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Eve Engaged

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Alice Eve, who played Carol Marcus in Star Trek into Darkness, is engaged to her childhood sweetheart.

Her fiancé is U.K. financier Alex Cowper-Smith.

The two met as teens while attending the Westminster School in London. They split for a while and Eve dated poet Adam O’Riordan while at Oxford.

There is no word yet on a wedding date for the pair.

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15 thoughts on “Eve Engaged

  1. Her childhood sweetheart who just happens to have lots and lots and lots of money.

  2. When in doubt with nothing better to do, make a snarky comment instead of ignoring an article that doesn’t interest you.

  3. Your definition of “irony” is as inaccurate as your definition of “gossip”.

  4. Taking time with nothing better to do than to make snarky complaints, instead of ignoring a comment, about someone taking time with nothing better to do than make snarky complaints about an article is not irony?

    Gossip: Information about the behavior and personal lives of other people.

    What did I get wrong?

  5. Some people care about the actors behind the characters. I try to post only the positive things as much as possible (engagements, marriages and babies) and try to avoid the nasty stuff unless it’s national news. (I didn’t cover Picardo’s latest marital woes).

    There is often a shortage of “real” news, meaning production on the movie. They keep that close to their chests and dribble out just a bit of repetitive stuff. So to do news 5x a week – I do production news (if any), merchandise, other work that the actors are doing, and positive things in the actor’s lives.

    I figure in the mix, there will be at least one article that will interest someone. I personally am bored by comics, but I know people love them. On the other hand, I like some of the merchandise, while I recognize that some don’t like that.

  6. Gossip in my book is more the salacious stuff; affairs, trouble (legal trouble), and such. Some do care about the people behind the characters and I try to provide positive stuff whenever I can.

  7. LOL. As I said above – there are only so many things about which one can write when it comes to Trek. Production news (thin on the ground ATM and tightly controlled), actors’ other projects, merchandise, actors’ lives, awards and such.

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