent on revenge…
    3, The film will not continue the use of Harry Potter Technology – ie the cigarette packet sized teleporter with infinite range
    4, That when the characters do and say things, those things will be consistent with the character
    5, The film will avoid repeating Space Jumps, random and instantly reversible demotions/promotions, Spock and Uhura squabbling, Kirk learning to be a leader etc
    6, That Dr McCoy will have a role
    7, That asking Old Spock for the answers wont be a plot contrivance this time
    Its too much to ask but I’d like to see a science fiction (not science fantasy) film in which a science fiction mystery adventure, runs parralel with an emotional journey and moral conundrum, they used to do that in a show I liked called… Star Trek.
    My prediction is that Klingons, looking for revenge, will attack the Enterprise, Spock will get angry, Kirk will be unsure, McCoy will have 3 lines – all of them classic “I’m a doctor not a” type lines nothing substantial, Alice Eve will answer the door to her quarters in a basque for no reason and there will be a space jump. Prove me wrong Bob I dare you.

  18. I’m afraid you’re expecting too much from those Bad Reboot guys. They’re either incapable or unwilling, but most likely it’s both. And now the guy who is directing the next “Star Trek In Name Only” movie will be working on a Power Rangers movie. That’s right, Power Rangers. Transformers, Power Rangers… That’s the company Star Trek’s in now. Welcome to the new age.

  19. Does this mean I can’t have his head? It would make a wicked bong and he’s clearly not using it for anything…

  20. I’m sad to say it, but that is correct. Money is all the Studio Heads understand and as long as JJ-Trek makes money at the box office, they will keep making more of them.

  21. The problem is, if nobody goes to see JJ Trek 3, that doesn’t mean the bean-counters are going to say “oh, we’d better get somebody competent who cares about Star Trek to helm the fourth movie”. They’ll say “well, we made three Noo Trek movies and we got a fair chunk of change; on to Die Hard VI!”

  22. But would you really want to use it as a bong? To take anything into your body that had passed through something like that? No, thanks…

  23. And this is a problem? I think this is what it would take to finally see Trek back on TV where they can focus on character development and, hopefully, more original plots rather than lens flares and explosions.

  24. In an ideal TV world, I’d agree with you. But if I’ve been reading recent trends correctly, the studios want to see a series of progressively-more-financially-successful movies that they can then use a TV series as a relatively low-budget gateway drug/promotional device for. How much profit can they make from 2-3 years of TV syndication compared to JJ Trek XIV taking in a meeting-the-series-average of, say, 15% over JJ Trek XIII? If you were a shareholder in the studio, where would you want them to put your money?

    It’s a different industry (and world) now than it was in the days of TNG, and especially TOS, when risky, financially-dubious series could be saved by massive letter-writing campaigns. Ask the producers of Sanctuary, Firefly or even Battlestar Galactica how comfortable the execs they dealt with were about “beautiful, appealing, but not maximally profitable television”. We may wish for a better industry rather than just a “different” one, but it operates within the system and world around it.

  25. Somehow manages to hijack a COMPLETELy unrelated thread into climbing on this personal rivalry hobbyhorse train. Seriously, you must be a performance artist.

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