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Shatner’s Star Trek Fiftieth Anniversary Idea

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William Shatner knows that 2016 is Star Trek‘s fiftieth anniversary and he has an idea how he would like to be involved in celebrating it.

The idea would include him producing a show.

Speaking at a recent Wizard World Trek convention in Oklahoma, Shatner said that he wanted to “produce and direct a fiftieth anniversary show.” The show would contain “segments (a few minutes each) on the ideas the series birthed and how the show influenced lives.”

The actor went on to share one of those stories, telling his audience how a “Canadian airline executive once loaned the use of a plane. The executive described it as ‘payback’ because Trek had influenced him to enter the aerospace profession.”

“It’s an awesome idea isn’t it?” he asked. “And I’m attempting to sell that idea to some networks and a lot of people are interested in it right now.”

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8 thoughts on “Shatner’s Star Trek Fiftieth Anniversary Idea

  1. That’s a great idea, Bill! I’d love to see a 50th anniversary celebration that includes more than just the third reboot movie.

    There’ve been so many inventions based partly on Star Trek, so many scientists, doctors, and engineers who’ve gone into their line of work partly because of Star Trek, so many people who reacted positively to the messages in TOS, so many effects on so many lives.

  2. Not a bad idea at all, but I hope there’s a minimum of the “Shatner talks about himself” factor.

  3. He mentioned the same airline executive who loaned a plane in his other documentary “The Captains”. If I remember correctly he actually flew that plane to interview Patrick Stewart

  4. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that. As any fan who follows the “Enterprise Season Five” campaign on Facebook knows, CBS entered into some kind of legal agreement with Bad Robot that keeps them from producing or talking about new Star Trek till January 2015. Actually, there is a very good chance they might just come up with something, but those discussions won’t come till the early part of next year. Stay tuned!

  5. I can’t wait for the day that Bad Robot is merely remembered as being something from a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

  6. For the 50th anniversary I’d like to see the JJ Trek movies transferred to flammable nitrate film.

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