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Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Theatrical Screening

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A double science fiction movie screening later this month will include Star Trek III: The Search For Spock, and Dune.

Patrick Stewart had a role in Dune, as Gurney Halleck, weapons instructor/mentor to Paul Atreides.

Exhumed Films and The International House in Philadelphia, PA will be presenting both films in 35mm on the big screen, in addition to an hour bonus of classic 1980’s science fiction film trailers, which will also be shown in 35mm. 

Tickets for the event will cost $15.00, and the event will be held Saturday, August 23 at 8 PM at the International House Philadelphia, in Philadelphia, Pa. For more information, head to Exhumed Films Facebook page located here.

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7 thoughts on “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Theatrical Screening

  1. Philly/Dune/The Search for Spock/Silver Screen … it’s like playing on a Slot Machine and having all the fruit line up!!!

  2. I’d kill to see TSFS on the big screen again. It had a real sense of scale, of largeness; it’s a truly big-screen adventure. It also has the best poster.

  3. Indeed. I rewatched it not that long ago and really, the only problems it has are the Grissom and Genesis scenes are awfully rushed, and Robin Curtis… just failed miserably.

  4. I always wondered why Grissom’s chairs were pink. Seemed pretty weird from the beginning. Years later I was listening to the DVD commentary and somebody, maybe Harve Bennett, traced the decision back to Nimoy and said that it was part of an attempt to emphasize that Enterprise was “the real thing” by making other ships in the fleet look candy-ass by comparison. I don’t care much for that tack, though I guess I do understand that they were trying to emphasize the sudden isolation of the ship and her command crew in their quest by making everyone else in Starfleet out to be varying degrees of unhelpful assholes.

    It was a shame they couldn’t get Kirstie Alley back but I never had a problem with Curtis in the role, never had a problem seeing her as Saavik. Possibly the two biggest missed opportunities in the TOS film series involve the omission of her character, first in TVH, in which she’s unceremoniously left behind on Vulcan for some reason (why didn’t they take her with them? It would have been logical on its own terms and would have helped the movie), and then in TUC, in which she really, really, really, really should have been in Valeris’ role.

  5. I’m close to Philly–getting to see TSFS (and DUNE!!!) on the big screen is an amazing opportunity! I’ll be there, hope other people are willing to make the trek (har har) as well.

  6. I would love it if one of the theatres down here in El Paso would have a Star Trek movie marathon! ALL DAY! That would be awesome! Sorry, I seem to be yelling… 🙂 That version of Dune was the first movie I saw when I returned from Desert Storm. I had been trying the shuffle walk in the desert over there… 🙂 I had also read many of the books while there, and wanted to see the movie again… I have to say though, that the SciFi miniseries is WAY better, but of course Patrick Stewart is the man! If you aren’t aware, he played one of the lords in Excalibur. ALSO, FANTASTIC!

  7. That was pretty damned amazing. It was great to see TSFS on the nig screen for the first time in 30 years. It was a warn. scratchy 35mm print…and it was glorious!

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