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Trek 3 To Being Shooting Next Year

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TrekMovie.com is reporting that Star Trek 3 will begin shooting early next year.

Pre-production for the film is already underway.

According to unnamed sources, Star Trek 3 will begin filming in mid-February, probably February 15.

The pre-production underway includes “pre-vis, early effects tests, set and wardrobe design, and some casting discussions for new characters.”

Supposedly, the story will be set “well into the five year mission,” so it will take place well after the events of Star Trek into Darkness. And Earth will not play a significant role in the movie this time.

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13 thoughts on “Trek 3 To Being Shooting Next Year

  1. Is it really a priority with them? I’m sure Orci & Co. will whip up some more half-baked ideas as a follow up to The Rehash of Khan. I have a feeling they’ll be serving up quite a “smorgasBORG”.

  2. Since they can’t believe they’ve got Cumberbatch (who’s hot property) right now, I’m sure they’re going to try to ride that wave for as long as possible.

  3. Perhaps Orci will have nuKhan assimilated by the Borg to create yet another “unstoppable force of terror and one man weapon of mass destruction”.

  4. I thought my opinion of him couldn’t get any lower, but I just found out Orci is a 9/11 truther. I wonder who ties his shoes for him.

  5. C’mon man. Some shoot em ups with Q, lens flares and chicks in undies. Star Trek III “The Get Me Out of My Three Film Obligation” Country. Home. Something.

  6. Word. In the end I’d like to see NCC 1701A come thru a wormhole, pick up the real Spock and leave some red matter to destroy the entire JJ trek verse

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