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Saldana: Women Issues In Hollywood

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Star Trek into DarknessZoë Saldana would like to see more diversity in movies and the playing field more level for women working in Hollywood.

If you’re female in Hollywood, “You have to fight harder; you have to be better; you can’t rest,” she said. “It’s not okay. We need more women.”

The actress is also unhappy about the double standard when it comes to nudity on television. “I like to see penises,” she said. “Oh, but they’re not gonna show that? That’s a rated R? But my [vagina] and my butt crack is PG-13 for national television? I want to see a penis on national television.”

Saldana also believes that women face a double standard when it comes to having a family. “We work in a business that’s very anxiety driven,” she said, “because you’re afraid of missing [out.]’Oh if I don’t go, or if I…if I get pregnant now then somebody else will get the job,” she said. “You need to trust that there are people out there are like you, that they will remember this, that they will honor it. That…they will call you back. Motherhood is a part of life, so, let’s accommodate for it.”

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9 thoughts on “Saldana: Women Issues In Hollywood

  1. And all this time I was watching her pushy bitch-queen version of Uhura, I thought she was acting. Zoe, shut yer yap and go make me breakfast.

  2. She’s not the best, but she does make a valid point about double standards against women. And it’s probably worse for women of color. Oh, and make yer own breakfast. A woman shouldn’t have to do everything for you.

  3. Yeah, she’s got it real rough. She and Gwyneth Paltrow should get together to commiserate about the plight of working moms.

  4. I’m not defending her. I’ve said she’s not the best. Although I don’t doubt her sincerity, he tends to say whatever the “hot” or popular thing is to say at the moment, and don’t even get me started on Gwyneth. Neither one of them is a role model in my opinion, but there are plenty of working moms who actually do have a plight. Chalk it up to ‘right message, wrong messenger’ if you want, but she is making some valid points.

  5. Perhaps she should be asking for the female nudity to be toned down as well, rather than asking for more male nudity. Seems to me that reducing the amount of objectification of women that goes up on the screen would do more to advance her cause of better treatment for women than encouraging that same debasing behavior toward men.

  6. Well said, I agree. Saldana’s comments remind me of Robert Orci’s defense of Into Darkness, when he defended half-naked shots of Dr Marcus in the promos by saying that Chris Pine was undressed too, and next time they would show more male nudity. It just goes to show how sleazy & trashy Star Trek has become, and how low entertainment is in general these days. There was always garbage like this, but its especially sad to see ST go this route, especially since it was, for the most part, family viewing when I was growing up…I don’t want to know what Saldana watches with her family, but I guess her comments can give us an idea.

  7. Perhaps the worst thing about it is that she’s succeeding a woman who always managed to project infinitely more grace and class onto the role of Uhura. I’m pretty sure I never had to read an interview with Nichelle Nichols in which she gabbed about her genitalia being shown on TV, in which she used a word for it that couldn’t be printed, or in which I was left to speculate on the word that was actually used, and guessed at one that I thought also described her personality.

  8. So basically women must act harder and emote more than any man in Hollywood…. says the actress getting paid millions to play dress up for a living.
    But Fight harder? What does that even mean in the film industry.

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